by Beyonce


by Beyonce

Vinyl LP(Long Playing Record - Special Edition / 180 Gram Vinyl / with Booklet)

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"Break My Soul" offered much to dissect as the preliminary single off Renaissance, Beyonce's first solo studio album since Lemonade and part one of a promised three-act project. Integrating a flashback to early-'90s crossover house hit "Show Me Love," the resilience anthem -- reinforced with an echoing gospel choir and sampled Big Freedia exhortations -- came across like a nostalgic dance remix preceding the original version. Instead, it slid neatly into place on the parent LP not only as an accurate representation but also as a foreshock to an hour-long housequake filled with irrepressible exuberance in celebration of self and sisterhood. Among those to whom Beyonce dedicates Renaissance is her late gay cousin and godmother, Uncle Jonny, credited for introducing her "to a lot of the music and culture that serve as inspiration for this album." The multitude of dancefloor sounds cultivated and celebrated since the late '60s in underground clubs by liberation-seeking gay, Black, and Latino dancers has been a natural ingredient in Beyonce's recordings since the birth of Destiny's Child (take the use of the Love Unlimited Orchestra's proto-disco exemplar "Strange Games & Things" in "No, No, No, Pt. 2"), but it is the basis of Renaissance. The LP is top-to-bottom danceable and sequenced with each track setting up the next, through the ecstatic finale, where Beyonce most potently mixes sensuality and aggression, claiming her man with nods to Donna Summer, Giorgio Moroder, Patrick Cowley, and Larry Heard. "Cuff It" is a disco-funk burner with Nile Rodgers' inimitable rhythm guitar and a slick quote from Teena Marie's biggest ballad, though it has all the vigor of Lady T's uptempo classics. The more relaxed "Virgo's Groove" is designed for circling the rink with its delectably plump bassline and handclaps, and moves to a private room where Beyonce commands, in one of the set's many memorable turns of phrase, "Motorboat, baby, spin around." Renaissance pulls from the more recent and present sonic developments with equal guile. Dancehall-derived dembow is stretched out for the strutting opener "I'm That Girl." "Heated" works a chugging Afrobeats rhythm, and is keenly trailed by the swollen dubstep pulsations of "Thique." The most exciting moments fearlessly blend and switch eras. "Pure/Honey" alternates between a duly vulgar ballroom brush-off and pop-funk rapture, and "Church Girl," a rousing gospel-bounce marvel, weaves the Clark Sisters with the decidedly less-reverent DJ Jimi and the Showboys. Beyonce is vocally up to the challenge of juggling the almost-innumerable quantity of styles and references, sighing, purring, beaming, belting, and spitting fire with all the required conviction and attitude. Her congregation of fellow writers, producers, and vocalists is a formidable assembly of close collaborators (the-Dream, Tricky Stewart, Mike Dean, NOVA Wav), younger trailblazers (Honey Dijon, Kelman Duran, Tems), and legends (Grace Jones, Raphael Saadiq). Act II will presumably have at least one ballad. They're not missed here. ~ Andy Kellman

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Release Date: 10/07/2022
Label: Columbia
UPC: 0196587196714
Rank: 131


