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Remember When (In Death Series)

Remember When (In Death Series)

4.3 112
by Nora Roberts, J. D. Robb

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A thrilling two-part novel that blends present-day romance and futuristic suspense, Remember When is a brilliant combination of the incomparable talents of two #1 New York Times bestselling authors: Nora Roberts and her alter ego J. D. Robb.

Antiques dealer Laine Tavish is an ordinary woman living an ordinary life. At least,


A thrilling two-part novel that blends present-day romance and futuristic suspense, Remember When is a brilliant combination of the incomparable talents of two #1 New York Times bestselling authors: Nora Roberts and her alter ego J. D. Robb.

Antiques dealer Laine Tavish is an ordinary woman living an ordinary life. At least, that's what everyone in the small town of Angel's Gap, Maryland, thinks. They have no idea that she used to be Elaine O'Hara, the daughter of a notorious con man...

Laine's past catches up with her when one of Big Jack's associates turns up in her shop with a cryptic warning and is then run down in the street. Now the next target of a ruthless killer, Laine teams up with sexy PI Max Gannon to find out who's chasing her, and why. The anwer lies in a hidden fortune that will change not only Laine's life, but also the lives of future generations—including New York City detective Lieutenant Eve Dallas.

In a future where crime meets cutting-edge technology, Eve is used to traveling in the shadowy corners outside the law. She will attempt to track down the treasure Laine and Max sought once and for all—and stop the danger and death that has surrounded it for decades...

Editorial Reviews

From the Publisher
“Using a clever and intriguing story of missing gems, Remember When has all the elements that make both Nora Roberts' and alter-ego J.D. Robb's books such nonstop fun.”—RT Book Reviews

“A perfect marriage of sensuality and suspense, this sparkling new offering from Roberts and her alter ego, Robb, takes readers first to the quaint burg of Angel’s Gap, Md., and then to New York City, 56 years in the future...A true master of her craft, Roberts has penned an exceptional tale that burns with all the brilliance and fire of a finely cut diamond.”—Publishers Weekly

“[A] sexy, suspensful novel...another addictive blend of scintillating prose and sharply etched characters that will dazzle and delight her devoted readers.”—Booklist

