Riven Knight

Riven Knight

by Devney Perry


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Genevieve Daylee didn’t expect to be standing in front of a judge on her twenty-seventh birthday. But ever since her life became entangled with a former motorcycle gang, she’s learned not to expect anything but trouble.

Her mother, a woman she once admired and adored, is gone, leaving behind a trail of secrets and lies. She’s living in a tiny apartment above a garage owned by her brother, a man who loathes her very existence. And the father she met beside her mother’s grave is as much of a stranger as Isaiah Reynolds, the broken man with soulless eyes standing beside her in front of the judge.

Isaiah is her protector from the murderer at large in Clifton Forge. Though he’s more like a riven knight in dented armor than a prince on a white stallion. She knows next to nothing about him, other than he works as a mechanic. As of tonight, he’ll be sharing her bathroom.

And, according to the judge, Isaiah is now her husband.

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ISBN-13: 9781950692088
Publisher: Devney Perry LLC
Publication date: 01/21/2020
Pages: 392
Sales rank: 217,494
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.87(d)

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Riven Knight 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 24 reviews.
KDRBCK 29 days ago
Riven Knight by Devney Perry is book two in her Tin Gypsy Series. For best reading experience I recommend to read the books in order. The previous book, Gypsy King tells Dash and Bryce's story. Riven Knight is Genevieve and Isaiah's book. Genevieve is the daughter of Draven and half-sister of Dash. Both are through a lot to put it mildly. They are tangled with the former Tin Gypsy MC members, a rival MC and they're still in danger from the kidnapper who took Genevieve and Bryce. I started reading and oh boy, the suspense had me in knots. Riven Knight is a complex story, a slow burn, excellent written and beautifully thought out and beautifully told that gave me all the feels. Next up is the conclusion to the trilogy, Stone Princess.
wendm_ccbh 29 days ago
Riven Knight, book 2 in Devney Perry's Tin Gypsy series was such an emotionally charged book from start to finish! If you thought Gypsy King was suspenseful, then you must read this one. Riven Knight picks up right where Gypsy King left off and we finally discover what really happened on the mountain. Genevieve Daylee is thrusted into the chaotic world of the former Tin Gypsies MC. She feels lonely and betrayed by her own mother. Marrying Isaiah is not only his saving grace but hers as well. As the story progresses, Genevieve learns to love Clifton Forge and soon she shows just how much of her father's daughter she truly is as she's willing to fight for her new family no matter the cost. "Isaiah wasn’t mine to keep forever. Eventually he’d move on to find someone who made him truly happy. The selfish part of me loathed the idea of a different, future Mrs. Reynolds who’d get more than subtle grins." Isaiah Reynolds is a broken, tortured man that battles many demons from his past. It was so heartbreaking watching him struggle to not give himself a chance at love and happiness. Underneath all the loss and pain lays such a beautiful and enigmatic man. "Ever since Genevieve Daylee had entered my life, the order and simplicity I craved and found had vanished." Genevieve and Isaiah were two broken pieces of a puzzle that fit. It was such a beautiful relationship to watch transform. A slow burn romance that required a lot of patience and strength. When Isaiah tried to pull away Genevieve would stand her ground and push back. What began as a lie slowly turned into love. "Isaiah looked in the mirror and saw everlasting broken pieces, but maybe my broken pieces would fit with his. Together, maybe we’d make a whole." Overall, what a freakin' ride, you guys and we're only in book 2!! There's so many thrills and layers to be peeled back with these wonderful and amazing characters and I'm 1000% ready to enjoy it all!!
Storm992472 25 days ago
Riven Knight by Devney Perry is the second book in the Tin Gypsy Series. Wow this book is even better than the first one. This book picks up right where Gypsy King ended. This is a series you will want to read in order because all your unanswered questions are all answered in this second book. I sat down intending to read only for an hour, well that didn’t happen I read the whole book in one sitting. I could not put it down. At times this book had tears streaming down my face. It is a very emotional story. Once again Devney does not disappoint. I am anxiously awaiting the third book in this series Stone Princess. I highly recommend this series.
