Read and Buried: A Lighthouse Library Mystery

Read and Buried: A Lighthouse Library Mystery

by Eva Gates


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Librarian Lucy Richardson unearths a mysterious map dating back to the Civil War. But if she can't crack its code, she may end up read and buried.

The Bodie Island Lighthouse Library Classic Novel Book Club is reading Journey to the Center of the Earth by Jules Verne while workers dig into the earth to repair the Lighthouse Library's foundations. The digging halts when Lucy pulls a battered tin box containing a Civil War-era diary from the pit. Tucked inside is a hand-drawn map of the Outer Banks accompanied by a page written in an indecipherable code.

The library is overrun by people clamoring to see the artifact. Later that night, Lucy and Connor McNeil find the body of historical society member Jeremy Hughes inside the library. Clearly Jeremy was not the only one who broke into the library—the map and the coded page are missing.

Lucy's nemesis, Louise Jane McKaughnan, confesses to entering the library after closing to sneak a peek but denies seeing Jeremy—or his killer. When Lucy discovers that fellow-librarian Charlene had a past with Jeremy, she's forced to do what she vowed not to do—get involved in the case. Meanwhile, the entire library staff and community become obsessed with trying to decode the page. But when the library has a second break in, it becomes clear that someone is determined to solve that code.

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ISBN-13: 9781643852331
Publication date: 10/15/2019
Series: Lighthouse Library Series , #6
Sales rank: 42,940
Product dimensions: 5.70(w) x 8.30(h) x 1.20(d)

About the Author

Eva Gates is a national bestselling author who began her writing career as a Sunday writer: a single mother of three high-spirited daughters, with a full-time job as a computer programmer. Now she has more than twenty novels under her belt in the mystery genre, published under the name Vicki Delany. She lives in Ontario. This is her sixth Lighthouse Library mystery.