The Barnes & Noble Review
Nora Robert writes terrific contemporary romantic suspense, and her alter ego, J. D. Robb, crafts futuristic mysteries that are powerful and compelling. Now this double-barreled bestseller combines her worlds in one captivating story of crime, punishment, love, and glittering stolen gems. The action starts in 2003, when antique dealer Laine Tavish's past catches up to her. She hasn't seen her con-man father in years and has been out of the loop so long she doesn't even recognize his old friend, Willy, when he comes to her shop -- until it's too late. Willy dies without telling her where he's hidden his share of a multimillion-dollar diamond heist. It's hard for Laine to trust anyone, especially after her home and shop are invaded and her life is threatened. But growing up with a con man has some advantages: She's a great judge of character, and she knows how to lie when the stakes are high. Now, for the sake of justice, Laine pulls off her greatest con, recovers most of the loot -- and finds the love of a lifetime, to boot. Unfortunately, that happy ending leaves unfinished business -- business that turns deadly in 2059, when someone goes after Laine's granddaughter, Samantha Gannon, looking for a missing share of the stolen diamonds. Samantha grew up on her grandparents' romantic story -- the P.I. and the unwitting recipient of stolen property who turned the tables on a vicious criminal. She recently made that story into a bestselling book, only to discover that someone is willing to kill to write a new ending. Now neither Samantha nor New York City homicide detective Eve Dallas will settle for less than justice. So Eve sets her wealthy ex-thief husband, Roarke, to tracking the missing gems and taps her newly fledged detective partner, Peabody, to help her close this case of cold-blooded murder for the sake of stolen ice. Sue Stone
Publishers Weekly
A perfect marriage of sensuality and suspense, this sparkling new offering from Roberts (Birthright, etc.) and her alter ego, Robb (Imitation in Death, etc.) takes readers on a two-part journey-first to the quaint burg of Angel's Gap, Md., and then to New York City, 56 years in the future. A multimillion-dollar diamond heist connects the two halves and fuels the first story, which focuses on the romance between sexy PI Max Gannon, who's working for the company that insured the diamonds, and smalltown antiques dealer Laine Tavish, daughter of a notorious thief. Laine has worked hard to overcome her heritage, but when her father's best friend is killed outside her shop, she becomes the target of a ruthless killer who thinks she has her father's share of the take. Because the story skips ahead in time, Max and Laine have little time to explore their affection for each other, but Roberts still manages to make their whirlwind romance both believable and charming. A nerve-shattering encounter between Laine and the villain shows Laine to be as capable and crafty as Lt. Eve Dallas, who's the driving force behind the novel's second half. Set in the year 2059, the continuation finds Eve on the trail of a murderer who's after the diamonds that were never recovered from the decades-old heist. Though the identity of the criminal is apparent midway through, Eve's charismatic personality and colorful crew-including her former thief husband, Roarke, and her partner, Peabody-keep the energy level high. A true master of her craft, Roberts has penned an exceptional tale that burns with all the brilliance and fire of a finely cut diamond. (Sept. 15) Forecast: Putnam is supporting this book with a $3-million marketing campaign, which will give it plenty of muscle to fight for the #1 spot with big September releases from Mitch Albom and John Grisham. Copyright 2003 Reed Business Information.
Library Journal
Roberts has outdone herself in this mystery duet of original characters in present time, and her futuristic cop heroine Eve Dallas delivering the coup de gr ce. Coupled with narrator Susan Ericksen's impressive flair for accents, the result is captivating and compelling. Laine Tavish thought her past was behind her until a family friend plops her squarely in the path of a multi-million dollar diamond heist. Max Gannon is the insurance investigator who thought he only wanted the diamonds back. Eve Dallas, on the other hand, speaks for the dead; called in as primary on a homicide, she doesn't take long to connect the victims to the 50-year-old robbery. Ericksen's vocal range highlights her talent; every character leaves a unique impression on the story. Max is a real Georgia peach, while Laine is all her own woman. Completely satisfying; it shouldn't be missed.-Jodi L. Israel, MLS, Jamaica Plain, MA Copyright 2004 Reed Business Information.
Kirkus Reviews
Written under her real name and her pseudonym, two books in one from megaselling Roberts/Robb. Book one: Laine Tavish, gorgeous redhead and owner of a small-town antique store, isn't about to tell the cops that she knew the old man who was hit by a car right outside her shop. Just before he took his dying breath, she recognized Willy Young, partner in crime to Big Jack O'Hara, her father. Their biggest heist: millions of dollars in hot diamonds. Her father went to prison, but not Willy, whose last words were "left it for you." What did he leave-and where? Enter Max Gannon, insurance investigator and all-around stud, with thick, wavy, run-your-fingers-through-it hair, tawny eyes that remind Laine of a tiger, and a delicious Georgia drawl. He beds Laine pronto, and they solve the case. But some of the diamonds are still missing. . . . Book two: it's 50 years later, and New York traffic is slower than ever: just try getting a helicab on a rainy day. But Samantha Gannon, author of a bestseller called Hot Rocks based on her grandparents' experiences in the long-ago case, eventually makes it home from the airport to find her house-sitter Andrea dead, throat cut. Another investigation begins, spearheaded by Eve Dallas, a tough-talking but very appealing New York cop married to Roarke, a rich, eccentric genius who just barely manages to stay on the right side of the law. Is the murderer after the rest of the diamonds? And is he or she related to the master thief who betrayed Samantha's great-grandfather? There are more burning questions, and Eve wants answers-but, first, get Central on the telelink and program the Autochef for pastrami on rye. A smoothly written contemporary caper paired with amurder mystery and a little meet-the-Jetsons futurism. No one does Suspense Lite better than Nora. Book-of-the-Month Club/Doubleday Book Club/Literary Guild/Mystery Guild/Rhapsody Book Club main selection

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Penguin Publishing Group
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In Death Series
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6.84(w) x 4.24(h) x 1.14(d)
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18 Years

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A HEROIC BELCH OF THUNDER followed the strange little man into the shop. He glanced around apologetically, as if the rude noise were his responsibility rather than nature's, and fumbled a package under his arm so he could close a black-and-white-striped umbrella.

Both umbrella and man dripped, somewhat mournfully, onto the neat square of mat just inside the door while the cold spring rain battered the streets and sidewalks on the other side. He stood where he was, as if not entirely sure of his welcome.

Laine turned her head and sent him a smile that held only warmth and easy invitation. It was a look her friends would have called her polite shopkeeper's smile.

Well, damnit, she was a polite shopkeeper-and at the moment that label was being sorely tested.

