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Quantum Soul Clearing: Healing the Scars Life Leaves on the Soul

Quantum Soul Clearing: Healing the Scars Life Leaves on the Soul

by Michelle Manning-Kogler


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Quantum Soul Clearing - Healing the Scars Life Leaves on the Soul, is a 3-step Spiritual Technology that frees you from painful thoughts, feelings and beliefs, so you can create a life of joy, peace of mind and empowered living! With the Quantum Soul Healing Process you can:

~ Release and heal old emotional traumas and wounds

~ Feel deeply spiritually connected

~ Create more financial abundance

~ Find true peace of mind and self-acceptance

~ Eliminate the causes of conflict in your personal relationships, with yourself and others

~ Release the emotional roots of physical pain and disease

~ Empower yourself to create the life you truly desire

“This book is an excellent practical guide for ‘cutting through’ habitual patterns. It is highly recommended for effecting positive change in a non-sectarian yet genuinely deep spiritual way.

~Master Boon, Dao Wisdom Traditions Pty Ltd

“Michelle Manning-Kogler is unmistakably a gifted intuitive. With each page turned it becomes more apparent that Quantum Soul Clearing is potentially life-altering. As you free your mind and open your heart you will receive amazing gifts of insight, and techniques that will benefit anyone trying to manifest healing and harmony in their lives.”

~Cheryl T Campbell, Editor in Chief, Tribal Woman Magazine

“Michelle Manning Kogler is an amazing energy intuitive who teaches, step by step, how to energetically change neural pathways in the subconscious with the Quantum Soul Clearing Process. This process will help you make profound changes, will liberate you to succeed at your highest potential, and live the life of your dreams!”

~Anne M Deatly, PhD, Director of Optimal Health and Wellness Center,

In my work, helping people identify the work they are designed to do, I have discovered that we must heal ourselves before we can fulfill our life’s purpose. The hurt and pain we have had in life may have taken decades to experience - but need not take decades to release. Michelle Manning-Kogler’s Quantum Soul Clearing Process is your short-cut to ultimate freedom!

~Ronda Wada, Founder, The Business in Your Soul,

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ISBN-13: 9781452548296
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 11/09/2012
Pages: 144
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.34(d)

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Quantum Soul Clearing

Healing the Scars Life Leaves on the Soul
By Michelle Manning-Kogler

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2012 Michelle Manning-Kogler
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4525-4829-6

Chapter One

What Do You REALLY Want?

So what would you like to create for yourself? Would you like to create a magnificent life filled with supportive, loving, connected relationships? Would you like to find your "soul-mate" and live happily ever after? Would you like to earn more money than you know what to do with? Do you long to really live your highest potentials in life? Do you hunger to have passion and purpose in your life? Then you've definitely come to the right place! This book will help clear the way for you and then help create exactly what you DO want.


I want you to stop reading right now and find yourself a notebook and pen—or open a new word document on your computer. Begin writing down everything you don't like about your life. For example, "I don't like that I feel lonely and lost." Or, "I hate that I don't have enough money to pay my bills." Or, "I hate that I can't lose this excess weight!" Whatever it is that you don't like, write it down. Leave room between sentences so that you can go back and write more specifically about your feelings about these first statements. Just continue to write until you've identified everything that you really don't like about yourself, your life, your job, your family, your relationships, etc. Write until you can't think of anything else you don't like. Don't organize anything—just begin purging the negativity out of yourself and put it onto paper. Take as much time as you need and be as thorough as possible.

This exercise may feel a little scary. What I've found over the years of working with clients who do this exercise, is that writing down all the negative stuff tends to bring up all the negative feelings and fears that we think we've successfully tamped down inside ourselves. This process may make you feel raw, angry, and vulnerable. It can be a very painful process. But the more vulnerable and honest you are with yourself, the quicker and easier it is to heal your past. The good news is that you don't have to stay in the pain much longer. Relief is on its way to you

The next step in this exercise is to go back to the statements you just wrote, and write down how each of those negative situations makes you feel inside. "I feel hopeless and helpless when I don't have enough money to pay my bills. It makes me feel like a loser." Or "I feel like no one loves me because I can't maintain a healthy relationship with anyone." Or, "How will I ever find someone who will love me if I'm fat?" Just keep pouring out these feelings about what you don't like. Sometimes, you'll even find yourself repeating someone else's statements about you. For example, you may hear a parent's voice telling you "You are worthless," or a childhood bully who taunted you for being fat. When and if that happens, write down the exact statement that was used, or that you heard, and the feelings that those words ignited within you, because that is something specific to work through.

