Queen Up! Reclaim Your Crown When Life Knocks You Down: Unleash the Power of Your Inner Tarot Queen

Queen Up! Reclaim Your Crown When Life Knocks You Down: Unleash the Power of Your Inner Tarot Queen

by Angela Kaufman
Queen Up! Reclaim Your Crown When Life Knocks You Down: Unleash the Power of Your Inner Tarot Queen

Queen Up! Reclaim Your Crown When Life Knocks You Down: Unleash the Power of Your Inner Tarot Queen

by Angela Kaufman


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Each of the four Tarot Queens in this empowering year-long system represent an archetypal part of our personalities as well as our experience of being human. Detailed explanations of each archetype, and workbook-style exercises and practical tips are provided for aligning with and balancing the energies of each Queen.

  • We derive inspiration from the Queen of Wands
  • Passion comes from the Queen of Swords
  • Love from the Queen of Cups
  • Abundance from the Queen of Pentacles

The Queen Up system blends various metaphysical teachings and psychological concepts to empower women to navigate life's most challenging situations. In part one, the basic tenets of the system are reviewed; part two introduces us to the four Tarot Queens that embody the essential qualities for creating wholeness, and readers will be taught how to access their energies as well as look at common obstacles; and part three provides a year's supply of weekly exercises to help readers develop intuition and manifestation.

The Queens serve as a symbol of the potential of every woman. Angela Kaufman helps readers unlock this potential to harness and express their dream lives.

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ISBN-13: 9781573247320
Publisher: Red Wheel/Weiser
Publication date: 04/01/2018
Pages: 176
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About the Author

Angela Kaufman is a lifelong seeker of spiritual connection with a background as a clinical social worker and certification as an intuitive consultant and psychic medium. Angela has coauthored several books including Sacred Objects, Sacred Space: Everyday Tools for the Modern Day Witch. She is a frequent contributor to holistic publications including Healing Springs Journal, The Magical Buffet, and Natural Awakenings. Visit her at www.intuitiveangela.com.

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Ancient people believed in the power of energy and sought connection with this force as Spirit or ether through ritual, art, chanting, singing, drumming, and other practices. Our understanding of and relationship to energy has been repackaged over the centuries. We access energy in the form of electricity to provide modern conveniences, for example. Yet we are also rediscovering the concept of energy as personal power. Quantum physics tests the limits of what we believe about physical reality, and we recognize that flowing, changing currents of energy are at the root of all life and are shaped by both thought and observation.

Scientist and inventor Nikola Tesla said, "If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration." All things are energy vibrating at different frequencies. We lose sight of this when we are taught to perceive through only our five physical senses. A table appears to be a physical structure: a plank held up by four legs. But if we remember the role of energy and vibration, we understand a table is energy that vibrates at the frequency of physical matter with physical attributes commonly recognized and described as being a "table."

Relationships, emotions, states of mind, and even the events occurring in our lives can be understood on a deeper level if we remember they are currents of energy vibrating in ways that attract or repel other forms of energy. All beings are made up of energy. It is a matter of simplicity to perceive physical objects as somehow more real than abstract things like thought or emotion. There is no separation. All life is an endless energy tapestry. Energy vibrates at different levels. The feeling of these different "vibes" is often used to describe anything from auras to intuition to the vibe of a room. It is all energy: one big buffet, but with different flavors.

To sample the best of the variety of life's flavors, we can align ourselves with different types of energies. We do this in a variety of ways. The main vehicle for energy movement is thought. Even as you read this book — which is energy vibrating at the level of paper and ink — you are attuning to the vibration created by the concepts spelled out by these letters. In other words, your mind is opening to new thoughts or remembering concepts you may already know.

You may be comfortable with these notions, or they may unsettle you. Either way, your energy is attuning to the concept described in these paragraphs. Without being conscious of it, you are aligning your energy with the focus of becoming empowered. That is, after all, the reason you began reading this book, isn't it?