If she'd known the rain would bring customers into the store instead of keeping them away, she wouldn't have given Jenny the day off. Not that she minded business. A woman didn't open a store if she didn't want customers, whatever the weather. And a woman didn't open one in Small Town, U.S.A., unless she understood she'd spend as much time chatting, listening and refereeing debates as she would ringing up sales.

And that was fine, Laine thought, that was good. But if Jenny had been at work instead of spending the day painting her toenails and watching soaps, Jenny would've been the one stuck with the Twins.

Darla Price Davis and Carla Price Gohen had their hair tinted the same ashy shade of blond. They wore identical slick blue raincoats and carried matching hobo bags. They finished each other's sentences and communicated in a kind of code that included a lot of twitching eyebrows, pursed lips, lifted shoulders and head bobs.

What might've been cute in eight-year-olds was just plain weird in forty-eight-year-old women.

Still, Laine reminded herself, they never came into Remember When without dropping a bundle. It might take them hours to drop it, but eventually the sales would ring. There was little that lifted Laine's heart as high as the ring of the cash register.

Today they were on the hunt for an engagement present for their niece, and the driving rain and booming thunder hadn't stopped them. Nor had it deterred the drenched young couple who-they'd said-had detoured into Angel's Gap on a whim on their way to D.C.

Or the wet little man with the striped umbrella who looked, to Laine's eye, a bit frantic and lost.

So she added a little more warmth to her smile. "I'll be with you in just a few minutes," she called out, and turned her attention back to the Twins.

"Why don't you look around a little more," Laine suggested. "Think it over. As soon as I-"

Darla's hand clamped on her wrist, and Laine knew she wasn't going to escape.

"We need to decide. Carrie's just about your age, sweetie. What would you want for your engagement gift?"

Laine didn't need to transcribe the code to understand it was a not-so-subtle dig. She was, after all, twenty-eight, and not married. Not engaged. Not, at the moment, even dating particularly. This, according to the Price twins, was a crime against nature.

"You know," Carla piped up, "Carrie met her Paul at Kawanian's spaghetti supper last fall. You really should socialize more, Laine."

"I really should," she agreed with a winning smile. If I want to hook up with a balding, divorced CPA with a sinus condition. "I know Carrie's going to love whatever you choose. But maybe an engagement gift from her aunts should be something more personal than the candlesticks. They're lovely, but the dresser set's so feminine." She picked up the silver-backed brush from the set they were considering. "I imagine another bride used this on her wedding night."

"More personal," Darla began. "More-"

"Girlie. Yes! We could get the candlesticks for-"

"A wedding gift. But maybe we should look at the jewelry before we buy the dresser set. Something with pearls? Something-"

"Old she could wear on her wedding day. Put the candlesticks and the dresser set aside, honey. We'll take a look at the jewelry before we decide anything."

The conversation bounced like a tennis ball served and volleyed out of two identical coral-slicked mouths. Laine congratulated herself on her skill and focus as she was able to keep up with who said what.

"Good idea." Laine lifted the gorgeous old Dresden candlesticks. No one could say the Twins didn't have taste, or were shy of heating up their plastic.

She started to carry them to the counter when the little man crossed her path.

She was eye to eye with him, and his were a pale, washed-out blue reddened by lack of sleep or alcohol or allergies. Laine decided on lost sleep as they were also dogged by heavy bags of fatigue. His hair was a grizzled mop gone mad with the rain. He wore a pricey Burberry topcoat and carried a three-dollar umbrella. She assumed he'd shaved hurriedly that morning as he'd missed a patch of stubbly gray along his jaw.


He said her name with a kind of urgency and intimacy that had her smile turning to polite confusion.

"Yes? I'm sorry, do I know you?"

"You don't remember me." His body seemed to droop. "It's been a long time, but I thought..."

"Miss!" the woman on her way to D.C. called out. "Do you ship?"

"Yes, we do." She could hear the Twins going through one of their shorthand debates over earrings and brooches, and sensed an impulse buy from the D.C. couple. And the little man stared at her with a hopeful intimacy that had her skin chilling.

"I'm sorry, I'm a little swamped this morning." She sidestepped to the counter to set down the candlesticks. Intimacy, she reminded herself, was part of the rhythm of small towns. The man had probably been in before, and she just couldn't place him. "Is there something specific I can help you with, or would you like to browse awhile?"