Stacie237 26 days ago
I really had to think about how to word this without spoilers and give this engrossing story the merit it deserves . Devney never disappoints, but this one is special. I love a slightly broken guy who has been through trauma. I just adored these characters. I was totally swept up in this addictive , suspenseful story. I can not recommend it Enough. Just a great, layered story. One of my favorites I have read in a long while.
Alliebee82 27 days ago
This is book two in Devney Perry’s Tin Gypsy series, and boy was my body ready for it. I wanted to know all about the ex-con Isaiah and Genevieve from the first book- and what the heck happened on that mountain?? Luckily- Devney is more than happy to oblige, and for that I am eternally grateful. I loved the character development in this second installment of this series. It was all leading to a head, that we got the answers too, and most to all doors unlocked and opened. The plot thickens even more, if that is even possible, and all the levels and depths to Devney’s writing continues with the insanity. As much as I love the Jamison Valley Series, Tin Gypsy might surpass the love that I have for some of Devney’s most precious characters. Isaiah was the right amount of alpha for me in this story, even with all of his secrets he held dear. And Genevieve was a fantastic heroine, that suited and complimented Isaiah’s personality. Without losing herself in him, in a relationship I think you most definitely have to read the first book to understand everything that is going on in this one. To really truly understand the brilliance that is Devney Perry. And I cannot wait for installment number 3!
Lisa-Lou 28 days ago
Riven Knight by Devney Perry is the second book in her new Tin Gypsy series. Picking up shortly after the events at the end of book one, Gypsy King, we slowly get to learn about what happened between Genevieve and Isaiah up on the mountain the night of her & Bryce’s rescue, the reason for their impromptu wedding, and the history behind Isaiah’s dark past. The stress of the upcoming trial is weighing on everyone and they are trying to stay under the radar while desperately hunting for any evidence or clues to prove Draven’s innocence. Emotional and captivating, there hasn’t been a book by Devney Perry that I haven’t devoured and loved. The Tin Gypsy series is a spin-off to both the Jamison Valley series and the Lark Cove series allowing the reader to still feel a connection to the previous series that we loved. Clifton Forge is my new favorite place to be and I cannot wait to read Presley’s story next in book three, Stone Princess. Enjoy!
ShaunaC1795 28 days ago
Devney Perry knows how to pull on my heart strings! Riven Knight is no different! She continues to take her books to the next level and this book is no exception. Isaiah is a complex character who you will fall in love with. Throw in Genevieve who has her own complex history and they are two characters you will become invested in. Read Riven Knight you will be disappointed if you don't!
Anonymous 28 days ago
Tin Gypsy series is my favorite series of 2019. Riven Knight is book 2 in the series! This book gives you ALL the feels!! Isaiah didn’t feel he was worthy of love. Genevieve sets out to prove him wrong. Isaiah is living with guilt of a past mistake. Genevieve is reeling from the death of her mother, discovering who her real father is, and being caught up in the Tin Gypsy drama. Isaiah wants to protect her...she wants to protect him...but neither is protecting the other from each other. The story picks up where Tin Gypsy leaves off. There were questions...and Riven Knight provides answers. You know something happens in a cabin. You know there is a marriage of convenience...that is anything but. The storyline is full of suspense, drama, and love!! Isaiah calls her “Doll”...who doesn’t fall in love with a guy that calls his gal that??? “I don’t want to be fake married anymore.” She flinched...”Oh” “How about you wear that ring for real?” This is an outstanding story and I am looking forward to the 3rd in the series...Stone Princess. Devney Perry does not disappoint!! Huge hugs and loud applause for such a superb story!!
