Qawale (B&N Game of the Month)

Qawale (B&N Game of the Month)

by Hachette
Qawale (B&N Game of the Month)

Qawale (B&N Game of the Month)

by Hachette

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Notes From Your Bookseller

Qawale is an intriguing two-player abstract game that combines the win condition mechanics of Connect Four with the play style of Mancala. Inspired by the real-life tradition of building cairns along trails, Qawale challenges you to outsmart your opponent with every move while it’s sleek and elegant design is so versatile that it can even be displayed like a favorite coffee table book.

Simultaneously simple and tactical, Qawale is inspired piles of stones found along paths. Just as nature bends everything to its whims, prepare to be transported by the twists and turns of the abstract strategy in this incredible game.

To make a line of 4 pebbles of your color: Either horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

Place the game board in the middle of the table and stack 2 tan-colored pebbles in each corner. Each player takes 8 counters of one color

Decide the first player at random. On their turn, the player chooses a stack of pebbles and places a pebble of their color on top. You cannot place a pebble in an empty space?Note:?A single pebble in a space is considered to be a stack. The active player then takes that stack of pebbles and plays them, starting in an adjacent space. The player places down the pebbles one at a time, starting with the pebble at the bottom of the stack. Each pebble must be placed orthogonally adjacent to the previous one. Note: You cannot go back over a space that you have just passed through. However, you can return to a particular space by circling back to it.

The first player to make a visible line of 4 pebble of their color in a row, column or diagonal wins the game. Note: A counter is considered to be visible if it is the top or only pebble in a stack. If both players have played all of their pebbles and no one has made a line, the game ends in a draw.


  • 1 Game Board
  • 8 Light-Colored Pebbles
  • 8 Dark-Colored Pebbles
  • 8 Tancolored Pebbles
  • Rule Book
"We're delighted and honored for Qawale to be featured as a Barnes & Noble Game of the Month. Qawale offers a delightful blend of entertainment and strategy due to its classic feel but modern gameplay — a perfect game for the Barnes & Noble audience." - T. Caires, Director of Hachette Boardgames USA.

Product Details

UPC: 0832665000459
Manufacturer: Hachette
Publication date: 07/08/2023
Age Range: 8 Years
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