Disc 1

  2. COZY
  4. CUFF IT

Disc 2

  3. MOVE

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Beyonce   Primary Artist,Horn,Lead Vocals
Beam   Primary Artist,Drums,Vocals,Lead Vocals
Grace Jones   Primary Artist,Lead Vocals,Featured Artist
Te'   Primary Artist
Maurice Harris   Primary Artist
Sheila E.   Percussion
Kim Johnson   Choir/Chorus
Lee Blaske   Strings
Scott Mayo   Saxophone
S1   Drums
Stuart White   Drums
Raphael Saadiq   Bass,Horn,Drums,Strings,Clavinet,Clavichord,Co-Producer
Nile Rodgers   Guitar
Mike Dean   Drums,Synthesizer,Drums,Co-Producer,Synthesizer
The Samples   Choir/Chorus
Symbolyc One   Co-Producer
Jonathan Coleman   Choir/Chorus
Jor'el Quinn   Choir/Chorus
Chelsea Miller   Choir/Chorus
Keyon Harrold   Trumpet
Kenneth Whalum   Saxophone
The-Dream   Drums,Co-Producer,Synthesizer,Vocals (Background)
Jamal Moore   Choir/Chorus
Chris Penny   Keyboards
Daniel Crawford   Piano
Anthony McEastland   Choir/Chorus
Herman Bryant   Choir/Chorus
Jason White   Choir Conductor
Danielle Withers   Choir/Chorus
Skrillex   Drums
Lemar Guillary   Trombone
Big Freedia   Vocals
Leven Kali   Synthesizer,Vocals (Background)
Jameil Aossey   Drums,Co-Producer
Terius Nash   Drums,Synthesizer,Vocals (Background)
Dave Giles   Vocals
Steve Rusch   Trumpet,Clavinet,Trombone,Saxophone,Arp Strings
Porcha Clay   Choir/Chorus
Ashley Washington   Choir/Chorus
Cadenza   Co-Producer
Patrick Paige II   Bass
Hotae Alexander Jang   Trumpet,Clavinet,Trombone,Saxophone,Arp Strings,Horn Engineer
Tatiana Matthews   Vocals (Background)
A.G. Cook   Co-Producer
Jens Christian Isaksen   Co-Producer
Darius Dixson   Vocals (Background)
Rissi   Co-Producer
BloodPop   Co-Producer,Synthesizer
Sabrina Claudio   Vocals (Background)
Al Cres   Drums
Ashly Williams   Choir/Chorus
Blu June   Vocals (Background)
NOVA Wav   Synthesizer
Nija Charles   Vocals (Background)
Chris McLaughlin   Choir/Chorus
Al Cresso   Drums
Ari Pensmith   Vocals (Background)
Guilty Beatz   Co-Producer
Jamella Adisa   Trumpet
Jamelle Adisa   Trumpet
Kristen Lowe   Choir/Chorus
Derek Renfroe   Guitar
Jasmine Patton   Choir/Chorus
Lil Ju   Co-Producer
Javonte Pollard   Choir/Chorus
Deanna Dixon   Choir/Chorus
DIXSON   Vocals (Background)
BEAM   Featured Artist
Naarai Jacobs   Choir/Chorus
Tems   Lead Vocals,Featured Artist
Dave Giles II   Vocals
Alexandria Griffin   Choir/Chorus
Caleb Curry   Choir/Chorus
Erik Brooks   Choir/Chorus
Fallynn Rian   Choir/Chorus
Annika Gesteelde-Diamant   Vocals (Background)
Ashlee Wingate   Vocals (Background)
Calev   Guitar
Kye Young   Vocals (Background)
Laylani Gesteelde-Diamant   Vocals (Background)