CoffeeGoddessTK 29 days ago
It's no secret that Devney Perry is one of my go-to authors for contemporary romance. Her characters and storylines have a way of grabbing us readers and not letting go, and her books always make my 'favorites' list. RIVEN KNIGHT, the second book in Devney's Tin Gypsy series, and her latest book, firmly cements her place in my must-read category, and made for one of my recent favorites. Although Devney's books always have some sort of suspense, and angst to boot, I felt like she was taking things to another level with the advent of the Tin Gypsy series. I mean, a former motorcycle club, of all things. Not what I was used to from her, but I was all in anyway, and GYPSY KING (Book 1) made for a fantastic start to this new series. Subsequent books don't always pack the same punch for me, but let me just say that RIVEN KNIGHT was just as engrossing, well-paced, and filled with surprises, and hooked me even more into the world of the Gypsies, and I was sorry to see it end. When you find that thing that just does it for you, it's nice to know that there is plenty more to come, and I am so excited to know that this is set to be a longer run of books, because I can't imagine all of the twists, turns, surprises, and HEAs that Devney has planned for us. RIVEN KNIGHT is worth every single star, and a definite recommend from me. If you haven't checked out the fine folks of Clifton Forge, MT, you simply must. ❤️
Sandrathereader 29 days ago
In Riven Knight, book 2 in the Tin Gypsy series, we finally find out what happened between Isaiah and Genevieve and it is a doozy. They have both endured a lot in their lives, so for them to have found each other was really heart-warming. Unfortunately it took them awhile to get there, their love story was definitely on the slow burn side, but their journey kept me riveted to every page. The murder mystery that started off in the Gypsy King definitely kept me on my toes, all the players involved created some jaw dropping moments. I really did not see that coming. What started off as a marriage of convenience between these two broken people developed to so much more, not only love between the two, but also forgiveness, closure and the love of family. Another fantastic read, now the wait for book 3!
Sara_Sue 29 days ago
Denvey Perry has quickly become a favorite author for me. No matter what she writes, I will read. It’s a given, it’s automatic. Completely mandatory! I was really excited to go back to the Tin Gypsy’s and visit this unique group Perry has created. Since I’m raving about her I’ll add on that her writing keeps getting better and better. I really can’t pull away from this Tin Gypsy series. It’s so grittier than any other her other works and the suspense-like feel of the story is impossible to put down. I knew it wasn’t going to hold the same feel as Gypsy King since the genre is slightly different. I really enjoy a well-executed marriage of convenience. I do plan to listen to the audio version to as soon as it hits Audible. After feeling like I was left hanging on what went really down with Genevieve and Isaiah up on that mountain… didn’t we all feel seriously teased?! I know I did but we get some answers here and are given more questions setting up the next book nicely. I loved this slow burn between these two… now Isaiah drove me batty at times. He fought his attraction and desire as much as he could. Now Genevieve, I felt bad for her. She seemed so lost and lonely for a while. Hurt. She isn’t the only one struggling though. But soon these two were slowly turning their hurt and pain into more, together. For me, this was well worth the wait and I’m looking forward to the rest of the series! I can’t wait! I know there’s more mystery to come to all the people in Clifton Forge. I received an ARC of this book with the hope that I would leave an Unbiased Opinion. I was not required to leave a review, positive or otherwise, and my opinions are just that... my opinions.