Again, take as much time as you need. There is enormous value in digging deep and identifying these feelings, even if it brings up a great deal of pain. Remember, you won't have to stay in the pain for much longer, because we'll be clearing those negative emotions out in Chapter 4. If you are willing to do this exercise fully, you will finally be free of the past. Can you imagine how valuable that will be?

The third step is to then go back to the statements you initially wrote, and write what you do to deal with those feelings. For example, "When I don't have enough money to pay my bills, I feel sick inside and that makes me want to drink." Or, "When I don't have enough money to pay my bills, I quit answering the phone and go into hiding so I don't have to deal with anything." Or, "When I feel lonely inside, I like to go out and dance (or drink, or party), hoping I'll find my soul-mate." Or, "When I feel empty inside, I begin to eat to make myself feel better."

These "don't like" statements will be the basis of your working list that you will begin clearing later in this book. So be sure to be as brutally honest and exacting as you can possibly be. It will pay dividends later on. Just keep writing until there's nothing left to write. Again, this exercise may make you feel raw and vulnerable, but it is necessary in order to clearly identify what you do want. Just hang on. I promise you it will get much better!

As a note, when regarding clearing out old stuff (especially in regards to relationships), it is important to identify as clearly as possible what you are feeling now and what you were feeling at the time, in order to download the most optimal positive replacement frequencies.

Often, in the past, what we were really feeling is masked by anger. Anger is a secondary emotion and is a cover-up for hurt feelings, fear, feeling judged, feeling mistreated, devalued, or betrayed. There are literally thousands of negative emotions that anger can mask.

There is a part of our brain called The Reptilian Brain that immediately helps us switch from feeling the vulnerable, painful feelings into the feeling of anger or fear. Anger is a more powerful feeling than vulnerability and makes us feel strong so that we have the resources to fight back when placed in dangerous situations. It is an automatic survival response and is hard-wired into every human.

Anger is fueled by adrenaline which creates a powerful flood of chemicals within our bodies, called neurotransmitters, that are immediately taken into the cell's receptor sites of our muscles and tissues. They give us extra strength and feelings of power. These neurotransmitters profoundly impact the brain and internal organs, by shutting down our ability to digest food and controlling which areas of the body receive greater supplies of blood flow. These neurotransmitters are so powerful, that we can actually become addicted to them—just like cocaine or heroin.

If we are continually placed in situations where we don't feel good or powerful, or when we are feeling mistreated, devalued or betrayed, we get stuck in the loop of anger/vulnerability/ anger/vulnerability. This pattern becomes a negative emotional loop that eventually becomes habitual and gets pushed to the back of the mind as a "normal" part of life, because there doesn't seem to be a resolution to the problem. It then plays in the background and begins programming our minds and the cells of our bodies negatively. It even begins to impact us in other unpleasant ways, such as depression or anxiety and physical illnesses.

As electro-magnetic beings, we are both sending out and receiving energetic signals. We are kind of like a radio that has the ability to both broadcast messages and receive in-coming signals. Once this negative programming occurs, we start emitting the frequency of these negative programs and subsequently begin attracting back to ourselves other events, people and circumstances that have the same frequencies as what we are feeling and emitting. For example, if we are emitting a broadcast frequency that says, "I'm a victim," we are going to receive a corresponding signal that says, "Perfect, here's a person or event that will help you feel more like a victim."

Until we can resolve the emotional pain and energy of the original wound, we will continue to draw to ourselves more and more of what we are energetically sending out through our internal feelings. This is the Law of Attraction at work: "Like attracts like."

However, here's the problem: Because we've so successfully pushed those negative feelings so far into the background of our subconscious minds, we aren't even consciously aware that those feelings are permanently transmitting the frequency that we don't want to have happen to us. The result is that we continue to draw to ourselves similar people and situations over and over again and don't understand why.