Thought is a simple mechanism for focusing energy, but it is not the only vehicle, nor is it always the most efficient. For example, you may have numerous thoughts that contradict each other, some thoughts with high emotional attachment to them, and other thoughts with minimal emotional backing. Thus, energy can be dissipated. In pop culture terms "working the law of attraction" is associated with power of thought but may not take these other factors into consideration. Thoughts can backfire, aligning you with what you don't want. Take for example the case of someone who is preoccupied with her own shortcomings. Each anxiety-laden worry aligns such a person with the outcome she dreads, and periodically the self-sabotage of planting the seeds of anxiety come to fruition in situations this person hoped to avoid.

Spiritual Mechanics

The four Tarot Queens in the Queen Up system are representations of four key sources of energy necessary for wholeness and balance. Keeping energy in alignment fosters intuitive growth and confidence. As a more empowered woman, your energy will help attract the types of relationships you desire. Your energy will also attract opportunities of all kinds, because you will be working from your highest expression of Self and attuning to your purpose and passion, rather than aligning with your fears and limitations.

You do not need to be a "spiritual mechanic" to keep your energy in alignment. Yet like your car, your body — as the vehicle carrying your spirit or energy — is subject to the wear and tear of everyday life. Like your car, your personal energy faces bumps in the road, suffers the damage of corrosive environmental elements, and will naturally fall out of alignment.

What types of "potholes" impact your spirit? There are disappointments, criticism, fear, doubts, unmet expectations, trauma, grief, and various other aspects of life.

Shamans practice soul retrieval based on the belief that major losses cause the soul to fragment, resulting in emotional wounds. Psychologists who study trauma are familiar with the ways in which survivors lose a part of themselves in the past. Healing demands the reintegration of all the aspects of one's soul.

You needn't suffer a significant trauma to lose the balance and alignment of your personal energy. Everyday disappointments and challenges can pull your personal energy in various directions. We work too hard, succumbing to our personal obsessions and addictions. We overvalue some aspects of ourselves, and undervalue others. In some cases, women have been taught to undervalue all aspects of themselves!

Just like a car may need realignment even when driven by the most cautious driver, so too do our own energies need balancing, even when we are surrounded by the most loving people with the best intentions. Thought, intention, meditation, creative expression, movement, and visualization are all practices that keep energy in alignment. On the path to empowerment outlined in this book, you will practice various techniques to align your energy.

We do not have overt control over events in our lives or over people we know, but we do have control over the energy we exude and what it draws to or repels from us. We call this awareness of energy consciousness. In the mid-twentieth century, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi proposed that concentrated efforts of only 1 percent of the population practicing a specific meditation technique would alter the energy of group consciousness enough to reduce crime rates. His theory, known as the Maharishi Effect, has been tested successfully in dozens of scientifically controlled studies around the world in communities impacted by crime. How is this possible? It works because energy is changeable and alignment of thought (intent) and consistent practice of this alignment produces tangible results. Modern popular culture calls this the Law of Attraction, the belief that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts, people invite positive or negative experiences into their life. The concept also finds a voice in the expression, "What you sow you shall reap."

There is nothing new about this phenomenon; it has been described for centuries in various cultures and belief systems around the world. While many will apply the Law of Attraction to manifest changes in their lives, or employ the Maharishi Effect to promote social change, few are exploring ways in which the individual can apply the laws of energy to invite profound personal change. In this book, we will explore in greater detail working with energy and the profound effects it will have on your life.

From "Woo-Woo" to "Guru"

The energetic nature of all things, a concept once considered "out there" but now commonly scientifically accepted, is also a premise for the Queen Up system. If all things are energy and energy is changeable and influenced by the expectations of the observer, then we can actively participate in the cocreation of our lives.

It is no longer frowned upon to be conscious of greater potential for growth and transcendence. We are embracing, rather than shunning, those who would see the value of personal evolution through spiritual mechanics. In fact, we seek instruction from modern gurus, but this system introduces readers to the divine feminine gurus within — the Queens.



In addition to understanding the power and pervasiveness of energy, we need to look at some mystical practices to set the stage for the Queen Up system. The following eclectic metaphysical and spiritual concepts are essential to getting to the heart of the Queen Up system, and most important among them is the concept of working with archetypes.

While some of the core components of the Queen Up system may seem strange to modern women in western society, the underlying philosophy is really not new or uncommon. Cultures around the world believe in the connection between energy, personality, wellness, and reality. To help bridge the gap between mystical and modern thought we will take a tour of several examples of energy cosmology and their relationship to the Queen Up system. Consider this section your initiation into the realm of intuitive thought as opposed to conventional western logical thought. The Queen Up system will help you connect to your intuition by bringing your awareness beyond the conscious thoughts of the logical, rational mind and into your own intuitive center.