Technical Credits

Tony Maserati   Mixing
Allen McGrier   Composer
Teena Marie   Composer
Beyonce Knowles   Producer,Executive Producer
George Allen   Composer
Kilo Ali   Composer
James Brown   Composer
Beam   Producer
Chad Hugo   Composer
Dylan Dresdow   Engineer,Mixing Engineer,Mastering Engineer
Fred McFarlane   Composer
Delroy "Fatta" Pottinger   Engineer
Twinkie Clark   Composer
Luke Solomon   Composer,Producer,Programming,Drum Programming
Pharrell Williams   Composer
S1   Effects,Producer,Additional Production
Robert Manzoli   Composer
Peter Rauhofer   Composer
Stuart White   Mixing,Effects,Engineer,Producer,Programming,Vocal Engineer,Mixing Engineer,Drum Programming,Additional Production
Jimi Payton   Composer
Ricky Lawson   Composer
Raphael Saadiq   Composer,Producer,Horn Arrangements
Jerel Black   Composer
Nile Rodgers   Composer
Mike Dean   Effects,Arranger,Composer,Producer,Drum Programming,Additional Production,Synthesizer Arrangements,Programming,Additional Production
Michael Cox   Composer
Peter Bellotte   Composer
Boi-1da   Producer
Tino McIntosh   Composer
Andrea Roberts   Engineer,Pro-Tools
Symbolyc One   Producer
Sonny Moore   Composer
Giorgio Moroder   Composer
Donna Summer   Composer
William Salter   Composer
John Cranfield   Engineer,Pro-Tools
Michael Pollack   Composer
Christopher "Tricky" Stewart   Composer,Producer
Allen Henry McGrier   Composer
Beyonce   Effects,Composer,Producer,Programming,Vocal Producer,Drum Programming,Horn Arrangements,Vocal Arrangement
Ernest Wilson   Composer
Phillip Price   Composer
Ralph MacDonald   Composer
Jawon McEastland   Vocal Arrangement
Tommy Wright III   Composer
Kim Cooper   Composer
Neenyo   Producer
The-Dream   Producer,Programming,Additional Production
Drake   Composer
Bah   Effects,Producer,Programming,Drum Programming
Aubrey Graham   Composer
Christopher Abbott Bernard Fairbrass   Composer
Richard Peter John Fairbrass   Composer
Barbara Ann Teer   Composer
Rob Manzoli   Composer
Allen George   Composer
John Holiday   Composer
Derrick Ordogne   Composer
Jerome Temple   Composer
Shawn Carter   Composer
Chris Penny   Producer,Programming,Drum Programming
Eldon Deloyd Anderson   Composer
Joe Barlow   Composer
Michael D. Cox   Composer
Richard Fairbrass   Composer
Orville Hall   Composer
Darius Scott   Composer
Andrell Rogers   Composer
Colin Leonard   Mastering,Mastering Engineer
Dave Hamelin   Composer
Hit-Boy   Producer,Programming,Drum Programming
Alexander Cook   Composer
Rami Yacoub   Composer
Elbernita Clark   Composer
Ivor Guest   Producer
Dion Norman   Composer
Harry Edwards   Producer
Richard Cowie   Composer
Andrea Summers   Composer
Skrillex   Producer
Levar Coppin   Composer
Nikki Grier   Vocal Arrangement
Ink   Additional Production
Leven Kali   Composer,Producer,Additional Production
Russell Graham   Engineer,Guitar Engineer
Matthew Samuels   Composer
Honey Dijon   Composer,Producer,Programming,Drum Programming
Timothy McKenzie   Composer
David Brown   Composer,Composer
Jameil Aossey   Effects,Composer,Producer,Additional Production
MeLo-X   Producer,Additional Production
Jahaan Sweet   Composer,Producer
Jabbar Stevens   Composer,Engineer
Richard Isong   Composer
Fred Craig McFarlane   Composer
Jesse Wilson   Composer
Brittany Coney   Composer
Christopher Stewart   Composer
Terius Nash   Effects,Composer,Producer,Drum Programming,Additional Production
Curtis A. Jones   Composer
Steve Rusch   Engineer,Bass Engineer,Piano Engineer,Drum Engineering,Percussion Engineer
Larry Griffin, Jr.   Composer
No I.D.   Producer
Chauncey Hollis   Composer
Christopher Fairbrass   Composer
Tyshane Thompson   Composer
Morten Ristorp Jensen   Composer
Sean Seaton   Composer
Cadenza   Programming,Drum Programming,Additional Production
Freddie Ross   Composer
Ariowa Irosogie   Composer
Denisia Andrews   Composer
Christopher Penny   Composer
Patrick Paige II   Composer
David Hamelin   Composer
Brandon Harding   Engineer
Hotae Alexander Jang   Engineer,Bass Engineer,Piano Engineer,Drum Engineering,Assistant Engineer,Percussion Engineer
Oliver Rodigan   Composer
Jens Christian Isaksen   Composer,Producer
Darius Dixson   Composer
Sevn Thomas   Producer
Dustin Bowie   Composer
Atia Boggs   Composer
Michael Tucker   Composer
Rupert Thomas, Jr.   Composer
Rissi   Producer
Jocelyn Donald   Composer
BloodPop   Effects,Producer,Programming,Drum Programming
Danielle Balbuena   Composer
Syd   Producer
Sabrina Claudio   Composer
Al Cres   Producer
Almando Cresso   Composer
Tizita Makuria   Composer
Jordan Douglas   Composer
Honey Redmond   Composer
NOVA Wav   Producer,Additional Production
Nija Charles   Composer
P2J   Producer
Donald Mac   Composer
Sydney Bennett   Composer
Julian Mason   Composer
Chris McLaughlin   Engineer
Al Cresso   Producer
Guilty Beatz   Engineer,Producer,Vocal Engineer
Nick Green   Composer
Sol Was   Additional Production
Adam Pigott   Composer
Daniel Memmi   Composer
Kelman Duran   Composer,Producer,Programming,Drum Programming,Additional Production
Ronald Banful   Composer
Lil Ju   Composer,Producer,Programming,Drum Programming
Corece Smith   Composer
Moi Renee   Composer
David Debrandon Brown   Composer
Saliou Diagne   Composer
Mary Brockert   Composer
Kali   Producer,Additional Production
Temilade Openiyi   Composer
Dave Giles II   Composer
Ts Madison   Composer
Cherdericka Nichols   Composer
Chi Coney   Engineer
Matheus Braz   Engineer,Assistant Engineer
Vejai Marcel Alston   Composer
Calev   Producer
Count Maurice   Composer
Eric Snead   Composer
Kevin Bellmon   Composer
Solomon Cole   Composer
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