When this happens, it is an indication that you definitely have old programming running in the background that has been successfully hidden from your consciousness. The hidden gift in these negative experiences is that the patterns and resulting pain you feel are trying to bring to your conscious mind the awareness that there is something that needs to be resolved. Once you can successfully resolve those negative conscious and sub-conscious programs, you will no longer draw to yourself the painful experiences.

Negative programs can also be triggered by a song, a smell, a name, or other similar events. If that happens, take the opportunity to stop what you're doing and identify the feelings and emotions that have been triggered. Then do the Quantum Soul Clearing Process, to heal the old hurt and pain. It is a very powerful way to free yourself of the past. I call this the Stop, Drop and Roll awareness process. Stop what you're doing. Drop down inside to the feelings. Roll into the Quantum Soul Clearing Process.

For now, start with what you are consciously triggered by. Everyone can think of a person or event that still holds some type of negative energetic charge when thinking about that person or circumstance. See if you can precisely identify what you feel about that person or event. Write down the words or phrases that clearly describe your feelings. If you can't find a specific word for the feeling, use one as close as possible to that negative feeling. And if you just cannot identify the feeling, don't worry, you can still clear it. Chapter 7 deals with this in depth.

Sometimes people get stuck in an energetic loop of anger/vulnerability and they can't identify more than a few negative feelings. Usually the feeling is anger, rage, anxiety, fear, unhappiness, sadness or depression. It's almost like a default feeling setting. They may be aware that they feel hurt, but are consciously unaware that that "hurt feeling," is betrayal. They may not be aware that that "icky, stomach clenching feeling" is the feeling of being devalued and degraded.

It doesn't help that our English language is so deficient when it comes to words that describe feelings, either! And it doesn't help that we are generally trained away from our feelings in our cultures. There are many other languages that are much more proficient in describing the subtleties of human emotion than the English language. So in the appendix of this book I've listed many positive and negative feeling words and emotions to help you more closely identify what you might be feeling. What I found fascinating while doing the research for this book is that in regards to feelings, we have so many more descriptive words for negative feelings than there are for positive feelings! Apparently, as a people, we are much more attuned to feeling bad than we are to feeling good!

It is imperative to be aware of what we are feeling and to have a way to deal with and remove the chronic negative feelings. By not having an outlet for this negativity, we unconsciously program ourselves for chronic disease, a life-time of low-grade relationships with ourselves and others, financial lack and limitation, and the inability to live full, vibrant lives. This negativity robs each and every one of us of vitality, joy, creativity and prosperity.

Imagine what life would be like if we were able to immediately clear and remove our negative emotions and access our positive feelings. I believe we would treat ourselves and each other much more kindly and compassionately. We wouldn't age as quickly. Conflicts would be resolved almost instantly. Perhaps we would be able to fully bring our gifts and creative passions to the forefront of our lives and empower ourselves and others to live brilliantly and joyfully, powerfully sharing our purpose for being here on this planet at this time. Can you imagine what a different world this could be? Take a few minutes and envision what your life might be like if you were able to completely release the past and live fully in the present. I urge you to write down that vision now.

Getting back to our original writing exercise, stop for a moment and review everything you've written so far in this first exercise. Make sure you keep track of this information, because you're going to use it in the second part of the Quantum Soul Clearing Process when we get to Chapter 4. You may begin to more clearly see a pattern of thinking and behavior that has sabotaged your efforts to take charge and make changes in your life. But more importantly, you are now more fully in touch, consciously, with the negative thoughts, feelings, beliefs and behaviors that you can release in order to create the life you do want to create and live!


Now that you've identified exactly what you do not want in your life, how you feel about it, and what you currently do to deal with the feelings, you are ready to start the second part of this exercise.

Find a fresh page and begin writing exactly what you do want. Not how you're going to obtain it or get it accomplished or who's going to bring it. Just focus on what you want your life to look like. For example, "I want to release 30 pounds and feel fit." Or, "I want to fit into a size six dress." Or, "I want enough money to pay my bills and still have money left over to play with and invest." Or, "I want to find my soul mate." Or, "I want to be happy and healthy." Be as specific as you can. Remember to leave room between these statements so that you can go back to them and add your feelings.

