Reach for Me: The Story of My Son Connor

Reach for Me: The Story of My Son Connor

by Michael A. Boylan


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Parents and related caregivers of children with special needs have been handed lifelong challenges that test their very fabric as people. Continuous stress, worry and anxiety can be the norm throughout their lives. It's hard to relax. Imagine that-not being able to relax or take a break. Every parent of a special-needs child should read this story. It will bring them hope and encouragement. If you are not a caregiver, give Reach for Me to someone who is! Your gesture will acknowledge the challenges they cope with on a daily basis, helping them find inspiration to carry on.

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ISBN-13: 9781683500230
Publisher: Morgan James Publishing
Publication date: 09/06/2016
Pages: 222
Product dimensions: 6.50(w) x 9.30(h) x 1.40(d)

About the Author

As the best-selling author of three books focused to assist business professionals in becoming more productive (The Power To Get In by St. Martin’s Press, TEETH, Does Your Value Proposition Have Any? by Forward Publishing Group, and Accelerants by Penguin Group/Portfolio) Michael A. Boylan has had a successful career spanning over 20 years in the development and writing about best-in-class, step-by-step, productivity-enhancing processes which Fortune 500 organizations have embraced and adopted for their business professionals because the content has produced measurable results for the employees and their employer organizations.

Appearing on CNN, CNN-FN, Bloomberg Financial, ABC News, Fox and Friends, and other network television interviews, and being awarded one of the highest-rated keynote speakers Microsoft Corporation has ever hired to address over 6,000 attendees at its largest global event, World Fusion, Michael’s highly anticipated fourth book, Reach For Me, The Story of My Son Connor, is destined to positively impact the lives of the more than 35 million parents, families and related caregivers of special-needs children in the U.S. alone. With a 20-year track record of developing step-by-step processes that have helped people enhance their lives, and as the single father of a special-needs child himself, Michael has set forth to help the millions of parents and families of special-needs children of any diagnosis via the step-by-step process known as The Connor Principles, to help caregivers better manage all the hills and valleys that will come at them over a lifetime of caregiving.

Table of Contents

Dedication and Acknowledgements 1

Introduction and Applications 8

Premise of Understanding 16

Chapter 1 And Who Are You? A Small Background If I May 18

Chapter 2 What Makes You So Special? 22

Chapter 3 Preparations For His Coming-Hopes, Dreams and Expectations 23

Chapter 4 The Perfect Son; We Will Name Him Connor Michael 25

Chapter 5 He's Not Tracking, Is He? 31

Chapter 6 The News 39

Chapter 7 Why Me? What Am I Supposed To Learn From This? 52

Chapter 8 Shut Things Down-Turn off All the Noise 57

Chapter 9 I Can't Control This. How Can I Succeed Now? -At What? 62

Chapter 10 Surprise, Surprise. The Icing on the Cake(s)! 84

Chapter 11 What's the Picture Looking Forward? 93

Chapter 12 Have Some Faith, Man. You're Never Given More Than You Can Handle! 100

Chapter 13 Who's Driving This Bus? I Did NOT Sign Up For This! 102

Chapter 14 What Am I, Your SERVANT? 109

Chapter 15 What Will I Learn and What Am I Supposed To Do With It? 114

Chapter 16 Accept the Situation and Find Peace With It 120

Chapter 17 Where's the Humor? 123

Chapter 18 Laying New Cement-Managing the Setbacks With Grace 127

Chapter 19 Moving Forward-The Pictures Ahead 128

Chapter 20 The Connor Principles™ Guideposts for Everyday Life 131

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