Radical Confidence: 11 Lessons on How to Get the Relationship, Career, and Life You Want

Radical Confidence: 11 Lessons on How to Get the Relationship, Career, and Life You Want

by Lisa Bilyeu
Radical Confidence: 11 Lessons on How to Get the Relationship, Career, and Life You Want

Radical Confidence: 11 Lessons on How to Get the Relationship, Career, and Life You Want

by Lisa Bilyeu


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An “unfiltered and unafraid” (Marie Forleo, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Everything is Figureoutable) guide to building the kind of confidence it really takes to live the life of your dreams, from Impact Theory cofounder and growth mindset guru Lisa Bilyeu.

Author Lisa Bilyeu grew up in London, where she was always told her dreams of Hollywood were a little too big for a girl. Despite her first love of movie-making, Lisa moved to Los Angeles and became a housewife—for eight frikin’ years! How the heck did that happen?

Radical Confidence is the “empowering, transformative, and practical” (Jay Shetty, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Think Like A Monk) story of how Lisa unpaused her life to cofound a company that went from zero to a billion dollars in just five years and became the leader in the world of personal development. Transforming herself with a growth mindset, Lisa learned to face her insecurities and inadequacies, embrace new challenges, solve her own problems, tell her negative voice to shut the eff up, and become the hero of her own life by life-hacking her way to feeling confident.

Part deeply personal memoir, part guide to life, Radical Confidence “challenges the deep-rooted beliefs that prevent so many of us from knowing or reaching for our dreams” (Dr. Nicole Lepera, New York Times bestselling author of How to Do the Work). Lisa teaches you how to:
-Dream big
-Boost your confidence
-Toughen the F up
-And learn how to save yourself

Full of insight and practical tools for honest self-assessment, mastering emotions, and staying motivated, Radical Confidence teaches you how to be driven by your insecurities to create the life of your dreams.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781982181420
Publisher: S&S/Simon Element
Publication date: 04/30/2024
Pages: 256
Sales rank: 165,719
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.30(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Lisa Bilyeu is cofounder of the billion-dollar company Quest Nutrition and cofounder and President of Impact Theory. She is the host of Women of Impact, a show featuring women who have overcome incredible hardship to achieve massive success. Her mission is to empower all women to become the heroes of their own lives.

Table of Contents

Introduction: What the Hell Is Radical Confidence? 1

1 Your Dreams are a Gamble … Bet on Yourself 9

I Can Dream Big. 10

I Can Change My Life. 23

I Can Stop Making Excuses. 25

I Can Bet on Myself. 32

2 Make Up Your … Mindset 36

I Can Figure Shit Out. 46

I Can Do Hard Things. 49

I Can Get Good at Anything. 54

3 Validation Is … For Parking 58

I Can Make My Mission Possible. 60

I Can Let Go. 63

I Can Validate Myself. 69

I Can Be Wrong. 74

4 Embrace the Ick … Open Up the Can of Worms 77

I Can Challenge My Assumptions. 79

I Can Get Uncomfortable. 83

I Can Ask the Hard Questions. 85

5 Life is not a Fairy Tale … Save Yourself 89

I Can Admit I'm Not "Fine." 94

I Can Rescue Myself. 99

I Can Trust My Gut. 101

I Can Accept That It's Alt My Fault. 103

6 Make Your Negative Voice: Your Bitch … And Your BFF 107

I Can Start-Small. 109

I Can Stop Beating Myself Up. 112

I Can Get Better. 115

I Can Think Differently. 117

I Can Sabotage My Self-Sabotage. 119

7 Toughen the Fuck Up … Buttercup 124

I Can Face Criticism. 125

I Can Set Boundaries. 130

I Can Stop Saying "I'm Sorry." 139

I Can Command Respect. 143

8 Get off the Couch and Put on … Your Bad-Bitch Boots 148

I Can Be Shit-Scared and Do It Anyway. 150

I Can Stop Feeling Like an Impostor. 152

I Can Feel Good Enough. 156

I Can Boost My Confidence. 160

I Can Be Motivated. 164

9 Get Unpissed … Gain Emotional Sobriety 169

I Can Get Angry Without Losing My Shit. 172

I Can Sober Up. 174

I Can Choose How I React. 177

I Can Control My Emotions. 181

I Can Be Too Sensitive. 186

10 When the Shit Hits the Fan … Wear Goggles 189

I Can Learn from My Mistakes. 192

I Can Fait and Get Back Up. 193

I Can Be Imperfect. 199

I Can Be Inspired, Not Intimidated. 200

I Can Be the Learner. 200

11 Be the Hero … Of Your Own Life 203

I Can Do Whatever the Hell I Want! 203

Mad Shout-Outs 207

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