Reunifying Cyprus: The Annan Plan and Beyond

Reunifying Cyprus: The Annan Plan and Beyond


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Spring 2008 witnessed the first positive signs of a thaw in relations between the two sides of the divided island of Cyprus since the dramatic failure of the Annan Plan in 2004. The historic meeting of the Greek and Turkish Cypriot leaders and the symbolic opening of the Ledra Street border crossing in the heart of Nicosia may herald a bright new future for this Mediterranean island. Yet Cyprus has been in this situation before. What makes this new initiative different and why should it succeed where so many others have failed? "Reunifying Cyprus" is the first book to analyse fully the reasons for the continuing failure to re-unite the two states of Cyprus after over forty years of division. It focuses especially on the Annan Plan - the popular name for the UN initiative to find a 'Comprehensive Solution to the Cyprus Problem' in anticipation of Cyprus' accession to the EU - and the reasons for its ultimate failure. How did Cypriots receive the Annan Plan? What were the real or imagined flaws? Was this a missed opportunity? And what place does the Annan Plan have in future blueprints to reunify the island?
"Reunifying Cyprus" will be invaluable for anyone interested in conflict resolution and international politics as well as students of the Eastern Mediterranean.

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ISBN-13: 9781848859593
Publisher: Bloomsbury Academic
Publication date: 10/15/2011
Series: International Library of Political Studies
Pages: 288
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.10(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Andrekos Varnava is Assistant Professor in History at the European University, Cyprus. He is the author of 'British Imperialism in Cyprus, 1878-1915: The Inconsequential Possession' and he is also co-editor of 'The Minorities of Cyprus: Development Patterns and the Identity of the Internal-Exclusion'. Hubert Faustmann is Associate Professor in International Relations at the University of Nicosia, Cyprus. He is the editor of the academic jourbanal The Cyprus Review and president of the Cyprus Academic Forum (CAF). He has published extensively on the history and politics of modern Cyprus. Among his recent publications are 'History in the Making? A New Drive for a Solution of the Cyprus Problem' in Mediterranean Politics and 'The Political Culture of the Republic of Cyprus' in The Government and Politics of Cyprus. He is also the editor (with Nicos Peristianis) of Britain in Cyprus: Colonialism and Post-Colonialism 1878-2006 and (with James Ker-Lindsay) of The Government and Politics of the Republic of Cyprus.

Table of Contents

* Biographies
• Introduction
• Part I The History
• A History of Cyprus Peace Proposals -- James Ker-Lindsay
• Part II The Plan
• Consociational Democracy and Cyprus: The House that Annan Built? -- Christalla Yakinthou
• A Comparative Analysis of the Five Versions of the Annan Plan --Tim Potier
• The International Relations Aspect of the Annan Plans -- Costas Carras
• Contra: The Political Workability of the Annan Plan -- Klearchos Kyriakides
• Pro: An Appraisal of the Functionality of Annan Plan V -- Neophtyos Loizides
• Contra: Constitutional Structure of the Annan Plan -- Achilles Amillianides
• Pro: Rethinking the Un-viability of the Constitutional Arrangement of Annan V -- Nikos Trimikliniotis
• Contra: Economic Viability of Annan V -- Dinos Lordos
• Pro: Economic Viability of Annan Plan V -- Zenon Pophiades
• The Turkish Cypriot Views on Annan V -- Erol Kaymak
• Part III The Referendums
• From Secret Diplomacy to Public Diplomacy: How the Failed Referendum Earned the Cypriot Public a Seat at the Negotiating Table -- Alexander Lordos
• The Plan, Public Discourse and the Role of the Mass Media in Getting to ‘No’ -- Yioulli Taki
• Constructions of Solution(s) to the Cyprus Problem: Exploring Formal Curricula in Greek-Cypriot State Schools -- Stavroula Philippou & Andrekos Varnava
• A Psychological Analysis of the Greek Cypriot ‘No’ -- Panicos Stavrinides
• Strategy and Security: Perceptions of Advantage and Disadvantage -- Hubert Faustmann
• The Rise of the AK Party and Ankara’s Changing Role: Paving the Way for the ‘Yes’ -- Tozun Bacheli & Sid Noel
• Part IV The Aftermath
• Reunifying Cyprus: Some Essentials -- Robert Rotberg

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