Red [Taylor's Version]

Red [Taylor's Version]

by Taylor Swift
Red [Taylor's Version]

Red [Taylor's Version]

by Taylor Swift

Vinyl LP(Long Playing Record)

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The second in a series of catalog re-recordings and revisions, Red [Taylor's Version] finds Taylor Swift revisiting her self-styled pop breakthrough Red. Released nine years after the original album, Red [Taylor's Version] does bear a few signs of maturation, notably on the explicitly pop moments, such as "I Knew You Were Trouble," "22," and "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together," which seem ever so slightly muted when compared to the 2012 versions. Nevertheless, much of the point of the re-recordings is to get these new versions as close to the original versions as possible so they can be easily licensed and to that end, Swift succeeds admirably. The more interesting part of Red [Taylor's Version] arrives in the second half when Swift records songs left in the vault, including "Better Man" -- a song she gave to Little Big Town, who won a Grammy for Best Country/Duo Group Performance in 2018 for their recording -- and duets with Phoebe Bridgers ("Nothing New"), Chris Stapleton ("I Bet You Think About Me"), and Ed Sheeran ("Run"). The highlight of these is a ten-minute version of "All Too Well," a bitter ballad that was already one of the peaks of Red and is now turned into an epic kiss-off. This, along with excavated songs, are reason enough for Swift to revisit Red and they, not the re-recordings, are the reason to return to Red [Taylor's Version]. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine

Product Details

Release Date: 11/12/2021
Label: Emi / Republic
UPC: 0602438633258
Rank: 951


Disc 1

  1. State of Grace [Taylor's Version]
  2. Red [Taylor's Version]
  3. Treacherous [Taylor's Version]
  4. I Knew You Were Trouble [Taylor's Version]
  5. All Too Well [Taylor's Version]
  6. 22 [Taylor's Version]
  7. I Almost Do [Taylor's Version]
  8. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together [Taylor's Version]

Disc 2

  1. Stay Stay Stay [Taylor's Version]
  2. The Last Time [Taylor's Version]
  3. Holy Ground [Taylor's Version]
  4. Sad Beautiful Tragic [Taylor's Version]
  5. The Lucky One [Taylor's Version]
  6. Everything Has Changed [Taylor's Version]
  7. Starlight [Taylor's Version]
  8. Begin Again [Taylor's Version]

Disc 3

  1. The Moment I Knew [Taylor's Version]
  2. Come Back... Be Here [Taylor's Version]
  3. Girl at Home [Taylor's Version]
  4. State of Grace [Taylor's Version] [Acoustic Version]
  5. Ronan [Taylor's Version]
  6. Better Man [Taylor's Version]
  7. Nothing New [Taylor's Version]
  8. Babe [Taylor's Version]

Disc 4

  1. Message in a Bottle [Taylor's Version]
  2. I Bet You Think About Me [Taylor's Version]
  3. Forever Winter [Taylor's Version]
  4. Run [Taylor's Version]
  5. The Very First Night [Taylor's Version]
  6. All Too Well [Taylor's Version] [10 Minute Version]

