Redemption: Book 3 of The Rome's Revolution Saga

Redemption: Book 3 of The Rome's Revolution Saga

Redemption: Book 3 of The Rome's Revolution Saga

Redemption: Book 3 of The Rome's Revolution Saga


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Rome's Revolution is a three-part interstellar adventure featuring a man from the 21st century and a woman from the 35th century who band together to fight forces dedicated to the extinction of mankind. Cinematic in scope, Rome's Revolution offers romance, comedy, heart-pounding thrills, suspense, "legal" time travel, and meticulously researched hard science. It is a love story and a culture clash. The entire Rome's Revolution Saga has everything you love about hard science fiction: robots, aliens, computers, genetic manipulation, spaceships that travel faster than light and some that travel a lot slower.

In Redemption (Book 3 of The Rome's Revolution Saga), there is no rest for the weary. Stopping the genocidal civil war on Deucado was not enough. Accompanied by MINIMCOM, their deadly hybrid computer/starship, Rome and Rei, along their newborn son Aason, must travel to Earth to preempt an attack that would wipe out their new home world. Upon arrival, Rome is immediately arrested, tried, convicted and sentenced to death for her "crimes" back on Tabit. As if that is not enough, an old villain reappears and our heroes are kidnapped by the homicidal Onsiras and cut off from the outside world. Beneath the dormant volcano, Kilauea, they come face to face with MASAL, the rogue AI attempting to engineer the humanity out of mankind. Aided by MINIMCOM and a surprise visit by OMCOM, the planet-sized computer, Rome and Rei must defeat not only MASAL but take on the Stareaters, living Dyson spheres larger than the Sun which threaten all of life itself. The shocking twist at the end will cause your jaw to drop and leave you speechless yet satisfied.

If you are looking for some science in your science fiction, this book is for you.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781987057713
Publisher: Barnes & Noble Press
Publication date: 03/01/2019
Series: The Rome's Revolution Saga , #3
Pages: 202
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.46(d)

About the Author

Michael Brachman has a Ph.D. in Sensory Science with a minor in Computer Science. Rome's Revolution is his first science fiction series, depicting the enduring love between a man from the 21st century and a woman from the 35th century. Between the two of them, they fend off various threats to mankind. The science behind the science fiction is meticulously researched. It is so realistic, you will believe that these stories are true, they just haven't happened yet.

The first book (available in three parts or one epic-length volume) is called Rome's Revolution
The sequel is called The Ark Lords
The epic conclusion to the series is entitled Rome's Evolution
All three are available from Barnes and Noble
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