When you are absolutely crystal clear about what you want, it has no choice but to show up in your life—and often in bigger and better ways than you can possibly imagine right now. You might want to write that last sentence down and post it in prominent places around your home and office, to remind you to get as clear as possible about what you want to create and achieve.

When you are writing these statements, remember to define what you want to create—not what you don't want. For example: "I want to feel fit and healthy." As opposed to, "I don't want to be fat and unhealthy." The latter statement is focusing on the negative. The first one is creative, and it is a direct statement of manifestation to the Universe!

Here's another: "I easily pay all my bills each month and still have hundreds of dollars left over to play with and to save." Versus "I don't want to have to struggle each month just to get the bills paid." Keep asking yourself, "What do I really want?"

While it is true that you really don't want to struggle to pay the bills, what you want more is to pay them each month and still have tons of money left over to spend and save. Can you feel the difference when you say these two statements out loud? Try it and see what you feel inside. The first statement feels clear, open, honest and positive. That is the frequency that the Universe will respond to in order to help you manifest your desires.

The second one feels heavy, chaotic, negative and closed-down. The Universe will still respond to this request, too. But you'll continue to struggle to pay your bills each month and will constantly come up short. That is how the Law of Attraction works. What you focus on intensifies. We'll talk more about the Law of Attraction in the next chapter.

Once you have what you do want to create in your life written down, go back to those statements and begin identifying what having those things will feel like. So let's say you want enough money to pay the bills and have hundreds left over each month to save and to play with. Close your eyes and go inside. Feel what being able to immediately pay all your bills and having tons of money left over really feels like. Do you feel excited or happy? Do you feel free? Do you feel successful, prosperous, joyful, supported and loved? Can you even imagine such a thing? Write down all the words that having that one thing would make you feel. Keep writing and keep imaging what that feeling feels like. Feel it expand and grow as you explore it more and more.

Dream big, what could you do with that extra money each month? Write that down next and go into details. Would you save each month so that you could have a wonderful nest-egg? Would you save up for the trip of a life-time? Would you buy some things that you've wanted to buy for yourself, but couldn't? Would you donate money to charity? And in doing those things, how would you feel?

Go deep—then go even deeper still. Go into as much detail as you possibly can. This is a time for getting very clear on what you really want! Make sure you are writing down all the descriptive words you can think of that describe how you feel about these positive things. These will be useful later on as you begin clearing.

Make sure you save both of these exercises. They are going to be your working papers as we go through this book.

By going through this process, just like you are now, I've been very fortunate to be able to change my life from one of lack, illness, addiction to chaos, terrible relationships, self-doubt, and low self-esteem. That is not to say that I don't have stuff come up, that my life is perfect, or that life doesn't throw me the occasional curve-ball. Because it does.

What I do have, however, are the tools in this book. These tools help me easily identify how I feel, and then help me change my emotions in just a few minutes. When that occurs, I can make quick course corrections in my life. I have been able to create better health, more peace of mind, healthier and more loving relationships with myself and others, and I experience much greater abundance. Best of all, I've been able to show others how to make changes in their lives that help them create even better lives for themselves and their families! I know you can make those changes too—if you want to, and are willing to spend the time and effort to use the tools in this book.


Excerpted from Quantum Soul Clearing by Michelle Manning-Kogler Copyright © 2012 by Michelle Manning-Kogler. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Chapter 1 - What Do You REALLY Want?....................1
Chapter 2 - What is the Law of Attraction and How Does It Really Work?....................11
Chapter 3 - Step One—Getting Ready to Work—Hook Me Up to The Universe, Please!....................24
Chapter 4 - Step Two—The Clearing Statements and What They Mean, or What is All That Gobbledygook??....................32
Chapter 5 - Step Three—You Want Me to Download What? Now For the Really Good Stuff....................63
Chapter 6 - I'm Not Really Sure WHAT I'm Feeling, I Just Don't Feel Good!....................74
Chapter 7 - Can I Do This For Other People?....................76
Author's Message....................84
Client Testimonials....................86
Quantum Soul Clearing Statements....................114
The Download....................119
The Forgiveness Statement....................121
Recommended Reading....................124

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