Relationshift: Unleash the Surprising Power of Relationships to Change Yourself, Remake Your Life, and Achieve Any Business Goal

Relationshift: Unleash the Surprising Power of Relationships to Change Yourself, Remake Your Life, and Achieve Any Business Goal

by Justin Blaney
Relationshift: Unleash the Surprising Power of Relationships to Change Yourself, Remake Your Life, and Achieve Any Business Goal

Relationshift: Unleash the Surprising Power of Relationships to Change Yourself, Remake Your Life, and Achieve Any Business Goal

by Justin Blaney


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Learn to leverage your relationships so you can dream bigger, achieve whatever you want, and build a life that makes you happier with each passing day.

No greater force for change exists than the people we surround ourselves with. Relationshift explores how the people in your life have colored your worldview, how this limits or expands your options, and what to do about it.

Through the stories of British explorer Gertrude Bell, abolitionist hero Frederick Douglass, music icons the Beastie Boys, and many others, this book will help you:

  • Learn how to connect with high-caliber people who can help you go further in life.
  • Understand the rules of life as handed down through countless generations—then learn how to recognize which ones can be bent.
  • Grow in happiness, thankfulness, peace, and contentment while eliminating the power of negative emotions.
  • Explore how our minds reject new concepts like our bodies reject viruses.
  • Build a personal tribe that can help you achieve any goal in work, health, or relationships.
  • Make better choices by learning to see your options more clearly and honing your ability to move quickly with less information.
  • Identify relationships that have the most impact on your wellbeing, for better or worse.
  • Discover and refine the direction of your life by exploring wisdom from twenty experts on purpose.

  • With dozens of illustrations and practical examples, Relationshift will help you take greater control of your life and uncover a path to your best possible future.

    Product Details

    ISBN-13: 9781637741849
    Publisher: BenBella Books, Inc.
    Publication date: 09/20/2022
    Pages: 320
    Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.10(h) x 1.30(d)

    About the Author

    Justin Blaney, D.M. is the bestselling author of fifteen books including his most recent, Will Post for Profit: How Brands and Influencers Are Cashing In on Social Media. He is followed by more than one million on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @justinblaney. He publishes an app that features his writing. Justin teaches at the University of Washington and lives in Capitol Hill, Seattle.

    Table of Contents

    Introduction 1

    Part I How You Became You and How to Change

    Chapter 1 Becoming You 13

    Chapter 2 How Relationshift Works 37

    Chapter 3 Key Relationships 79

    Chapter 4 Specific Paths 103

    Part II Who Do You Want to Become?

    Chapter 5 The Game 145

    Chapter 6 Viral Ideas 173

    Chapter 7 The Purpose of Your Life 207

    Conclusion 251

    Appendix 261

    Acknowledgments 267

    Definitions 269

    Endnotes 279

    Index 301

    What People are Saying About This

    From the Publisher

    “Blaney has written a must-read primer for understanding how relationships make us into the people we are, and how we can shape our future selves by deliberately selecting the people in our lives and cultivating our relationships with them.”
    Ramez Naam, award-winning author of Nexus
    “If you are looking for a self-improvement book, consider the topic of improving your life by improving your relationships. Relationshift is packed with practical advice and is one of the most unique and interesting books I’ve come across this year.”
    James J. Talerico, Jr., CMC (R), Nationally Recognized Small Business Expert
    "I found this book, and the examples Justin used, to be intriguing, recognizable and relatable in a way that gave me new perspective on how I want to approach my best life and supporting those around me to do the same."
    Samantha Buhr, Director, Strategic Consulting Programs at University of Washington
    “Interesting and inspiring. This book could transform your life”
    John E. Anderson, Chapter President of Pacific Northwest Institute of Management Consultants and President of Be Cause Business Resources, Inc.
    “It’s amazing how different a life can be when a person gets a good grip on the “steering wheel.” You can’t make the bumps in the road go away, but you sure can choose how to navigate through them. Justin’s book does a great job making the concepts of a ‘deliberate life’ come alive.”
    Frank E. Coker, CMC
    "As this book so wonderfully explains, understanding relationships unlocks life’s grandest possibilities. Life is a game worth playing and this is a great playbook with winning strategies and tactics. Justin has done an outstanding job on how we became who we are and how to use this knowledge to change into who we want to become."
    Henry DeVries, columnist for and bestselling author of How to Close a Deal Like Warren Buffett
    “Relationships have a critical impact on your work and professional life. Blaney offers solid strategies to open up your thinking, uncover positive mentors, and build a network that propels you to greater success and more life satisfaction.”
    Robin Ryan, author of 60 Seconds & You’re Hired and Soaring on Your Strengths
    “This is a unique self-improvement book that weaves the author’s personal journey with the stories of other living and historic examples and visual illustrations to make the concepts come to life. Many would benefit from practicing these principals more often.”
    David Carroll, VP at Banner Bank, Business Coach and Co-Founder of Cantillon
    “This book helps you reflect on who you are becoming by who surrounds you. The mentors that shaped my life did so by accident, yet I am still thankful to them every day. This book gives that journey intention and influence to help lean your path in the desired direction.”
    Kris Fuehr, Founder and SMB Advocate, Paulson Exchange
    "I have relied on relationships for my entire career to build my business. Even with decades of experience, Relationshift surprised me with practical strategies for taking my networking to the next level. Justin Blaney argues effectively that there is far more value in our relationships than most of us imagine or make use of. By tapping into that power, we can achieve almost anything. This book could be helpful to anyone: whether you’re debating a career change, looking to quit a bad habit, aiming to get into better physical or mental shape, or desiring to achieve your highest potential in any area of life. I highly recommend Relationshift.”
    Doug Hall, Founder, Resources for CEOs
    “No matter your chosen career or desires, this book can move you closer toward your goals.  It can also cause a powerful paradigm shift in your life. It’s an enjoyable read with valuable insights!”               
    E. Doyle Edgerton, Jr., President, Kinetic Data Systems, Inc.
    "Justin Blaney has learned how to cultivate the right relationships in both his personal and professional life . . . The blend of personal anecdotes and evidence-based examples makes Relationshift one of the most compelling books I’ve come across in the last year.”
    Jesse Muehlbauer, author of All the Moonlight on Earth and co-host of Good Story Live!
    Relationshift is a thoughtful exploration into the powerful dynamics of human relationships, and the role our relationships play in forming our lived experience. So, in a world built on relationships, Relationshift offers valuable guidance through this complex landscape.”
    Titus Kahoutek, Professional Coach, The Anxiety Expert
    “Blaney challenges readers to understand relationships and how they impact our ability to achieve our goals and dreams in today's world. Learn how to master the art of relationships and transform your life. This book will show you how. Relationshift is thought-provoking, entertaining, relevant, and valuable!”
    Rev. Janice Forbes, MDiv
    “No matter how much technical expertise one brings to the table, the ability to create and work with social networks not only helps get the job done, but also makes it much more interesting and enjoyable.”
    Chuck Roxin, Certified Management Consultant
    “Relationships should transcend transactions, transactions come and go, but relationships can actually be the primary objective.  In a transactional world, Justin brings relationships to the forefront.”
    Jeff Rogers, Chairman, OneAccord, and Founder, Legato Equity and Kiros

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