"I need your help. There isn't much time." He drew out a card, pressed it into her hand. "Call me at that number, as soon as you can."

"Mr...." She glanced down at the card, read his name. "Peterson, I don't understand. Are you looking to sell something?"

"No. No." His laugh bounced toward hysterical and had Laine grateful for the customers crowded into the store. "Not anymore. I'll explain everything, but not now." He looked around the shop. "Not here. I shouldn't have come here. Call the number."

He clamped a hand over hers in a way that had Laine fighting an instinct to jerk free. "Promise."

He smelled of rain and soap and...Brut, she realized. And the aftershave had some flicker of memory trying to light in her brain. Then his fingers tightened on hers. "Promise," he repeated in a harsh whisper, and she saw only an odd man in a wet coat.

"Of course."

She watched him go to the door, open the cheap umbrella. And let out a sigh of relief when he scurried out into the rain. Weird was her only thought, but she studied the card for a moment.

His name was printed, Jasper R. Peterson, but the phone number was handwritten beneath and underscored twice, she noted.

Pushing the card into her pocket, she started over to give the traveling couple a friendly nudge, when the sound of screeching brakes on wet pavement and shocked screams had her spinning around. There was a hideous noise, a hollow thud she'd never forget. Just as she'd never forget the sight of the strange little man in his fashionable coat slamming against her display window.

She bolted out the door, into the streaming rain. Footsteps pounded on the pavement, and somewhere close was the crunching sound of metal striking metal, glass shattering.

"Mr. Peterson." Laine gripped his hand, bowed her body over his in a pathetic attempt to shield his bloodied face from the rain. "Don't move. Call an ambulance!" she shouted and yanked off her jacket to cover him as best she could.

"Saw him. Saw him. Shouldn't have come. Laine."

"Help's coming."

"Left it for you. He wanted me to get it to you."

"It's all right." She scooped her dripping hair out of her eyes and took the umbrella someone offered. She angled it over him, leaned down closer as he tugged weakly on her hand.

"Be careful. I'm sorry. Be careful."

"I will. Of course I will. Just try to be quiet now, try to hold on, Mr. Peterson. Help's coming."

"You don't remember." Blood trickled out of his mouth as he smiled. "Little Lainie." He took a shuddering breath, coughed up blood. She heard the sirens as he began to sing in a thin, gasping voice.

"Pack up all my care and woe," he crooned, then wheezed. "Bye, bye, blackbird."

She stared at his battered face as her already chilled skin began to prickle. Memories, so long locked away, opened. "Uncle Willy? Oh my God."

"Used to like that one. Screwed up," he said breathlessly. "Sorry. Thought it'd be safe. Shouldn't've come."

"I don't understand." Tears burned her throat, streamed down her cheeks. He was dying. He was dying because she hadn't known him, and she'd sent him out into the rain. "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry."

"He knows where you are now." His eyes rolled back. "Hide the pooch."

"What?" She leaned closer yet until her lips almost brushed his. "What?" But the hand she had clutched in hers went limp.

Paramedics brushed her aside. She heard their short, pithy dialogue-medical codes she'd grown accustomed to hearing on television, could almost recite herself. But this was real. The blood washing away in the rain was real.

She heard a woman sobbing and saying over and over in a strident voice, "He ran right in front of me. I couldn't stop in time. He just ran in front of the car. Is he all right? Is he all right? Is he all right?"

No, Laine wanted to say. He's not.

"Come inside, honey." Darla put an arm around Laine's shoulders, drew her back. "You're soaked. You can't do anything more out here."

"I should do something." She stared down at the broken umbrella, its cheerful stripes marked with grime now, and drops of blood.

She should have settled him down in front of the fire. Given him a hot drink and let him warm and dry himself in front of the little hearth. Then he'd be alive. Telling her stories and silly jokes.

But she hadn't recognized him, and so he was dying.

She couldn't go in, out of the rain, and leave him alone with strangers. But there was nothing to be done but watch, helplessly, while the paramedics fought and failed to save the man who'd once laughed at her knock-knock jokes and sung silly songs. He died in front of the shop she'd worked so hard to build, and laid at her door all the memories she thought she'd escaped.

—from Remember When by Nora Roberts and J.D. Robb, copyright © 2003 Nora Roberts, published by G. P. Putnam's Sons, a member of Penguin Group (USA) Inc., all rights reserved, reprinted with permission from the publisher.

