Rise From Within

Rise From Within

by Jay Long


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Rise From Within is filled with stories of how we heal, how we scar, and the heartfelt stories of redemption. Each page puts you right beside the writer in their battle and you get to celebrate each victory. 80 writers from 5 continents share their stories of surviving life and overcoming all its obstacles as told through amazing poetry, prose, essay-style pieces, and short stories - both fiction and non-fiction.

Each page holds powerful messages. Some depict situations and struggles that may go unseen by most--but is all too real for those who have experienced them. Rise From Within shows their truths--their healing--and their triumph. Rise From Within will move you in ways you may not have realized existed with its raw truths and messages of hope, overcoming the odds, finding a true path, and starting new.

Thanks go out to all these wonderful writers for sharing their words and being a part of this collection.C.N. Greer * Anne Birckelbaw * Coleen C Kimbro * Dalena Duco * Donna Dawkin * Caroline Carter * A. Shea * Charlene Ann Benoit * Diona Rodgers * Dawn P. Harrell * Elizabeth * Ground * Izzah Alvi * JAnderson * Jennifer Jennings Daves * Kristin Kory * Lindi Baird * Emily James * Robbie J Sherrah * Rhawn * Nicole Labonte * Sharmani T. Adderly * Shawna Olibamoyo * Valerie Gomez* Vera E. Valentine * S.L. Heaton * J Veronica Christopherson * Zeenat Shaik * Eri Rhodes * Fija Callaghan * H.R. Currie * Kelli J Gavin * L.E. * Mandy Kocsis * Lyssa Damon * Gypsy's Reverie * Sharil Miller * The Radioactivangl * Stephanie Bennett-Henry * SueAnn Summers Griessler * Vaughn Roste * Wil R.P. McCarthy * Amy Pasztas * April Spellmeyer * Debra May Silver * Gypsy Mercer * Jessica Miller * Michelle Schaper * Madame K Poetess * Mira Hadlow * S.A. Quinox * Sara Pufahl * Sarah Hall * Spenser Spellmeyer * Stephen Remillard * Tara Sansli * Valerie Leyden-Morffi * Angela Fosnaugh* Asiatu Lawoyin * Brandie Whaley * Clint Davis * Emerald Devine * Emma Gledhill * Phoenix Mode * KCL Words * Lisa Pilgrim * Margie Watts * Matt Freitas * M. Davidson * Romantic Mermaid * Roveena Ramsamy * Stephanie Marie Adkins * Stevie Flood * Tabassum H * T H Smart * Victoria Giamanco-Mocerino * Wayne Thorrington * Lynne Miele-Versaci

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780997035636
Publisher: 300 South Media Group
Publication date: 12/16/2020
Pages: 292
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.66(d)

About the Author

Jay Long is a New York based author, poet, and natural storyteller. His creative voice can be heard throughout social media and online writing communities. Through his writing and work with other writers, he continues to establish himself as one of today's prolific voices of modern poetry and champion for indie authors through his company 300 South Media Group. To learn more about Jay and follow his writing journey, please visit jaylongwrites.com


Table of Contents

Dedication v

Preface ix

Introduction x


C.N. Greer pg 1

Anne Birckelbaw pg 4

Coleen C Kimbro pg 6

Dalena Duco pg 8

Donna Dawkin pg 11

Caroline Carter pg 14

A. Shea pg 17

Charlene Ann Benoit pg 19

Diona Rodgers pg 23

Dawn P. Harrell pg 27

Elizabeth pg 30

Ground pg 35

Izzah Alvi pg 36

JAnderson pg 38

Jennifer Jennings Daves pg 41

Kristin Kory pg 47

Lindi Baird pg 49

Emily James pg 52

Robbie J Sherrah pg 54

Rhawn pg 56

Nicole Labonte pg 61

Sharmani T. Adderly pg 63

Shawna Olibamoyo pg 75

Valerie Gomez pg 76

Vera E. Valentine pg 78

S.L. Heaton pg 80

J Veronica Christopherson pg 82

Zen Gafsha pg 84

Eri Rhodes pg 88

Fija Callaghan pg 91

H.R. Currie pg 93

Kelli J Gavin pg 96

L.E. pg 99

Mandy Kocsis pg 101

Lyssa Damon pg 103

Gypsy's Reverie pg 108

Sharil Miller pg 113

The Radioactivangl pg 116

Stephanie Bennett-Henry pg 117

SueAnn Summers Griessler pg 119

Vaughn Roste pg 123

Wil R.P. McCarthy pg 124

Amy Pasztas pg 126

April Spellmeyer pg 129

Debra May Silver pg 133

Gypsy Mercer pg 136

Jessica Miller pg 139

Michelle Schaper pg 142

Madame K Poetess pg 146

Mira Hadlow pg 149

S.A. Quinox pg 155

Sara Pufahl pg 158

Sarah Hall pg 160

Spenser Spellmeyer pg 163

Stephen Remillard pg 165

Tara Sansli pg 168

Valerie Leyden-Morffi pg 170

Angela Fosnaugh pg 175

Asiatu Lawoyin pg 177

Brandie Whaley pg 180

Clint Davis pg 182

Emerald Devine pg 185

Emma Gledhill pg 189

Phoenix Mode pg 190

KCL Words pg 192

Lisa Pilgrim pg 195

Margie Watts pg 198

Matt Freitas pg 200

M. Davidson pg 202

Romantic Mermaid pg 213

Roveena Ramsamy pg 215

Stephanie Marie Adkins pg 219

Stevie Flood pg 220

Jay Long pg 224

Tabassum H pg 226

T H Smart pg 229

Victoria Giamanco-Mocerino pg 232

Wayne Thorrington pg 235

Lynne Miele-Versaci pg 238

About the Authors pg 239

About 300 South Media Group pg 276

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