Read Me a Book - Tell Me a Story: Cherie Logan's Easy Reading Tips for Homeschooling

Read Me a Book - Tell Me a Story: Cherie Logan's Easy Reading Tips for Homeschooling

by Cherie Logan


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Read Me a Book - Tell Me a Story: Cherie Logan's Easy Reading Tips for Homeschooling by Cherie Logan

Ten Children Volume Eight - Reading and Story Telling Tips for Raising Children and for Easy Homeschooling

Cherie shares her homeschooling and family life tips to help mothers enjoy the experience of teaching their children. The tips are concise and easy to master and they help ease the worries and frustrations moms as teachers often face.

Cherie retired from homeschooling after 35 consecutive years and continues to share these tried and true tips with families - because they ease the mother's anxiety of, "What do I do, now?" These tips each woman become a confident homeschooling mom who guides and grows with children as they become a spiritually centered, educationally self-motivated, socially well-adjusted, and playfully connected family

Ten Children Volume Eight - Read Me a Book - Tell Me a Story

When I started to write this volume, it was specifically directed to the homeschooling family. But as the writing unfolded, I realized that it was really directed to every family and to every age.
The first purpose of this volume is to share tips on teaching reading and developing a love of reading. The second purpose is more about creating a family culture of reading and learning through written and recorded words.
Building a family takes work. That is such an obvious statement, but it doesn't have to be all washing dishes and refereeing arguments. The biggest part of the work of raising a family is setting a path that leads to a specific destination and then, with day-by-day consistency, walking that journey.
A family culture of reading books, watching movies, listening to stories, and sharing conversations about those tales builds a unity that lasts beyond school years and the childhood family. - Cherie Logan

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About the Author

I am Cherie Logan, married to Dr. Neil C. Logan and the mother of 10 children. Our first child died when he was a baby, which means that I've home taught nine children - and dozens of their friends. Because of Marshall's early death, my second child, Chani, is my oldest.
When Chani was 11 months old, I read an article on homeschooling while visiting a friend. This was in 1981 and until that moment, I had never even heard of teaching children at home. After reading the article, I placed the magazine back on the coffee table. At that very moment, I was clearly and distinctly impressed with the thought, "If you want your children to keep the spirit they come into your home with, then you will home school."
Not "think about homeschooling," not "dabble in homeschooling," not "it might be nice to homeschool," but to jump in with both feet - if I wanted their eternal spirit to have the best chance to stay the way they were when they came into our home. I knew, of course, that I wouldn't be forced to obey that prompting, but seriously, how could I do otherwise when presented with that sort of clear direction?
I started to study homeschooling and for the next few years, while having two more babies, I read every book and article available.
Since then, I have taught all of my children at home using many different programs and including a wide variety of experiences. My favorite curriculum and homeschool perspective happened when I became friends with Glenn Kimber and with Rachel and Olilver DeMille.
When we moved to Enoch, Utah, I opened my doors to other families with preteens and teens eager to learn in a homeschooling group environment. For many years, students lovingly called our home, Logan School.
By the time I retired from homeschooling, I had 35 consecutive years of the lifestyle behind me. I continue to mentor both mothers and teens in this wonderful adventure - including my own adult children and my grandchildren.

Cherie Logan is a family life mentor, author, public speaker, homeschooling coach, doula, childbirth educator, nursing coach, grief and trauma management coach, an expert on personal and family communication, and co-founder of Cords of Light - Connections and Confidence.

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