Relationship Grit: A True Story with Lessons to Stay Together, Grow Together, and Thrive Together

Relationship Grit: A True Story with Lessons to Stay Together, Grow Together, and Thrive Together

Relationship Grit: A True Story with Lessons to Stay Together, Grow Together, and Thrive Together

Relationship Grit: A True Story with Lessons to Stay Together, Grow Together, and Thrive Together


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Great relationships don't happen by accident—they take commitment, hard work, and grit

Bestselling author Jon Gordon is back with another life-affirming book. This time, he teams up with Kathryn Gordon, his wife of 23 years, for a look at what it takes to build strong relationships. In Relationship Grit, the Gordons reveal what brought them together, what kept them together through difficult times, and what continues to sustain their love and passion for one another to this day. They candidly share their mistakes, decisions that almost destroyed their marriage, and successes so you can learn from their experiences and make your relationship stronger.

If you're a fan of Jon Gordon's work, you will enjoy learning about the man behind the message, as he and Kathryn share the intimate details of their life together. The direct, transparent, and personal style will draw you in and help you see that, if you are dealing with a challenge in your life and relationship, you are not alone. Working, writing, and raising children hasn't always been easy for the Gordons, but by committing to one another and embracing the principles of G. R. I. T., they emerged from their darkest moments and built a deep and lasting love. In Relationship Grit, they speak candidly about what they have learned and how you can develop the grit to build beautiful relationships.

  • Discover—in their own words—what Jon and Kathryn have learned about staying together during their 23-year marriage
  • Learn the four principles of G. R. I. T. that you can embrace today to build the high quality relationships you want and deserve
  • Find the strength you need to confront your past, overcome your flaws, and change for the better to improve you and your relationship
  • Embrace the Gordons' practical advice including 22 quick tips for a great relationship—11 from Kathryn and 11 from Jon—and start making your relationship the best it can be

Relationships—particularly marriages—are about imperfect people coming together to work on their individual flaws and emerge stronger together. Relationship Grit will inspire and motivate you to engage in this remarkable and rewarding process.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781119430339
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 09/01/2020
Series: Jon Gordon
Pages: 160
Sales rank: 300,626
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.20(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

About The Author
JON GORDON is a husband, father, and author who has inspired millions of readers around the world. He is the author of 22 books, including nine bestsellers: The Energy Bus, The Carpenter, Training Camp, You Win in the Locker Room First, The Power of Positive Leadership, The Power of a Positive Team, The Coffee Bean, Stay Positive, and The Garden. He is passionate about developing positive leaders, organizations, and teams. Connect with Jon at

KATHRYN GORDON is a wife, mother, businesswoman, movie producer, and coauthor of Relationship GRIT. A graduate of Old Dominion University, Kathryn became a top producer in sales for several companies before deciding to follow her passion as an actress and model. After the birth of her children, she focused on raising them and helping operate her husband Jon's growing speaking and consulting business. With her children off to college, she has returned for her second act, investing in real estate and movies, mentoring women, supporting several charities, and writing and speaking to audiences about the keys to a great relationship.

Table of Contents

Introduction xi

1 G = God 1

Magical Moments (Jon) 3

Persistence Pays Off (Kathryn) 4

A Divine Appointment (Jon) 6

A Deeper Connection (Kathryn) 7

A Triple-Braided Cord (Jon) 8

2 R = Resolve 11

From Fantasy to Reality (Kathryn) 13

Issues of the Past (Jon) 14

It Takes Two (Kathryn) 16

Buying a House (Jon) 18

Ain't No Stopping Us (Kathryn) 19

Big Decisions (Jon) 20

We're Having a Baby (Kathryn) 21

A Living Hell (Kathryn) 22

Busy, Stressed, and Selfish (Jon) 27

Why I Stayed (Kathryn) 28

Chasing Success (Jon) 30

Making the Move (Jon) 32

Whatever It Takes (Kathryn) 34

Miracles (Jon) 35

I Was Ready to Leave Him (Kathryn) 37

The Ultimatum (Jon) 38

A Defining Moment (Jon) 39

You Have to Be Willing to Change (Jon) 40

3 I = Invest 43

Invest Instead of Consume (Jon) 45

Don't Keep Score (Kathryn) 47

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate (Kathryn) 48

The Curse of Expectations (Kathryn) 50

Appreciate Your Differences (Jon) 52

Shared Vision and Purpose (Kathryn) 53

Common Bonds (Kathryn) 54

There's No Plan B (Jon) 56

All In (Kathryn) 59

Choosing Faith (Jon) 60

When You Change, the Relationship Changes (Kathryn) 63

Hopping on the Energy Bus (Jon) 64

Support instead of Limit (Kathryn) 70

Encourage Instead of Compete (Kathryn) 71

The4Cs (Jon) 72

4 T = Together 77

Going Deeper (Kathryn) 79

Invest in the Root If You Want the Fruit (Jon) 80

Clearing Out the Weeds (Jon) 82

The Truth Hurts (Kathryn) 83

A Special Prayer (Jon) 84

Forgiveness (Kathryn) 87

What You Uncover, God Will Cover (Jon) 88

A Covenant (Kathryn) 88

The 5 Ds (Jon) 90

Compliment Each Other (Kathryn) 93

Focus on What They Are Doing Right (Jon) 95

Make Her Your Queen (Jon) 96

Make Him Your King (Kathryn) 97

Be Open to Feedback (Jon) 98

Team Meetings (Kathryn) 99

Give Each Other Space (Jon) 101

Create Space to Grow (Kathryn) 101

Serve (Jon) 103

Make Your Relationship a Priority (Kathryn) 108

Find Your Rhythm (Jon) 109

Stronger Together (Kathryn) 112

There Is No Perfect Formula (Jon) 115

The Right Words at the Right Time (Kathryn) 116

11 Quick Tips for a Great Relationship (Kathryn) 117

11 Quick Tips for a Great Relationship (Jon) 120

Discussion Questions 127

Prayer 129

Anniversary Cards 130

Acknowledgments 133

About the Authors 134

Other Books Jon Gordon 135

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