An archetype is a symbol so pervasive and widely recognized that it spans time and culture. When you get to know the individual Queen archetypes, you'll get a better handle on what that entails. Various systems are based on archetypes, such as Tarot and astrology. In fact, many people who have taken the journey to connect to their Inner Queen remark that it is similar to having their astrological chart read. The information gleaned will reflect the same elemental archetypes visible to an astrologer reading a natal chart. However, the Queen Up system is also intended to give access to all the archetypes via intention. One need not succumb to only following the drives of a guiding sign or planet, but can instead harness those drives or shift energy to align with the strengths of any of the planetary archetypes.

Those familiar with the concepts of elemental energies will recognize the archetypes of the Queens as personifications of the four elements of Air, Fire, Water, and Earth.

The archetypal language of Queening Up draws on the Tarot, and those who have studied Tarot will recognize the archetypes as embodied in the Tarot Queens. As stated in detail throughout this book, the Queens represent four distinct energies, personality types, and life areas based on an understanding of archetypes. The connection between image, symbol, archetype, and individual intuition can be personal.

Metaphysical practitioners have developed several ways of working with the Tarot archetypes, depending on background and training. Those who follow traditional interpretations read Wands as related to the element of Fire, thus corresponding to the Queen of Swords in the Queen Up system. Likewise, Swords are read as the element of Air, or corresponding in this system to the Queen of Wands. The Air/Fire suit correspondences do vary from deck to deck. Many like myself, whose reading style reflects the cosmology of the pagan/Wiccan tradition, read Wands as Air and Swords as Fire.

In the Queen Up system, the Inner Queen of Wands corresponds to the element of Air and the powers of the mind. What do you associate with the Air? Leaves? Wind? Fans? What do you associate with the mind? Computers? Language? Numbers?

The Inner Queen of Swords corresponds to Fire and the powers of will, motivation, and justice. She is the Warrior Queen. What do you associate with fire and warrior energy? Spears? Torches? Armor?

The Inner Queen of Cups is associated with Water and nurturing, emotions, and maternal energy as well as love. Symbolically her energy can be represented by many things such as hearts or seashells or mirrors.

As ruler of the Earth element and the realm of abundance, the Inner Queen of Pentacles is associated with physical health, wealth, work, and comfort. What images or symbols do you associate with this energy? Dollar signs? Gold coins? Jewels? Stones?

Understanding these connections will help you interpret the symbolism in any deck you choose to work with. For example, if you have a Tarot deck that contains a Queen of Feathers, you may associate feathers not only with birds, flight, and the sky but also with early writing instruments like quill pens. Therefore you may use this Queen to represent the Queen of Wands in the Queen Up system. Likewise a deck containing a Queen of Seashells may make you think of the ocean, the water element, and emotions, love, etc. Thus she would correspond to the Queen of Cups in the Queen Up system.

In the appendix of this book you will find a listing of several different Tarot decks, and how they correspond to the Queen Up system.


There are no coincidences, no accidents, and any information we seek can be gained through the power of intention and an open mind. This concept of right timing was promoted by psychologist Carl Jung.

It is no coincidence you are reading these words right now: Ask a question, and a solution will be given. And when the Queen cards are shuffled and an intention is set, and when a card is drawn, there is nothing random about the information received.

The Queen Up system requires a mind open to receiving information through this belief in divine timing.

It's All About Balance

Ayurveda, TCM, Humorism, and Energy Cosmology

The Indian practice of Ayurveda teaches that all of creation — whether human, nonhuman animals, or other aspects of the natural world — is composed of fundamental energy elements called doshas. According to Ayurveda, all beings must maintain a balance of these fundamental characteristics. In Ayurveda, mindfulness of the balance between the doshic energies is essential to living a healthy, harmonious life. In this system, everything from season to diet to environmental factors can work to heal, accentuate, or aggravate an individual's doshic makeup. It is important not to create an imbalance in the doshas through poor diet or lifestyle habits, and a greater understanding of personality and relationships can be found by examining the order of greatest to least dominance of doshic energy. The doshas describe not only our personalities but also the constitution of our physical body.

