Reincarnation, Plain & Simple: The Only Book You'll Ever Need

Reincarnation, Plain & Simple: The Only Book You'll Ever Need

by Krys Godly, Jass Godly


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Reincarnation, Plain & Simple: The Only Book You'll Ever Need by Krys Godly, Jass Godly

From ancient roots in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Greek philosophy to more modern conceptions of rebirth found in popular culture, the notion that the soul can be reborn is a prevalent belief that continues to fascinate. That fascination inevitably results in a number of questions, including:

  • How does our day-to-day life impact our future existences?
  • Who were we before we were born?
  • How do we find out about our previous incarnations?

This practical guide attempts to answer these questions and much more. The Godlys provide step-by-step instructions for accessing information about our previous lives and explore the four main methods of learning about past lives:

  1. Recession
  2. Psychic readings
  3. Regression
  4. Spontaneous recall

They also explore how reincarnation can clue us in to reoccurrences of relationships, lingering memories, and even health problems.

This is a refreshing and simple introduction to a topic that has intrigued seers, sages, and mystics for centuries. It entertains, enlightens, and informs.

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ISBN-13: 9781571747600
Publisher: Hampton Roads Publishing Company, Inc.
Publication date: 11/01/2016
Series: Plain & Simple
Pages: 144
Sales rank: 635,902
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About the Author

Krys and Jass Godly are psychic mediums. They live in England.

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Plain & Simple

By Krys Godly, Jass Godly

Hampton Roads Publishing Company, Inc.

Copyright © 2016 Krys and Jass Godly
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-57174-760-0


What Is Reincarnation?

The reincarnation belief system states that after death the soul or spirit is reborn into a new body. Most people believe that we can be reborn only into a human body, but some traditions include animal lives. For example, the Hindu tradition states that we can reincarnate from animals into humans and vice versa. A human being could have been, say, a seagull in a previous life.

The essence of reincarnation is that we progress as souls, so during each life we develop different areas of our personalities or characters. The belief is that through our different lives we experience all that life has to offer, whether wealth or poverty, health or disease, ignorance or a good education. We can be male or female, black or white, nobility or peasant. We can belong to any and every religious organization, and we can espouse every nonreligious belief, and every political view. We can live in every culture so that we experience, understand, and eventually accept all cultures, at which point a further human incarnation is not necessary and we can ascend to a pure spirit form.

This belief system is an ancient one. Several religions recognize it as central to their beliefs, and many pagans, and those who follow New Age beliefs or such esoteric philosophies as the Kabbala and Gnosticism, believe in reincarnation. There is also debate among Spiritualists — whose belief is that the spirit exists distinct from matter — some of whom hold this as a belief and some of whom do not.

Discovering Your Previous Incarnations

There are a number of ways to access information about your previous incarnations. These are the most commonly used methods.


Recession occurs when a therapist who is treating you in a complementary health or spiritual manner comes across past-life themes that are relevant to you in this lifetime. Whether the discovery is the result of a deliberate search for past-life problems or an accidental occurrence, the therapist will determine ways of addressing those themes.

Note that this is different from regression, described below. In recession, the therapist is intuitively accessing information from your past lives in order to heal you in the present.


Instead of looking at your present or future life, a psychic or medium can give you a reading in which he or she accesses information about your past lives and gives you information about one or more previous incarnations that are relevant to or resonate with patterns in your life now.


Regression is the process of going back into your past lives to retrieve past-life memories. This is different from recession because it is you, yourself, not the therapist, who recalls and discovers the past life.

To recall one or more of your own past lives in this way, you must be hypnotized by a qualified therapist. It is normally only under hypnosis that deliberate regression comes into play. It does so because hypnosis places individuals in a calm, receptive state, which allows memories of a past life to be brought to mind. While you are under hypnosis, you may also remember something about your life between lives or, as we call it, time spent in the discarnate realm.

Spontaneous Recall

Spontaneous recall happens when an event, situation, person, place, or emotion triggers your recall of a previous incarnation without any prior intent on your part to do so.

Dreams and Feelings

You may have dreams that relate to a past life, so it is worth taking particular note of any recurring dreams, because these may be connected to past-life events. Our friend Vicki used to dream of a previous life in a South American jungle, where she sometimes had to cross a narrow ravine via a wood and rope bridge. In Vicki's dream, she was always nervous when crossing this fragile bridge; and rightly so, as it happened. One day, she was gingerly crossing the bridge while holding her small daughter by the hand, when one of the wooden slats broke. The little girl started to slip through the gap, but Vicki pulled her back up and then ran back to their village with the crying child in her arms. Vicki discovered later that her little daughter's arm had been broken in the fall.

One day in present life, Vicki's daughter told her that she a recurring dream that bothered her. In her dream, she was a little girl who lived with her family in a South American jungle, and that she had slipped through a wood and rope bridge, and only been saved from death by her mother hauling her back up. Interestingly, Vicki's daughter once broke her arm badly in this life, and it has never been quite right since.

* * *

Everyone's reincarnation story is different. We'll share our story in the next chapter, so you can get an idea of past lives and how information about them is obtained in regression sessions.