Meet the Author

Nora Roberts is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of more than 200 novels. She is also the author of the bestselling In Death series written under the pen name J. D. Robb. There are more than 500 million copies of her books in print.

Brief Biography

Keedysville, Maryland
Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:
Silver Spring, Maryland

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Remember When 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 112 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I only discovered Nora Roberts by chance a year ago and now have a large collection by Nora Roberts and J D Robb.I have read all the in Death books. This book is so well written and blends in perfectly with all her in Death series but can also be read as a one off. Well worth trying if you haven't read any of hers before as you get to sample two of her styles of writing that leave you wanting more.
harstan More than 1 year ago
Although her father is a drifter, a con man and a thief, she loves him anyway even though she wants no part of his life. Laine Tavish has made a new life for herself in Angel¿s Gap Maryland, running her own business and fixing up her home. Unfortunately her stable life begins to unravel when she is dragged into her father¿s latest scheme, a twenty-eight million-dollar jewelry heist.

The insurance company wants to recover the diamonds and hires private detective Max Gannon for the job. His search finds him in Angel¿s Gap where he meets Laine and falls instantly in love with her. When she finds out what Max is after, she agrees to help him provided her father goes free. Laine realizes she loves Max who reciprocates her feelings but if they are going to have any chance at a life together, she must find a way to return her father¿s half of the diamonds and stop a killer who wants her father¿s half in addition to his own.

In New York in 2059, Max and Laine¿s granddaughter Sammantha has written a book about their romance and the diamonds that were never recovered. She comes home after her book tour to find her home trashed and her house sitter dead. Lt. Eve Dallas of the NYPSD is the lead on the case and immediate see it doesn¿t look like an ordinary breaking and entering gone wrong. She thinks it might have something to do with the diamonds that were never found and subsequent evidence gathered with her new partner proves Eve¿s theory correct.

REMEMBER WHEN is really two novels in one with the common thread, being the stolen diamonds. The first tale is a very exciting work of romantic suspense written in Nora Robert¿s fabulous writing style. The second part of the story is an exciting police procedural written in J.D. Robb¿s (Nora Roberts pseudonym) unique and realistically gritty style. Although the same person wrote both works, it feels as if two very different authors worked on the book. Readers who are not familiar with J.D. Robb¿s ¿In Death¿ novels will find themselves fans of the series and try to obtain the backlist.

