Reason, Ego, & the Right-Minded Teamwork Myth: The Philosophy and Process for Creating a Right-Minded Team That Works Together as One

Reason, Ego, & the Right-Minded Teamwork Myth: The Philosophy and Process for Creating a Right-Minded Team That Works Together as One

Reason, Ego, & the Right-Minded Teamwork Myth: The Philosophy and Process for Creating a Right-Minded Team That Works Together as One

Reason, Ego, & the Right-Minded Teamwork Myth: The Philosophy and Process for Creating a Right-Minded Team That Works Together as One


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Right-Minded Teamwork (RMT) is an intelligent and empowering teamwork system that guides teams to overcome interpersonal challenges, improve processes, and work together seamlessly to achieve business goals. With RMT, your team can compassionately address interpersonal conflict, regain focus, and produce astounding results.

What Is This Book About?

Written for team leaders and team facilitators ready to create positive, lasting change in their teams, this book teaches two significant Right-Minded Teamwork (RMT) concepts. First, you will read the Right-Minded Teamwork Myth, a short parable illustrating RMT's underlying teamwork philosophy, followed by the RMT Process, a step-by-step approach for implementing RMT in your team.

Reason or Ego?

The Right-Minded Teamwork Myth is a short, simple story that illustrates what "right-minded" thinking and behaving look and feel like. Following three characters, Reason, Ego, and the Decision-Maker, found in each of us, the Myth illustrates the aspirational thought system behind RMT. It advocates for teammates to turn away from Ego's disastrous advice to seek separateness and selfishness and instead follow Reason's path to oneness and shared interest.

The RMT Process is a practical, deliberate, and reliable approach for implementing Right-Minded Teamwork in any team. It includes a set of seven, interconnected, team-building methods. As the first in RMT's eight-book series, this book will teach you how these seven RMT methods form a self-perpetuating, continuous improvement system with the power to transform even the most challenged team.

The Problem with Team Building

Most team-building programs have a problem. They do not address or resolve a team's real issues. There are many common team-building practices, like education, games, and social events, but as far as real team building goes, none of these approaches is effective. Not one of them produces proven, reliable results.

Still, many well-meaning team leaders continue to use these ineffective tactics. Usually, this is because they do not realize there is a better way: a real-world approach to team building.

Do No Harm. Work As One.

Right-Minded Teamwork is a real-world, team-building process that actually works. It is an intelligent, empowering system suitable for teams of all sizes and dynamics. It is the most reliable way to achieve and sustain high-performance teamwork because it directly addresses real issues in a non-confrontational, compassionate way.

Apply RMT, and improve work processes while strengthening teammate relationships.

Apply RMT, and help your team achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

Apply RMT, and make the world a better place.

A Note from Dan Hogan, Creator of RMT

As I write this, RMT is, to my knowledge, the only model of its kind. However, I pray it is not unique. I hope one day real-world methodologies like RMT become the prevailing team-building approach around the world.

I'm optimistic this future is on its way because I know I'm not alone in wishing for it. Though I'm now retired from active facilitation, for decades, I served teams around the globe as a Certified Master Facilitator, and I repeatedly heard my clients express the same desire I had: That this kind of approach to team-building would become commonplace, for the betterment of everyone. They were changed by our work together and what they learned, and many of them went on to share RMT's concepts and principles with others.

Through them, the ripple effect began. Through you, it can continue. Together, with the help of RMT, we will build teams that do no harm, get work done, and work as one.

Dan Hogan, CMF

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781939585042
Publisher: Lord & Hogan LLC
Publication date: 08/20/2021
Pages: 172
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.37(d)

About the Author

Dan Hogan is a Certified Master Facilitator with over 35 years of in-the-field team-building facilitation experience. Dan worked with over 500 teams, often for several years, in the United States and other countries. Not only did Dan's efforts deliver consistent, powerful results, his work also positively impacted the practice of behavioral change management.Over the course of his career, Dan refined his ideas, eventually creating his own proprietary tools, processes, and strategies. Of all his models and creations, Dan's biggest accomplishment has been the development of his Right-Minded Teamwork model, which perfectly assembles all his tools and processes into a single, streamlined approach.At its core, Right-Minded Teamwork (RMT) is a continuous improvement loop for small and large groups; it has been proven to work with teams of all sizes. No matter what team challenges or interpersonal issues are happening, RMT has the power to correct them.He served on the International Institute for Facilitation Board and is currently an Assessor for the international Certified Master Facilitator credential. Dan is now retired from active facilitation and teaches other facilitators and team leaders in these practical Right-Minded Teamwork principles.

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