Reshaping the Crescent

Reshaping the Crescent

by Walter Tessensohn


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Reshaping the Crescent responds to the belief that biblical Scriptures were "given" by Allah. Walter Tessensohn delves into the Quran, revealing that all the quotations in the Quran about the Torah, the Prophets, the Psalms, and the Gospel are incorrect and that the Quran is illogical. It has neither a beginning nor an end. Allah, who is the modern iteration of the ancient moon god, has no plan. He claims that he has created man weak, impatient, imperfect, and mortal. The Bibles says that man was created in the image of God and that he became mortal by sin. So the rescue plan of God is about beating death by condemning sin in the body of Christ. And in Christ God can reveal his image in man. Allah would have created man as an inferior and mortal being. Man would live a senseless life, and at the end he must die. Reshaping the Crescent proves that the Quran confirms that Allah is the moon god Hubal. Muhammad perfected the religion of Hubal, the moon god of the Arabs, and turned it into Islam. The Arabs were not allowed to use the Hubal arrows anymore, but the sign of the crescent moon, the symbol of Hubal, remains and his residence, the Kaaba. Educate yourself on the distinctions between Islam and Christianity. Discover through the words of the Bible and the Quran who God and Allah each say they are and learn the evolution of Allah in history in this fascinating book.

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ISBN-13: 9781627462037
Publisher: Tate Publishing & Enterprises, L.L.C.
Publication date: 10/01/2013
Pages: 256
Product dimensions: 5.80(w) x 8.80(h) x 0.60(d)

Table of Contents

Abbreviations 5

Preface 11

Not Everything Will Be Commented 11

Hubal and Allah 12

Starting Points for This Comment on the Qur'an 12

Introduction 15

Did Allah Give the Torah, the Prophets, the Psalms, and the Gospel? 16

The Imperfection of the Qur'an 17

Allah Turns People against Each Other! 18

The Creation and the Sin of Adam 21

What Says God, the Creator of Heaven and Earth? 27

Sin and Death 31

Allah Did Not Create the Heavens and the Earth 34

Humans and Jinns 36

Jinns 38

Man Is Despised by Satan 38

Satan and Allah 40

The Hierarchy in Creation 41

Satan 45

Who is Satan? 45

The Punishment of Satan because He Would Not Bow to Adam 46

Satan Attacks the True Believers! 48

Satan Is Stronger than Allah, and He Has More Control! 49

What Does the Bible Say about the Downfall of Satan? 50

Satan Seduced Man According to the Description in the Bible 53

Satan Is Respectful to Allah 63

Allah Is No Match for Satan 66

Sin 67

The Forgiveness of Sin 73

Indulgence of Sin 76

Death 79

The Death of the Believer Is Desired by Allah 79

How Can You Be Saved, and Who Is a Believer? 83

They Who Believe in Allah 85

Losing Your Salvation by Being Critical against the Statements of Allah 86

Being Saved by the Law of the Covenant? 88

The Heir or Heirs 90

Has Allah Bought the Believers? 91

The True Believers 91

What Is Expected of Believers? 93

Righteousness 95

The "Justice" of Allah Is Unjust 95

The True God Reigns in Justice 98

Allah Is Evil and Murderous 101

Allah Incites People to Murder Infidels and/or Idolaters 101

Being Saved as Told in the Bible 103

Judgment 109

Allah's Judgment Is Not Fair 109

Fight/Wage War 113

The Battle That Allah Commands Man to Fight 113

No Compulsion in Islam? 117

Hit Your Wife if She Doesn't Obey You 117

You Must Kill Other Human Beings Also if You Don't Want to Kill 118

Allah Compels His Followers to Surrender Their Will 121

Isaac and Ishmael 123

The Covenant on Mount Sinai 124

The Hand of Ishmael Will Be against All Men and the Hand of All Men against Ishmael 129

The Book-the Torah-the Gospel 131

Allah's Lie about the Gospel 135

The Kaaba 139

Grace 143

Polygamy and the Status of Women 145

Women May Be Beaten 145

The Testimony of a Woman Is Worthless 146

Love 149

Allah Does Not Love Sinners! 149

Allah Loves Only Those Who Love Him First! 150

The Qur'an 153

Jesus, the Son of God 157

Jesus, the Messiah, the Son of God, the Creator 158

Jesus, the Son of God, in the Old Testament 159

Jesus, the Son of God, in the New Testament 162

How Mary Became Pregnant in the Qur'an 165

Mary the Sister of Aaron Is Pregnant, and Allah Denies Paternity 167

More Transparent Lies 174

Allah Denies that Jesus Died on the Cross 176

The Spiritual World 179

Angels and Jinns 179

The Demons Tremble 180

Some Jinns Claim that They Are Muslims 181

The Spiritual World of Angels and Fallen Angels 182

The Place of Those Who Believe in God and His Son, Jesus, the Messiah 184

What Allah Thinks about Himself 187

The Damnation of Hell or Being Saved 189

Angels 193

The Religion of Hubal Turns into Islam 197

Allah's Plan 201

The Salvation in the Plan of Allah 202

God's Plan 205

A New Heaven and a New Earth 213

God's Plan Step by Step 216

Qur'an versus the Bible 223

Postscript 231

Islam Is a Soulless Religion 232

Annex 1 237

Some of Allah's Statements about the Jews 237

Annex II 241

Some of Allah's Statements about Christians 241

Annex III 247

Some of Allah's Statements about Unbelievers and Idolaters 247

Endnotes 253

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