The Return to Komodo Island

The Return to Komodo Island

by M.C. Berkhousen


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The Brockways and the Giffords return to Komodo Island to find a way to undo the shape-shifting curse that plagues their families. Except for his face, hands, and feet, Luke is covered with eagle feathers from a previous shift, making it difficult to travel inconspicuously. On the last leg of their perilous journey, the old cargo ship taking them directly to Komodo Island has dangers lurking both onboard and in the rough waters. Seasick and miserable, Luke explores the lowest level of the ship and finds a creature that has been captured illegally. His efforts to save its life further complicate their voyage. When they finally reach the island, Luke, Austin, and Megan must find the old Medicine Woman before they can search for the fabled pink Komodo. But they must hurry, because if she dies, the secret to breaking the curse will die with her. Lost in the hills of the island, the trio is surrounded by twenty hungry Komodos. They must use all their resources to stay alive. In a dramatic showdown, Luke must defeat an old enemy to save his family and his friends… but in doing so he may remain cursed forever. Is Luke doomed to a life with feathers? Return to Komodo Island is the third book in the Komodo Series. The first two books, Curse of the Komodo and 90% Human, both won the Story Monster Approved award for excellence in children's literature, and both also won Honorable Mention in the 2019 Purple Dragonfly Book Contest sponsored by Story Monsters Ink Magazine.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781950560080
Publisher: Progressive Rising Phoenix Press, LLC
Publication date: 10/01/2019
Series: Komodo Series , #3
Pages: 228
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.52(d)
Age Range: 13 - 14 Years

About the Author

M.C. (Peg) Berkhousen wrote her first poem in sixth grade and has been writing all her life. She was raised in Three Rivers, Michigan, a rural Midwestern town where she frequently visited the library and checked out Cherry Ames and Sue Barton nursing stories. After graduation from Borgess School of Nursing in Kalamazoo, Michigan, Peg continued to write about her nursing experiences. She won Michigan Nurse Writer of the Year for her story about using journalism therapy with a psychiatric patient who was aboard the USS Hornet when it was sunk by the Japanese during WWII. While working in Staff Development at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital, Pontiac, Michigan, she wrote, produced and directed staff training videos that were published by J.B. Lippincott, New York. She wrote the script and was Associate Producer for "Lincoln...In His Own Words," a project for Lincoln Life Insurance Company, narrated by actor Hal Holbrook. On faculty for Trinity International Health Services, Peg provided Management Training and Consultation to Franciscan Sisters at Matre Dei Hospital, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, Africa. She ended her nursing career as Director of Clinical Services, Trinity Home Health Services, and is now writing full time. Curse of the Komodo, targeted to children in grades 6th through 8th, is her first published novel. The second two books of the Komodo trilogy, 90% Human, and Return to Komodo Island, are planned for publication in 2018. Peg resides in Ottawa Hills, Ohio. She hopes to continue volunteering at the amazing Toledo Zoo, where she once interviewed a visiting Komodo dragon.

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