ccbhmodeisbrie 29 days ago
Riven Knight is the second novel in Devney Perry's Tin Gypsy series. Though a standalone, it is best read after its predecessor as there is a running plot that begins in Gypsy King and not only continues, but concludes in Riven Knight. YES! The events that occurred on the mountain and ultimately led to Genevieve and Isaiah's tying of the knot are revealed along with Amina Daylee's murderer. We first meet Genevieve Daylee in Gypsy King under heartbreaking circumstances. Her mother is the town mystery, the woman brutally murdered at the Evergreen motel. The loss of her mother brings a lot of emotions to the surface: anger, hurt, grief, and a sense of being betrayed as her mother's secrets shadows her grave. Thus, making Genevieve question who her mother truly was all while trying to solve her murder, keep a lie intact, and make Clifton Forge home. With the presence of a knight riven by self-accusations and remorse, Genevieve feels less lonely as she navigates a new life that includes a new family. Part of her new life is keeping up the guise of being married, all while being connected to the former Tin Gypsy Motorcycle Club.  Isaiah Reynolds has a past. A past that has not only left him less than shiny but one that has left him tarnished in many ways. A past that he believes deems him unworthy. Unworthy especially of love and intimacy. But his fake wife, the doll faced beauty is getting under his skin. She's sinking deep into his thoughts and even deeper into his heart. These two characters started off as strangers. Instantaneously they become an impenetrable team. Gradually, Genevieve and Isaiah move out of friendship territory and into more. And this sham of a marriage becomes a very real thing with very real emotions. It has to be said. All the feels. ALL THE STARS!! With the ability to keep you teetering on edge, Devney Perry devises a slow burning, intoxicating and suspenseful novel that is simply spellbinding!
12020351 29 days ago
Lets start out saying I loved Gypsy King and was wondering how on Earth this author would be able to top it but oh boy did she ever! I was completely and utterly hooked from page one, right out of the gate, with this book. I could literally feel the emotions coming from the main leading lady. The Hero in this book, gah, your heart can't help but fall hard! This book takes you on a roller-coaster that tugs on your heart, makes you gasp, and hold your breath trying to find out where this road is going to lead you. A top read!
JenPH 29 days ago
I have been itching to get my hands on Genevieve Daylee and Isaiah Reynolds's story from the moment I was done with the Tin Gypsy series starter, Gypsy King. After the events in book one, as well as that peek into what could be awaiting Genevieve and Isaiah in book two, I needed to know how everything would play out, and suffice it to say, Devney Perry penned one hell of an intriguing story in Riven Knight. Because there's one particular story line that was left unresolved the first book that carries over in this second book, I highly recommend that Gypsy King and Riven Knight be read in order. Trust me, you'll be happy you did because both books are so intoxicatingly addictive. Ah, this book... From the moment I began reading it, there was simply no putting it down. Genevieve and Isaiah's story had me mesmerized. These two were essentially stuck together for the foreseeable future, and it wasn't as if getting to know each other was a given, even with the life-changing manner in which they'd met. I loved seeing them build their relationship from the ground up--earning the other's trust and becoming comfortable with one another. Nothing was rushed, which I appreciated, and along with the evolution of their relationship from strangers to friends to lovers and more, one thing remained: Genevieve and Isaiah rescued each other in more ways than one. The suspense and mystery elements were superbly done by Devney Perry, and she maintained a much-needed balance between those and the romance. I shed tears over Riven Knight, which gets five-plus stars. ♥
kstokes 29 days ago
I’ve been struggling for days to write the review for this book. I can’t come up with the right words to convey how I feel about this book. The cover is beautiful, the writing is great, and Isaiah and Genevieve’s story is my new favorite from Devney! A marriage of convenience, a tortured hero, a mystery, and a love story what else do you need to know?! Do yourself a favor and read the book, but read Gypsy King first so you’re not lost!
Bettyloveslove 29 days ago
This book picks up right where Gypsy King ended. We know that something happened in a cabin in a mountain, we know that Isiah and Genevieve are involved, and we know that they decide to marry to protect each other, but we don't know why. In this book all of the unanswered questions from GK are answered. This is not a marriage of convenience, insta love, happily ever after wrapped in a tidy little bow kind of story. There is pain, mystery, doubt, and heartache. Isiah is haunted by ghosts of his past, and Genevieve is reeling from the loss of her mother, who wasn't as perfect as Genevieve once thought. There is anger, there are tears, and eventually there is truth. Devney Perry hit it out of the park with this series. I have really enjoyed reading these books, as I've never read the backlash, and the changes made of a former MC. The characters all have grit and demons, and even as side characters you can see them all there at the forefront. I cannot wait to continue on with this series and see where DP takes us. This is a must read!!!!!