Jass's Story

We all know what it is like to reach a crossroads in our lives and not know which way to go. The following story is one that showed me (Jass) the answer to a problem that was facing me. It showed me that money (or, in my case, a good salary) is not a guarantee of happiness, and that one can be happier with less income but better circumstances.

My first ever regression session was about ten years ago. Krys and I were both in stressful jobs, our children were young adults, and from time to time, Krys and I had reflected on the meaning of life and our frustration in our jobs. I had intended to be in the line of work I was in for a couple of years to get myself on my feet financially so that I could do something I enjoyed, but fifteen years later, having climbed the career ladder and being relatively well paid, I found it harder and harder to make the change. In spite of the good salaries we enjoyed, we were so exhausted at the end of each week that we didn't really feel the benefit from the money we earned — most of which seemed to go toward paying bills anyway. It was at this point that I had my first past-life regression, in which I vividly experienced two very different lives. The substance of them is related here.

Looking at my clothing on entering my past life, I discovered that I was wearing a dark green riding habit, smartly tailored to fit my young adult female figure. Going back to an even earlier stage of this past life, I found myself as a young girl hiding in a tree. From this viewpoint, I could see a very large house and surrounding estate. I knew that the estate belonged to my father and that I lived there with my mother and father and many servants. I looked into one of the windows of the big house, straight into the schoolroom, where my governess was pacing up and down in anger. I laughed to myself, knowing that she was waiting for me. I was meant to be in the classroom having a boring lesson with her, but I was far happier outside, having escaped for the day.

Moving forward in that lifetime, I found myself in my early twenties. Once again, I was wearing my favorite green riding habit. Mother and I had long since stopped arguing about this, but my mother's continued displeasure was plain to see, as she would have much preferred me to wear the gowns that adorned the figures of other young ladies in the southern states of America.

Around this time, my teenage cousin came to visit. The following days and weeks were the happiest of that life. My cousin and I spent many happy hours riding horses all over my father's estate. Over the next few months, I fell deeply in love with her. My cousin and I would often go out to the farthest reaches of the estate in order to have some privacy, but a family servant spied on us and told my father that he had seen the two of us in an unseemly embrace! My cousin was sent packing, and I was devastated.

The next scene found me somewhat later in that lifetime, working near the front lines in the American Civil War, nursing injured men and being obsessed about germs. Moving forward a few years, I found myself back at home. I was told that my cousin had married a man, and in my absence, my father had arranged a marriage for me to a suitable man of good family. I flatly refused to marry; if I could not be with my one true love, I would not be with anyone. I remember standing at the top of the stairs arguing with my father. In the heat of the moment, he pushed me and I fell down the stairs. Following a long period of recovery, I was able to move around once again, but my broken right hip never healed properly, I never rode again, and thereafter I walked only with the aid of a stick.

Moving on once again in that lifetime, I found myself working as a governess to two children in a family who were friends of my father. This family was sympathetic to me, although the real reason for my wanting to leave home was never discussed. The schoolroom was fun, as the two children were great characters, and I gave them interesting challenges and tests to complete. I also taught them to climb up door frames in opposite corners of the room!

On the last day in that lifetime, I was an old woman sitting in a rocking chair, still living with the family that had taken me in as a governess. Even though the children were grown, they treated me like one of the family. It was not the same as having my own family, though. My final act, as I was dying, was to refuse to drink a horrible potion that the doctor offered me.

I quickly moved on from that lifetime to another past life, which found me as a young boy living in a small rural community where I spent most of my time outside. Home was a very small, cold hut, with mother by the hearth and brothers and sisters all around. Food was very scarce, and I really felt the cold. I had hunger pains in my stomach, and I felt the roughness of my clothes and the itching of the bugs in my hair and on my skin! As I moved through that lifetime, I experienced a life of poverty but lots of family love. I cleared stones from a field, and I killed a hare with a good shot from my sling and proudly presented it to mother for the pot. I was allowed the special bonus of keeping the skin, which I used to patch my shoes and make a new hat.

Brothers and sisters were plentiful, with new ones coming regularly until, eventually, father failed to return from his work at sea. Soon I was a teenager, and I began to be more useful by going fishing in a log boat with other boys my age. The feel of the slippery fish guts in the bottom of the boat and the stink of fish were disgusting. I must have looked for a way out of this kind of work, because when I moved forward in that life, I was working as an apprentice in a small shipbuilding shed on the coast.

I vividly recalled one morning when I ran happily to work as the sun rose over the horizon. I made sure I got to the shed first and got everything ready for the older men. I felt so happy to be doing that job and so glad to be finished with fish guts. I learned new woodworking skills, but one day I seriously cut my left leg. An older man took me to the village healer, a wise old woman who put a paste over the cut and gave me more paste for the next few days. I healed remarkably well and continued to learn the ways of working wood for making ships. I felt a deep attachment to the village healer and often visited her on my way home, taking her a little gift each time I went, much to my mother's annoyance. Food was scarce and family should have come first, but I reminded my mother that without the healer I would have lost my leg and may have died.

