Resilience Across Contexts: Family, Work, Culture, and Community

Resilience Across Contexts: Family, Work, Culture, and Community



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ISBN-13: 9781138003354
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 08/15/2014
Pages: 400
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Contents: Preface. Part I: Economic Resources, Family Adjustment, and Student Achievement. L.S. Gallay, C.A. Flanagan, The Well-Being of Children in a Changing Economy: Time for a New Social Contract in America. R.D. Taylor, L. Jacobson, A.U. Rodriguez, A. Dominguez, R. Cantic, J. Doney, A. Boccuti, J. Alejandro, C. Tobon, Stressful Experiences and the Psychological Functioning of African-American and Puerto Rican Families and Adolescents. P. Florsheim, The Economic and Psychological Dynamics of Nonresident Paternal Involvement. Part II: Employment, Family Functioning, and Child and Adolescent Outcomes. D.L. Vandell, K. Dadisman, K. Gallagher, Another Look at the Elephant: Child Care in the Nineties. J.V. Lerner, E.R. Noh, Maternal Employment Influences on Early Adolescent Development: A Contextual View. L.W. Hoffman, Maternal Employment: Effects of Social Context. Part III: Family Structures, Parental Involvement, and the Psychological Functioning of Children and Adolescents. C.M. Buchanan, The Impact of Divorce on Adjustment During Adolescence. E.W. Gordon, The Myths and Realities of African-American Fatherhood. M.A. Zimmerman, D.A. Salem, P.C. Notaro, Make Room for Daddy II: The Positive Effects of Fathers' Role in Adolescent Development. Part IV: Culture, Immigration, Acculturation, and Family Relations and Achievement. R.G. Rumbaut, Profiles in Resilience: Educational Achievement and Ambition Among Children of Immigrants in Southern California. L. Reese, K. Kroesen, R. Gallimore, Agency and School Performance Among Urban Latino Youth. R.K. Chao, Cultural Explanations for the Role of Parenting in the School Success of Asian-American Children.

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