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Read and Buried: A Lighthouse Library Mystery 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Tangen less than 1 minute ago
ibrarian, library, amateur-sleuth, law-enforcement, murder, theft, greed, Outer-Banks, library-cat, cozy-mystery, friendship What do you know about the Freedman colony in the Outer Banks? That's your free history lesson in this fun mystery at the most marvelous lighthouse library anywhere. The characters certainly are and the plot is ingenious! It's a very good mystery with murder, theft, greed, and even a wonderful plan to keep kids safe while construction workers do their job! I loved it! I requested and received a free ebook copy from Crooked Lane Books via NetGalley. Thank you!
chefdt less than 1 minute ago
Read And Buried is the sixth book in the A Lighthouse Library Mystery series. Repairs are progressing on the repairs to the lighthouse and even the children have their construction site so they can learn that anyone can work in construction. Repairs come to halt when an old tin box is found by the construction workers who turn it over to Lucy and Bertie. There is a meeting with the local historical society regarding the upcoming Settler’s Day program. When the box is opened all it contains is a diary that someone has recorded weather daily weather reports, an unidentified may and a paper that has most likely been written in some kind of code. Everyone wants to examine the find but puts them off until the next morning. Later that evening Lucy finds that someone has broken into the library and the map and the note have been stolen and the body of Jeremiah a member of the historical society and provided most of the funds for Settlers Day. Fortunately, Lucy had taken pictures of the map and note. Before long the rumors begin that the map is a treasure map. Lucy with the help of the library staff set out to try and break the code of the note, hoping that it will also help identify the map and who might have written them. Lucy soon finds that there many suspects who might have wanted Jeremiah dead. I always enjoy visiting the Bodie Island Lighthouse Library and this book was no exception. The story is well-written and moves at a steady pace. There are plenty of twists and turns that kept me guessing till the end. The book also has a cast of interesting and believable characters. I will be watching for the next book in this enjoyable series.
ganderson523 1 hours ago
I am enjoying this series with a fun concept of a library in a lighthouse and a great setting in Nag's Head on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. What a great place it would be, to be able to live and work in a lighthouse as our resident librarian Lucy has the pleasure of working in the library and living on the fourth floor. It is summer and construction workers are digging around the foundation of the lighthouse repairing a crack when they stumble upon a metal box. Everyone held their breath to see what treasure might be in the box but it only contained a personal diary of a lady in the 1870's talking about the weather. It did contain a roughly drawn map of the area and note that appeared to be written in code. Maybe it is a map of a buried treasure... There are plenty of quirky characters, including those in the local historical society, history buffs, local professors and others interested in the contents of the box. Whatever it is, certainly it couldn't be worth killing over but while the library is closed and no one there, someone broke in and one of the historical society members is found dead with the map and code missing. Even though, Lucy has promised her boyfriend Mayor Connor McNeil not to get involved, she is pulled in to help Detective Sam Watson find out what she can. This is an entertaining read as she weeds through suspects, another break in during a seance, and danger. The answer to the puzzle is an interesting find that applies to the family history of one of the library patrons and a positive outcome. Great addition to the series! I received a complimentary ARC of the book from Crooked Lane Books via NetGalley. All thoughts and opinions are mine only.
A_Gregg 4 hours ago
Read and Buried is a super cute cozy mystery! The Bodie Lighthouse Library and the OBX is the setting for the novel which I loved as I visit the OBX multiple times a year! There is a very unique bunch of characters that hang around the library at all times of the day, which of course makes for a very funny read to see characters barging in near midnight! The library along with the historic society is getting ready to host a Settlers' Day festival. This event brought up a lot of history around the island. It was very fun to hear a little more about Roanoke Island and the Freeman's Colony, even if it was a figment of the authors' imagination. The reason I rated this book 4 stars instead of 5 is a few quirks of the author's writing. If a character is going to say something, the sentence was broken up into two parts. For example: "Nothing," she said, "would surprise me." It happened frequently throughout the book and made reading the statement a little difficult. The other quirk which wasn't quite as bad was when the characters were in a group and all of them agreed to something being said, each individual character would respond instead of it being stated that they all agreed. Again, the second one wasn't as bad but still something that I didn't prefer. Overall, this is a fun, humorous cozy mystery. It is definitely a series I would recommend if you are in a reading slump and want to read something that is a bit lighthearted and easy to read. Thanks to Netgalley for an ARC of this book!
MKF 5 hours ago
Treasure maps- or even just mysterious maps- have caused innumerable problems over the years and that's true for Lucy and the Bodie Island Lighthouse Library as well. No one knew there was a box containing a diary and a map in the space that was going to be excavated but boy once it was found, everyone wanted in on the game. It gets Jeremy killed and it puts other members of the library staff and community on the suspect list. Lucy, who has successfully solved murder mysteries in the past (don't worry if you didn't read the earlier installments- this is fine as a standalone) is on the case, despite having promised her boyfriend Connor (who is the mayor) that she won't interfere with Sam Watson's investigation. It's a classic cozy in a lot of ways, with multiple suspects, a second ahem event, and a tenacious heroine. There's great local color in the Outer Banks (and Gates admits to taking some liberties). Thanks to net galley for the ARC. A fun read. And a seance :)
jjthor 6 hours ago
This is the 6th book in this series and poor Lucy is drawn into the thick of things again! This time she is trying to solve a code that has been found on an old civil war diary with a map in it and discover where it leads while people in the library are droping like flies as break ins occur and people are trying to beat each other to the solution. Plenty of action and adventure with a good dose of who dunit thrown in! A fun read really enjoyed it
AMGiacomasso 6 hours ago
An excellent cozy mystery with a well crafted story and an interesting historical background. It was great to meet again the cast of characters and being introduced to some new. They fleshed out and likeable as usual. The mystery is full of red herring, twists and turns and it kept me guessing till the end. I can't wait to read the next instalment. Highly recommended! Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine.