by S. Usher Evans


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ISBN-13: 9781945438103
Publisher: Sun's Golden Ray Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 02/20/2018
Series: Demon Spring , #1
Pages: 296
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.67(d)

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Resurgence 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
KBraetyllo 12 months ago
This type of story isn't my usual cup of tea, but I found myself enjoying it. It felt a little predictable towards the middle/end. Still looking forward to reading the next few books that are already out.
ktlc1113 More than 1 year ago
Jack Giradi's been out of the business of hunting demons since his wife was murdered. Three years later Cam Macarro, his former partner at the government agency that deals with demons, convinces him to get back in the game. With a fresh start in the Atlanta division, Jack finds his skills are a bit rusty, but that doesn't stop Jack and Cam from diving right into the action. While everyone prepares for the quadrennial demon uprising, the pair find themselves involved with a demon like they've never encountered before. Jack can't help but get too close to this human-saving demon, and it puts not only his own life, but Cam's and the rest of the human world's at stake. RESURGENCE, the first book in the Demon Spring series, by S. Usher Evans is a fast-paced urban fantasy read. Yet it didn't sacrifice developing the rich demon mythology that had a unique take. The interplay between Jack and Cam was great. Jack's deep despair over losing his wife was very poignant. I'm excited to read the next book! 2 likes
DezRagerCook More than 1 year ago
This is the third book I have read by S. Usher Evans and I have enjoyed each one more than the last. Demons! Redemption! Kick-ass Main Character! What is not to like? Resurgence hits on several hard subjects, including Domestic Violence, Loss, and Depression; and it makes you pause. The characters are relatable and will push you through the emotional wringer. I love that Cam and Jack have a strong platonic relationship. They back each up and roll with the punches. The fact that Cam is business minded, sassy and still gets her ass handed to her is a relief from the “perfectly right” characters that I see all too often. Jack, being a grieving widower, makes my heart weep. As for Anya, her’s might be the saddest story, and I am looking forward to seeing how it ends. Being the first book of the series, the pace is a tad slow, but that’s expected. Lots of character building, and there are plenty of characters. The demon world is plentiful too, and Usher gives great descriptions, both physical and mystical. Personally, I can’t wait to chew the second book into confetti.
Suzann Winterz More than 1 year ago
Disclaimer: I received an ARC of this book. I chose to review it and this in no way impacts my opinion of it. What I liked 1) Demons! I love demons. 2) Demon hunters! exciting. 3) An awesome male/female friendship! Guys and Gals can be JUST friends. 4) Cam. She's feisty. What I didn't like 1) Sloooooooow. I found the novel to be quite slow, which I understand as there was a lot of background building, but man, give me some action! 2) Too much background building/history. At times it felt like I was reading a history book. 3) I found Jack to be a little annoying buuut I didn't hate him. Overall I did enjoy the novel and I will be picking up book two because it seems like we'll finally get the action I was dying for!
Rayisageek More than 1 year ago
This story is an urban fantasy with a very interesting premise. Humans are in a strained peace of sorts with demons from the underworld who live and breathe among us. I really enjoyed how real the two main characters seemed, their friendship, the premise of the story, and the descriptions of the various kinds of demons. The story has a lot of action, feels, and good writing. I’ll definitely be reading books 2 and 3 in the series!
Theresajs More than 1 year ago
Another awesome book by S. Usher Evans!!! What I loved: ~Jack and Cam are great partners with no romance going on between them! This is awesome! I love the partnership they have! ~Cam is strong, confident and sassy!!! ~Jack - grieving for his wife and trying to move forward, seeing him work through the grief, with some set-backs, S. Usher Evans captured this emotion so well. ~all the different demons, looking forward to learning more about them in the next 2 books. ~the mystery woman who is killing demons when it seems she is one of them. I feel like we have so much to learn about her yet! ~the world building - the more I know about the world the story takes place, the better! Looking forward to reading the next 2 books in this series!!!