Similar beliefs around the elemental forces of the natural world and within the personality and physical structure of all living beings are the basis for traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). If you have ever tried tai chi or qigong or had an acupuncture or shiatsu treatment, then you are experiencing a healing and rebalancing of the energy in your mind, body, and spirit through a very technical process that is at once a science, a cosmology, and an art form in its own right. TCM is based on a system of five elements corresponding to the fundamental energies of the natural world. Like Ayurveda, TCM teaches that the optimal health and functioning of an individual on every level require harmonizing and balancing of these fundamental energies within oneself and in one's surroundings. Just as certain dietary or environmental conditions would aggravate the doshas in the Ayurvedic worldview, so too would one seek dietary or environmental conditions to accentuate specific elemental energies, while avoiding foods or situations that would trigger imbalance or disharmony, among the five elements of TCM. Even western medicine has its ancient roots in this elemental cosmology.

The concept of Humorism holds that there are four temperaments known as humors. Hippocrates drew on this system for much of his work in diagnosing or treating illness. Distress was seen as a result of imbalanced humors within the body, and this was also linked to personality energy. The four humors were connected to one's behavior, personality, emotional state, and physical being. Students of astrology also connected the four humors with the four elements and thus grouped the zodiac signs by temperament (melancholic, sanguine, phlegmatic, choleric). While this concept would seem strange to current allopathic western medicine practitioners, humorism has evolved and is more easily recognized in the realm of psychological personality typing. The Myers–Briggs Personality Inventory, for example, draws on the concept of dominant personality styles and tendencies, while losing the emphasis on elemental energies.

Ayurveda, Humorism, and TCM are fascinating systems that are far more intricate than this book can explore; however, the primary concept worth noting is the cosmology and beliefs uniting these systems. They all stem from cultural/spiritual beliefs in the interconnectedness of all things. This may seem foreign at first to those of us living in modern western cultures, where we are taught that people are substantially and essentially different from nature and that food, environment, personality, the physical body, the mind, the spirit, and life events are all distinct, unique, and separate. Even modern belief in the mind-body connection tends to halt at a surface level of understanding. We aren't given the tools and resources to go deeper into this awareness that mind, body, spirit, and nature are all a web of connections and inform each other, to say nothing of the implications for what this truly means. Thus, some of the concepts in this book may seem familiar, yet also challenge conventional belief. It is best to integrate these concepts with our modern understanding of science, medicine, and the like, rather than seeing them as competing worldviews.


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Table of Contents

Foreword HeatherAsh Amara ix

Introduction xi

Part 1 Who Is Your Inner Queen?

Energy Is Everything 5

Mystical Wisdom for Modern Women 9

Legend of the Four Queens 17

Part 2 Your Journey Begins

Queen of Wands 24

Queen of Swords 34

Queen of Cups 42

Queen of Pentacles 48

Calling Your Queens 56

Esoteric Correspondences 60

Basic Ritual to Queen Up 67

Practical Ways to Queen Up 69

Reclaiming Your Crown When Life Knocks You Down 73

Part 3 52 Weeks to Queen Up Your Year of Empowered Living

Week 1 87

Week 2 89

Week 3 90

Week 4 92

Week 5 93

Week 6 95

Week 7 95

Week 8 97

Week 9 98

Week 10 98

Week 11 101

Week 12 102

Week 13 103

Week 14 104

Week 15 108

Week 16 108

Week 17 109

Week 18 109

Week 19 110

Week 20 111

Week 21 112

Week 22 112

Week 23 115

Week 24 116

Week 25 117

Week 26 118

Week 27 120

Week 28 120

Week 29 121

Week 30 122

Week 31 123

Week 32 123

Week 33 124

Week 34 124

Week 35 125

Week 36 128

Week 37 131

Week 38 132

Week 39 133

Week 40 134

Week 41 135

Week 42 136

Week 43 137

Week 44 137

Week 45 138

Week 46 138

Week 47 139

Week 48 139

Week 49 140

Week 50 141

Week 51 144

Week 52 144

Inner Queen Intuitive Log 145


Common Tarot Decks 151

Acknowledgments 159

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