Return Migration in Later Life: International Perspectives

Return Migration in Later Life: International Perspectives

by John Percival (Editor)


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Little research has been done on expatriates who return to their countries of origin in later life—an important issue in a time of aging populations and increasing mobility. Bringing together studies of older adults’ migration patterns in North America, Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe, South Asia, and Australia, this collection offers the first comprehensive explanation of how and why they return to their homelands. In the process, it addresses such key factors as the strength of family ties; the quality and cost of health and welfare provisions; and psychological adjustment, belonging, and attachment to place.  

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ISBN-13: 9781447301226
Publisher: Bristol University Press
Publication date: 08/15/2013
Pages: 256
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About the Author

John Percival is a research officer at the Open University, UK.

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1 Charting the waters: return migration later in life, by John Percival

2 Older immigrants leaving Sweden, by Martin Klinthäll

3 Place and residence attachments in Canada’s older population, by K. Bruce Newbold

4 Ageing immigrants and the question of return: new answers to an old dilemma? by Claudio Bolzman

5 Caribbean return migration in later life: family issues and transnational experiences as influential pre-retirement factors, by Dennis Conway, Robert B. Potter and Godfrey St. Bernard

6 ‘We belong to the land’: British immigrants in Australia contemplating or realising their return ‘home’ in later life, by John Percival

7 Diasporic returns to the city: Anglo-Indian and Jewish visits to Calcutta in later life, by Alison Blunt, Jayani Bonnerjee and Noah Hysler-Rubin

8 Returning to ‘roots’: Estonian-Australian child migrants visiting the homeland, by Brad Ruting

9 Ageing in the ancestral homeland: ethno-biographical reflections on return migration in later life, by Anastasia Christou

10 ‘The past is a foreign country’: vulnerability to mental illness among return migrants, by Gerard Leavey and Johanne Eliacin

11 The blues of the ageing retornados: narratives on the return to Chile, by Erik Olsson

12 Concluding reflections, by John Percival



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