Harriet Klausner

VJ48 More than 1 year ago
I love anything Nora Roberts writes, but especially the Eve Dallas series. And this one is the best - two books in one! Beginning in this time period and ending with the second book continuing the story in the future makes for a book you just can't put down. Be prepared to not get much else done while you read this!
Guest More than 1 year ago
First part of the story was enjoyable but I did not like the second part. The futuristic story. I just couldn't get into it. Slow and predictable. I skipped to the end like the previous reviewer did. This is the first JD Robb stort I have read. I don't think I will get another. To repetitious, I guess that is good for a detective story. I prefer romance story.. this was short on the romance end. I didn't care what happened to the characters.
Thumper23 More than 1 year ago
I have read a majority of the In Death series books and this one really brought me in! It was a great read and a page turner! LOVED IT!!!
Booker13 More than 1 year ago
I always think it is sad when an author dupes or takes advantage of her fans. This book ripped from others and led to nowhere. Disappointing. The Eve Dallas series should have been enough on its own without the constant stealing from one to make part of another to sell another book. MAYBE JUST WRITE ANOTHER BOOK. if the author is this burned out on her character to short-change her avid readers, then maybe it is time to retire Eve into a life of her own and start a new series. All ANY READER EVER ASKS is that the author treat us fairly for our dime spent on your material, don't write down to us and don't play us. Readers are not stupid, but we loyal to our authors and we alllllll talk and have book clubs.
GHott More than 1 year ago
Hot Rocks: What if your father was Big Jack O'Hara - thief, scam artist, grifter? Laine chose to change her name and move to a small town where no one knew her. Things were going good for her, too, until her her father's friend manages to get himself killed right out in front of her antique shop. His last cryptic words to her being 'Hide the pooch'. Big Jack: Upon returning home from her two-week book tour all Shannon can think of is putting her feet up but instead she finds her house-sitter with her throat slashed and winds up with a hotel mixed with interviews with Eve and Peabody. All due to some rocks her grandfather stole.
skinnycow More than 1 year ago
I love to read Nora Roberts! This book is really two stories. The first one is about a diamond heist and how it affects a family that has broke apart. Years later the diamonds still have not been found and one of the grandaughters writes the story of the diamonds her grandparents have always told her stories about. This is a very good book!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I did like the way the two stories were put together. The first was by Nora Roberts in her usual style but the second story which is connected but in the future is Nora Roberts writing as JD Robb. The first JD Robb story I read and it wasn't bad but I prefer her as Nora Roberts.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This two-novel book is, in my opinion, some of the best Nora Roberts' writing I've read and I've read most of her work. Her handling of the whole story line and her timeline from early to mid-21st century was incredible! Go, Nora! I'm a BIG fan of the whole JD Robb 'In death' series. In fact, I've read them most of them at least three times! And this one is a PERFECT step in that series (even though you can read this on its own if you're not familiar with JD Robb's Eve Dallas and Company!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Okay the first story was really good. I am a romantic but I can't stand all romance and nothing else so I love her books. If you want to understand the second story you have to read the whole series. So start with Naked in Death and then work your way down to purity in death. I promise you that it will be a good book!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I liked the book and it was my first time I've read a book by Nora's alter ego J.D. Robb. Made me want to consider reading other J.D. Robb books eventho their murder mysteries with some sex thrown in it.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book is really awesome and Nora has done a great work. I happen to come across this book at the store and immediately caught my attention as it had the words of a song sung by Alan Jackson. It is amazing and everyone must read.It's a keeper.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This story is a combination of two ingenious works by Nora Roberts, a/k/a J. D. Robb. Being a big fan of the 'In Death' series, I was very anxious to see how she would combine the two styles of writing. Needless to say, it is a book I could not put down. I've read 8 of the 'In Death' series and look forward to continuing on with the adventures of Eve Dallas and company. 'Remember When' is an exciting and captivating story from beginning, 2003 to end, 2059. The Max/Laine romance and diamond adventure was a page turner and watching Roberts slide into her J.D. Robb alter ego w/Eve Dallas and company out to ¿bust¿ the case wide open, over a 56-year time span, resulted in a truly captivating and inventive adventure. A true crowd pleaser, leaving no reader disappointed. Only an author with Nora¿s skills could pull this one off. I highly recommend this book to all!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I loved this book. I could not put it down. I love Nora Roberts and the In Death series. It was great that she could put her two writing styles together and give the reader a story that keeps you interested until the end.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I absolutely love Nora, and I was bored by this book. I didn't even finish it, I just skipped till the end so I could find out what happened and move on. Get her other In Death series book and pass on this one
Guest More than 1 year ago
Nora Roberts is by far my favorite author. Her J.D. Robb books are great! She draws you into the story and never lets go. This book is just proof of how wonderful her writing is.
Guest More than 1 year ago
In the present, Laine has made a new life for herself by pulling the biggest con of her life. She reinvented herself into a respectable antique dealer, someone no one would suspect of being Jack O'Hara, conman's, daughter. In one fatal moment, her past catches up to her when her 'uncle' comes back into her life only moments before being run down by a car. His last words are ones she takes as incoherent ramblings, until insurance investigator Max Gannon shows up looking for diamonds that her father and uncle were responsible for stealing. Max is not the only one looking for the treasure; Jack and his deadly partner are as well; and the partner, Alex Crew, wants all the diamonds. Anyone who gets in his way, including Laine, is a target for murder. Max, Laine, and Jack partner to find the diamonds and stop Alex before more people die. In the process, Laine and Max fall in love. ..................... Fifty years later, Max and Laine's granddaughter has capitalized on their love story and written a bestseller about how three quarters of the treasure was found. One fourth is still lost, and though Alex Crew is dead, there are still people who want to kill for them. That makes them Eve Dallas' business. When bodies begin turning up near Samantha, Eve and Roarke step in to put the saga to rest once and for all. .................... ***** Remember When perfectly meshes the two halves of Ms. Roberts' persona into a novel that goes down smooth as Irish whiskey. Whether you love her romantic books or her futuristic thrillers, you will enjoy this. Her trademark flair combines with originality to keep you rooted to the edge of your seat, and sorry to turn the last page that you have been compelled to race to. *****
Anonymous 5 days ago
It is so easy to order e book's and my books are very important to me.
Anonymous 6 months ago
I always love stories that Nora Roberts/J D Robb creates.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago