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Quantum Radio

Quantum Radio

by A.G. Riddle

Narrated by Ray Porter


A.G. Riddle
Quantum Radio

Quantum Radio

by A.G. Riddle

Narrated by Ray Porter


A.G. Riddle

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At CERN, a scientist has just made an incredible discovery-a breakthrough that may answer the deepest questions about human existence.

But what he's found is far more dangerous than he ever imagined.

Dr. Tyson Klein is a quantum physicist who has dedicated his entire life to his research. At CERN, he analyses data generated by the Large Hadron Collider, the world's biggest and most powerful particle accelerator. Now, Ty believes he's found a pattern in its output. It looks
like an organised data stream, being broadcast over what he calls a quantum radio.

Could it be a signal from another universe? A message sent from the future? Or something else entirely?

As Ty peels back the layers of his discovery, he learns that what he's found isn't what he thought it was. The encoded message is far more profound. It may alter our understanding of human existence and the universe.

But Ty is not the only one looking for it. Someone has been following his research for a long time. And they'll do anything to prevent him from unravelling what is being broadcast by the quantum radio ...

Because the first one to discover the truth may well control the future.

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Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly


A mysterious message from another dimension sparks chaos in this dry sci-fi adventure from Riddle (Lost in Time). In prose peppered with extensive and occasionally unnecessary explanations of scientific concepts, mostly delivered through stilted dialogue, Riddle introduces quantum physicist Tyson Klein, who discovers entangled particles delivering data from an alternate universe within CERN’s Large Hadron Collider. When a bomb explodes in his apartment, Ty realizes that somebody else is after his extraordinary discovery, which he calls a quantum radio, and they’ll do anything to get it. To escape, Ty turns to an old colleague, Richter, with whom he has a thorny history. Riddle layers in enough backstory to keep readers invested as Ty and Richter are drawn into a U.S. military operation to decode the data from the quantum radio, but a lack of emotional depth makes it difficult to truly feel for any of the characters. Thoughtful explorations of alternate history, especially surrounding WWII, take center stage as Ty’s efforts to decode the quantum data lead him to a shocking revelation. Newcomers to sci-fi may appreciate the scientific concepts here, but this will be old hat to more experienced genre fans. (Mar.)

From the Publisher

"Clever historical twists are used to imagine how an Axis victory might have brought World War II to a very different conclusion. . . . A tense novel in which scientists race against time to help humanity determine its own destiny." —Foreword Reviews

"Love, murder, betrayal, multiple universes and dinosaurs – amazing! One of the twistiest time-tales I’ve ever read." —Diana Gabaldon on Lost in Time

"Crichtonesque thrillers don’t come much better than this intricate outing from Riddle (The Extinction Trials), which combines a fantastic premise—a time-travel device known as Absolom is used to imprison dangerous criminals in the prehistoric past—with a closed-circle whodunit. . . . Riddle keeps the twists coming, including a mind-bending jaw-dropper that sets up the book’s second half. By creating sympathetic and complex characters, the author makes suspending disbelief easy. Readers won’t be able to turn the pages fast enough." —Publishers Weekly on Lost in Time

Library Journal


Tyson Klein, a brilliant physicist at CERN, discovers a groundbreaking pattern among the subatomic particles in the Large Hadron Collider, which turns out to be a data stream transmitted from a quantum radio outside of space and time. Hard on the heels of presenting his discovery, there's an explosion in Ty's apartment, and he flees to his family for help. Ultimately, he's seized by DARPA, who translate his cryptic data and consequently initiate a race against the clock to locate the central players involved in the mind-boggling mayhem that ensues. The expert multiverse manipulation morphs into an enthralling alternate history that is both immersive and intelligent. This is a long book with quick chapters that cover an impressive amount of ground. It's as much about solving the universe's biggest mysteries as it is about families and friends finding their way back to each other. While remarkable all on its own, the enticing ending suggests that the series will get even better from here. VERDICT Eclectic author Riddle (Lost in Time) combines science and history to create a riveting thriller.—Andrea Dyba

Product Details

BN ID: 2940176082128
Publisher: Recorded Books, LLC
Publication date: 03/02/2023
Edition description: Unabridged

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