Recognition Rebooted: A Smarter Approach to Employee Recognition

Recognition Rebooted: A Smarter Approach to Employee Recognition

by Sam Jenniges
Recognition Rebooted: A Smarter Approach to Employee Recognition

Recognition Rebooted: A Smarter Approach to Employee Recognition

by Sam Jenniges

Paperback(2nd ed.)

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Employee Recognition as we know it gets rebooted! For Managers and HR professionals.

What if most employee recognition best practices are wrong? What if it’s not the gift card, anniversary award, or the mug that’s making the difference? Many organizations assume they are doing fine with their approach to employee recognition, but most employees don't agree. More than 65% of employees feel under-recognized, which matters because they are twice as likely to quit in the next year. With good intentions, traditional recognition approaches often undermine your organization and end up making it harder for leaders and costly to the business.

Employee recognition as we know it is not working. Finally an easier, smarter, and faster solution that does work and results in employees who give their full effort, love working with you, and stay with you.

Eye-opening, original, and researched-based, Recognition Rebooted is your competitive advantage in how to lead employees who feel valued, deliver their best, and stay with you. The best news? The skills that matter most are easy, readily available in this book, and they work. Recognition Rebooted will help managers and HR professionals learn:

  • The problem with service awards, rewards, and public recognition
  • Easy and applicable tools that work immediately
  • How effective recognition impacts you and the bottom line. (hint: more best effort, less job hopping)
  • Cost-saving concepts to immediately apply to your existing recognition program
With humor, humility, and proven data, two leaders in a fictitious business provide a sneak peek into how recognition works in most organizations—well-intentioned but ineffective. Using a few purposeful and thoughtful tools, they demonstrate how to show genuine appreciation for work well done, showing increased performance and retention with a benefit to the bottom line.

What's more, Recognition Rebooted requires no transformation of your organization or program, nor buy-in from other busy leaders. It's just you and your team. If those other things do happen—and they probably will—that's an added bonus.

Whether or not you have an existing recognition program, make your job easier and let Recognition Rebooted come to the rescue!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781733618311
Publisher: Sandra K Jenniges
Publication date: 05/09/2019
Edition description: 2nd ed.
Pages: 148
Sales rank: 336,213
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.34(d)

About the Author

Sam Jenniges, M.S., grew up on a farm in southwestern Minnesota as the fourth of eight children in her family. Farm life helped her learn quickly that a little appreciation for work well done can increase performance no matter how unappealing the job is! She graduated from the University of Minnesota with a BA degree in Scientific and Technical Communications and from St. Joseph's University in Philadelphia with an MS degree in Organizational Development and Leadership. Sam's early career began on a team of organizational develop-ment practitioners who helped their IT consulting firm differentiate from industry peers through a strong values-based culture. This enabled recruitment of exceptional performers as well as employee and client retention. Career highlights include developing organizational development and leadership certifications, creating a simulation board game (patent pending) used in a major university's IT curriculum, developing world-class onboarding and masters programs, and dozens of customized leadership and training programs. Sam resides in White Bear Lake, Minnesota, with her husband and three children. She enjoys traveling with her family, cooking, paddle-boarding, cross-country skiing, and yes, the Minnesota winters. http: //

Table of Contents

Why This Book?


Why Recognition Matters

Moving Up and Over

Team Donna

Afford the Exceptional: Bensi Corp

Magic Mark

There Goes a High Performer

Why Don’t We Recognize Our Team Members More Often?

Donna’s Employee Recognition Data

What Recognition Is and What It Isn’t

Recognition Defined

Recognition for Performance

Caution! Public Recognition Ahead

Fundamental 1: Rewards Are Not the Same as Recognition

First Recognize, Then Reward (Sometimes)

How to Deliver Authentic Recognition

Recognition Delivery Essentials (TIPSS)

Fundamental 2: How You Deliver Is More Important Than What You Deliver

Fundamental 3: Doing Nothing Is Sometimes Better Than Doing Something

Donna and Mark’s Mutual Admiration

Recognition Delivery Approaches

Reward Talk

Fundamental 4: Recognition Is an Invaluable Tool Available to Every Manager


The Notebook Lunch and Learn: Recognition Rebooted

The Scoop at Bensi Corp

Seven Measly Minutes


Appendix A – Quick Employee Recognition Tools

Appendix B – Four Main Responses to Recognition

Appendix C – The Notebook Condensed

Appendix D – Recognition Objections: Overruled!



About Work with Clients

The Recognition Rebooted Training Program

About the Author

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