Remaking Martin

Remaking Martin

by Nezih Unen


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Professor Martin Finch supervises a $2 billion energy project. When his life is put at risk because of a health problem, his company proposes a radical solution to ensure the project's future. In a top-secret genetics institute, Martin will be cloned and his memory transferred to his clone Martin2 who will replace him. Martin2 will then finish the project and also take care of Martin's family.

During the final stage of the cloning process, Martin must spend time with his clone, testing Martin2 to determine if he is a perfect copy. Martin's verdict will determine which one will leave the institute alive-and which one will have to die.

While at the institute, Martin befriends another patient, Sarah Joyce, a celebrity Hollywood actress who is also undergoing a cloning procedure. As they walk their strange path together, they become intimate friends and share a secret that will alter the course of their lives.


"When we produce your healthy clone, or 'Martin2,' we'll proceed to the confirmation phase," said Dr. Spence. "The only person who can do this is you, as no one else can know you better than you."

Martin didn't respond.

"In short, after the mind transfer, you and Martin2 will spend some time together. You'll inspect him in detail and decide if he's a perfect clone of you."

"Then, there will be two of me."

"Only for a short time... as a principle, the Institute cannot accept two versions of the same person going around, for reasons of confidentiality. This means that only one of you can stay 'active.' So, after evaluating your clone in the final stage, you'll have to decide who continues to live."

Martin spoke with difficulty. "...And who dies!"


The two Martins sat silently for a while. Trying to examine each other with curiosity, they avoided eye contact. Martin felt that being confronted by himself created an insane resonance, just like when he watched himself in the mirror for a long time.

He remembered his father's words, "Silence is the hardest thing to listen to." Probably no silence in the world could be as difficult to bear as the silence between a man and his clone sitting together. What was he thinking about now? Exactly the same things? He knew all his secrets, all his moments of embarrassment, his petty crimes. The moments of lovemaking with his wife were also the other's memory now. His children were also the other's children. What he had been doing with Alessandra was now a secret shared by three.

"I thought I was better looking," he said.

"Your voice sounds strange," Martin2 replied with matching disappointment.

The being together of two bodies of the same person-one sick and one healthy-revealed something that no living thing possessed in their genetic memory. Martin was experiencing a clash between feeling both envious and blessed. The one sitting across from him was just another opponent in a duel where only one could walk away alive-and also, his only hope to survive.​


"Let's have a word with Dr. Spence first. Besides, we have time, up until the last moment, to make the final decision."

"Let's go see him together, okay?"

Their eyes met. While Martin marveled at this close-up of the eyes of a Hollywood star, Sarah drew power from the gaze of one of the smartest men in the world, unaware of the anxiety behind those eyes.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781734714913
Publisher: Unen Works
Publication date: 06/25/2020
Pages: 274
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.62(d)

About the Author

Unen (a.k.s. Nezih Ünen) is an international award-winning multidisciplinary artist, working as a music composer, film director, and writer. After earning his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, he launched his career as a composer, synthesizing ethnic music with modern styles. Later he expanded his work through filmmaking and writing in his quest to explore the true nature of our being.

Remaking Martin is Unen's first published novel. He currently has a number of books in progress as well as several screenplays. In 2019, Unen moved to the United States from Istanbul, Turkey, where he created his previous works such as the award-winning cult musical-documentary Lost Songs of Anatolia.

Table of Contents


1. The "Thing"

2. The Family

3. The Company

4. Alessandra

5. Kathryn

6. The Bad News

7. Executives' Assessment

8. The Night with Family

9. Dr. Spence's Offer

10. Executives' Persuasion

11. The Lake

12. Leaving


13. Checking In

14. Frank and Sarah

15. Operation Explained

16. The Yoga-Meditation Center

17. The Factory

18. Walking with Sarah

19. Frank Leaves

20. The Corridors

21. Sarah Upset

22. What Is Me?

23. Martin Consoles Sarah

24. The Transfer Room

25. Memories


26. Which One Am I?

27. Meeting the Other

28. Sarah Meets Too

29. Double Date

30. Parade of Miracles

31. Saying Goodbye

32. Chat of the Newcomers

33. The Verdict

34. The Last Call

35. Kathryn and Trevor

36. The Celebration


37. Front Door, Back Door

38. Leaving the Institute

39. Country Home

40. How It Happened

41. Exploring Around

42. Wine and Cheese Night

43. Confessions and Regrets

44. Watching the Garden Party

45. Compromise

46. Home Again

47. Kathryn's Dilemma

48. A Day with Family

49. The Warning

50. Farewell to Sarah


51. Back in the Office

52. Surprise Meeting in the Garage

53. Sarah Calls James

54. Reckoning at the Lakeshore

55. James Comes for Sarah

56. Coffee Break

57. Meanwhile, at the Institute

58. The Final Cadence

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