On the last day of that lifetime, I was still a young man, on my own in the shipbuilding shed, moving logs around. A log high in the pile broke free and fell on me, crushing my chest. I watched as I moved out of my body and saw that I had drawn my last ragged breath before anyone arrived to help me.

After those two past-life experiences, I was asked to look back over them and reflect on what they meant to me now. The contrast between the two lives — one rich but emotionally poor, the other impoverished but filled with love and happiness — gave me a clear understanding, in a way that I had never felt before, that money does not guarantee happiness.

I was asked whether I recognized anyone in these two past lifetimes. I saw that my partner in this lifetime was my cousin and lover in the first lifetime and also the village healer in the second. So, be aware that your soul mate in this lifetime is not always your mate in other lifetimes. The two children I taught in the first lifetime are the two children Krys and I have in this lifetime, and they came into my life when I was at a similar age in both lives. After I had experienced this regression, Krys told me that before we met, and when our current children were very young, they also had climbed up the door frames and sat at the top of the doorways talking to each other. Krys had never done this, and she had never understood where they had gotten the idea, but I had done this often as a child myself, though I had never known anyone else to do it.

The reference to the American Civil War gives a date for the first of these two past lives. After the regression, I looked it up and found out that the war had lasted from 1861 to 1865. Pictures of the uniforms were exactly as I had seen them in my regression, which shows that what I had experienced was authentic.

Now, many years later, I have left my old career. Krys and I are self-employed as therapists and psychic mediums. This is so much more personally fulfilling than our previous careers were, and although we no longer have the security of a monthly salary, we are happier now than ever before!


Many Lives, Many Experiences

When you first embark on discovering your previous incarnations, it is tempting to hope for a lifetime in which you were a great and famous person. In our experience, this rarely happens. There have been very many more ordinary people than famous ones, and the ratio of ordinary to famous is enormous. Based on the laws of probability, it is highly unlikely that you were one of the few famous ones. However, looking at your past lives is not about being famous or whether a previous incarnation has been written about in history books. What is important to recognize is that each incarnation that a soul experiences is a chapter in the book of that soul's journey. In one incarnation you may be rich; in another you may be reasonably comfortable or even extremely poor. From each life, you learn something that your soul takes with it beyond the end of that physical life and into the next life.

Before you start your journey of self-discovery through your previous incarnations, you may wonder whether you have been rich or poor in past lives. Have you also wondered about being a different gender in past lives than you are in this lifetime? Living as male in some lives and female in others and having a wide variety of roles and experiences gives your soul a great opportunity to appreciate life from many different aspects. Therefore, whether you are male or female this time around, you have probably been both several times before. Able-bodied or disabled? You have probably experienced much of both before as well. Whether you are European, Australian, Asian, North or South American, Middle Eastern, or African, you have experienced life in other cultures before. You may well find that you have lived many different lives, thus giving your soul the opportunity to experience a diverse range of capabilities and control over your own life — or the lack of it.

It is also likely that you have experienced a variety of roles and responsibilities in your various lifetimes. Imagine lifetimes as a milkmaid, a laborer, a powerful property owner, a cook, an artist, a scientist, a law enforcer, a farmer, a nun, a priest, or a sailor. These are just a few of the roles that you may have experienced. In some lifetimes, you may have been playing a supporting role for another soul. In this kind of incarnation, you may not have experienced much opportunity for personal growth. It is a little like thinking of a life as a play. Occasionally you take a supporting role rather than the lead. In most of your lifetimes, you will be the lead, and there will be supporting actors to help you with your life challenges, but none of us exists in a vacuum, so you will also have played asupporting role in other lifetimes in order to help others along their path. That will certainly also be the case in this lifetime.

Each lifetime gives you a unique opportunity to live that life to the full, to develop your positive characteristics and qualities and to overcome your challenges. What matters is not the person you have been or the amount of power or wealth you have had, but what you did, how you did it, how you related to other people, and how you made the most of your opportunities for your own soul to grow and develop.

Before you embark on your personal journey of discovery, be open to the different types of lives that you might have had. Being open to the possibilities will prevent you from putting a limit on the incarnations you can access. If you believe, for example, that you only could have been wealthy and influential, that belief will limit you from experiencing the true range of your past lives. Experiencing your full personal variety of incarnations has the effect of helping you to understand that we really are all one big community and that in any lifetime you could have been in anyone else's position. Really feeling this can be a massive revelation to you if you have not thought this way before.


Excerpted from Reincarnation by Krys Godly, Jass Godly. Copyright © 2016 Krys and Jass Godly. Excerpted by permission of Hampton Roads Publishing Company, Inc..
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


1 What Is Reincarnation?,
2 Jass's Story,
3 Many Lives, Many Experiences,
4 Recession,
5 Readings,
6 Proof of Past Lives,
7 Fears and Phobias,
8 Hypnotic Regression,
9 Health and Reincarnation,
10 Spontaneous Recall,
11 Karma and Reincarnation,
12 Others in Our Incarnations,
13 The Discarnate Realm,
14 Past and Present,

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