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Taylor Swift   Primary Artist,Vocals,Vocal Harmony,Vocals (Background)
Gary Lightbody   Primary Artist,Guitar,Vocals,Featured Artist,Vocals (Background)
Chris Stapleton   Primary Artist,Vocals,Featured Artist
Ed Sheeran   Primary Artist,Vocals,Featured Artist,Guitar (Acoustic),Vocals (Background)
Phoebe Bridgers   Primary Artist,Vocals,Featured Artist
Andy Thompson   Bass,Conductor,Keyboards,Guitar (Bass),Synthesizer Bass,Guitar (Electric)
Aaron Dessner   Piano,Guitar,Keyboards,Synthesizer,Guitar (Bass),Guitar (Acoustic),Guitar (Electric)
Bryce Dessner   Orchestra
Davide Rossi   Cello,Viola,Violin
Jacknife Lee   Bass,Piano,Guitar,Keyboards
Espen Lind   Bass,Guitar,Keyboards
Sasha Krivtsov   Bass (Acoustic),Bass (Electric)
Paul Mirkovich   Piano,Synthesizer,Synthesizer Bass
Amos Heller   Clapping,Handclapping,Guitar (Bass),Synthesizer Bass
Matt Bishop   Drums
Jeff Bhasker   Juno,Synthesizer,Vocals (Background)
Butch Walker   Bass,Drums,Guitar,Vocals,Keyboards,Percussion,Vocals (Background)
Torstein Lofthus   Drums
Max Bernstein   Synthesizer,Guitar (Steel),Guitar (Acoustic),Guitar (Electric)
Jack Antonoff   Bass,Drums,Keyboards,Mellotron,Percussion,Slide Guitar,Guitar (Acoustic),Guitar (Electric),Guitar (12 String Acoustic)
Dan Wilson   Bass,Guitar,Guitar (Bass),Vocal Harmony,Vocals (Background)
Caitlin Evanson   Vocals (Background)
Ruth Marshall   Cello
Dan Lawonn   Cello
Thomas Bartlett   Keyboards,Synthesizer
Troy Gardner   Violin
Jonathan Yudkin   Violin,Strings,Bouzouki
Aaron Sterling   Drums,Percussion
Nate Morton   Drums
Paul Sidoti   Piano,Guitar (Acoustic),Guitar (Electric)
Matt Billingslea   Drums,Clapping,Percussion,Vibraphone,Handclapping
Shellback   Guitar,Keyboards
Amund Bjoerklund   Keyboards
Oliver Coates   Cello
Mike Meadows   Organ,Piano,Clapping,Mandolin,Synthesizer,Handclapping,Organ (Hammond),Guitar (Acoustic),Guitar (Electric),Vocals (Background)
Sean Hutchinson   Drums,Percussion
Justin Derrico   Bazouki,Ukulele,Bouzouki,Guitar (Acoustic),Guitar (Electric)
David Cook   Piano,Piano
Charlotte Reid   Violin
Kirsten Whitson   Cello
Kate Bennett   Violin
Dave Brown   Double Bass
Clarice Jensen   Cello
Conor OBrien   Violin
Jonny Byers   Cello
Matthew Kettle   Viola
Charlie Judge   Accordion
Evan Smith   Flute,Saxophone,Synthesizer,Navajo Flutes
Alexander Krivtsov   Bass (Electric)
Liz Huett   Vocals (Background)
Cole Kamen-Green   Trumpet,Mellotron
Freddy Holm   Dobro,Guitar,Keyboards
Mark Foster   Vocals (Background)
London Contemporary Orchestra   Strings,Orchestra
Michael Riddleberger   Percussion,Synthesizer
Galya Bisengalieva   Violin,Orchestra Leader
Robert Ames   Conductor
Anders Mouridsen   Guitar (Electric)
Valerie Little   Viola
Bobby Hawk   Strings
Allison Ostrander   Violin
Mikey Freedom Hart   Bass,Organ,Piano,Celeste,Wurlitzer,Pedal Steel,Synthesizer,Slide Guitar,Guitar (Acoustic),Guitar (Baritone),Guitar (Electric)
Max Ruisi   Cello
James Krivchenia   Drums,Percussion
Stephanie Edmundson   Viola
Guy Button   Violin
Anna de Bruin   Violin
Antonia Kesel   Violin
Clifton Harrison   Viola
Yuki Numata Resnick   Violin
Eloisa-Fleur Thom   Violin
Zara Benyounes   Violin
Natalie Klouda   Violin
Alexander "Sasha" Sitkovetsky   Bass (Electric)
Sam Bergman   Viola
Charis Jenson   Violin
Josh Kaufman   Mandolin,Harmonica,Lap Steel Guitar,Guitar (Acoustic),Guitar (Electric)
Erika Hoogeveen   Violin
Elvira Anderfjaerd   Bass,Drums,Keyboards,Vocals (Background)
Zoe Matthews   Viola
Anna Ovsyanikova   Violin
Nicole Crespo O'Donoghue   Violin
Sara Mulford   Piano,Synthesizer
Mary Alice Hutton   Violin
Bebel Matsumiya   Vocals (Background)
Charlie Block   Contrabass,Double Bass
Felicity James   Violin
Huldah Niles   Violin
Natalia Moiseeva   Violin
Natsuki Kumagai   Violin
Nicole Stokes   Violin
Conor O'Brien   Violin

Technical Credits

Serban Ghenea   Mixing
Tony Berg   Producer,Vocal Producer
Andy Thompson   Engineer,Mastering,Recording
Aaron Dessner   Engineer,Producer,Recording,Drum Programming
Bryce Dessner   Composer,Producer,Orchestration
Davide Rossi   Arranger,String Arrangements
Mark Rankin   Mixing
Jacknife Lee   Composer,Engineer,Producer,Recording,Programming
Pat Monahan   Composer
Espen Lind   Composer,Engineer,Recording
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Taylor Swift   Composer,Producer,Executive Producer,Creative Packaging Direction
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Jack Antonoff   Engineer,Producer,Recording,Programming
Dan Wilson   Composer,Producer
Dan Lawonn   Contractor
Gary Lightbody   Composer
Thomas Bartlett   Engineer
Aaron Sterling   Engineer,Recording,Programming
Lori McKenna   Composer
Nate Morton   Drum Programming
Matt Billingslea   Drum Programming
Dan Burns   Engineer,Programming
David Campbell   String Arrangements,Arranger
Shellback   Composer,Producer,Programming
Amund Bjoerklund   Composer
Jonathan Low   Mixing,Engineer,Recording
Jeremy Murphy   Engineer,Recording,String Engineer
Sean Hutchinson   Engineer
Derek Garten   Editing,Engineer,Vocal Engineer,Digital Editing
Tim Blacksmith   Producer,Executive Producer
Justin Derrico   Engineer,Recording,Analog Engineer
Danny D.   Producer,Executive Producer
Kyle Resnick   Engineer
Sam Holland   Vocal Engineer
Christopher Rowe   Engineer,Producer,Vocal Engineer
Espionage   Producer
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Clarice Jensen   Engineer
Christie Goodwin   Photography
David Payne   Engineer,Recording
Mike Hartung   Engineer,Recording
Travis Ference   Editing,Engineer,Pro-Tools,Recording
Evan Smith   Engineer
Miles Hanson   Engineer,Recording
Laura Sisk   Engineer,Recording
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Ed Sheeran   Composer
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Jon Sher   Assistant,Assistant Engineer
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Lauren Marquez   Assistant,Assistant Engineer
Daniel Ficca   Engineer
Ian Gold   Engineer,Drum Programming
Meg Monteith   Recording,Management,Project Manager
Michael Fahey   Vocal Assistance,Assistant Engineer
Talia Morey   Copy,Copyist
Amy-Elisabeth Hinds   Management,Orchestra Manager
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