BookBuddy13 29 days ago
Riven Knight....was bittersweet! I’m still in shock about what went down in book 2 but Devney did not disappoint. She definitely threw sonmuch into this book. So much going on with these 2 characters alone it gets amped up with all the other side characters in the book. I loved the suspense and totally didn’t see that plot twist coming! Read now!
Ashleylovesbooks 29 days ago
I will NOT give spoilers but you MUST read Gypsy King first! I loved GK and couldn’t wait for Riven Knight. Isaiah was so haunted and i couldn’t wait to see his interactions with Genevieve. This story was PERFECT. It was a slow burn and the suspense that carried over from Gypsy King was awesome. I am anxious for more characters from the Tin Gypsies Crew. Amazing read! I highly recommend!!
carvanz 29 days ago
Holy heck! This book kept me on my toes from beginning to end! I met Genevieve and Isaiah in book one and was immediately pulled into whatever mystery surrounded their relationship so I was extremely excited to get my hands on their story. And wow! This book absolutely blew me away. From the beginning this has a weightier feel to it. There is a lot going on in both Genevieve’s and Isaiah’s lives and while they’re dealing with all the drama around them as well as their circle of friends, they struggle with their own inner demons as well as their burgeoning emotions towards one another. This doesn’t have a lot of action but the emotional side of the story kept me turning pages as quickly as I could. And when there was action, I was left stunned and staggering. It’s safe to say this is one of the best romantic suspense books I’ve read in a long time. Mostly because the suspense isn’t just about the bad guy, but it encircles these characters to such a degree that the further into the story I went, the more the tension built. The romance between Genevieve and Isaiah was absolutely perfect. There is no insta, over the top reactions between them and their relationship develops in a manner that is completely believable. My heart hurt for Isaiah and the burden he carried on his shoulders. His first thought was always about protecting V and that is the very definition of an alpha hero for me. Genevieve is heartsick from the loss of her mother but when she needs to take action, she doesn’t hesitate, even if she is shaking in her boots. She was a true heroine with grit and determination and I loved her for who she was and what she brought into Isaiah’s life. This has a wonderful pace to it and the evolving plotline kept me engaged the entire time. Secondary characters added a deeper dimension to the story as well as helping to push the story along and I’m so antsy to get my hands on their stories. Genevieve and Isaiah will definitely be going on my favorite hero/heroine list!
6703024 29 days ago
Isaiah and Genevieve are meant to be! I love a fake marriage trope and Devney Perry nails it with this one! It opens with them getting married to protect Isaiah and to keep him from going back to prison. He saved Genevieve. Of course, they are living in tight quarters, and things heat up. She moves into his garage apartment and feels safe. They both are looking into what happened, so the story continues from The Tin Gypsy. Get ready for another nail biter! Secrets will be revealed, plots twists will ensue! You need this book and series in your life! I cannot wait for Presley’s book next, Stone Princess! 5 amazing stars
Jennifer Harried 29 days ago
Devney Perry has done it again!! If you read and loved Gypsy King, then hold onto your socks because Riven Knight will blow them right off!! I always look forward to a book by Devney Perry, her books have become my most anticipated books. And every time I read one, they blow my mind. Her books are the perfect mix of romance, suspense and emotion. I usually don’t read many MC books, but Devney has a way of writing them that make them feel so different than any other MC book out there. Trust me, even if you are not a fan of MC books, you will want to read this series. Riven Knight is the second book in this series. You could say it is a standalone book, because it is about a new couple, but truly I think you NEED to read Gypsy King first. In the first book we were left on kind of a cliffhanger in the epilogue, which led to this story. Isaiah and Genevieve’s story picks up right where that epilogue left off. At the end of book 1 we were left with some questions. Those questions are all answered in this book. So it is my strong recommendation to read Gypsy King first then read Riven Knight. This book is told in Dual POV. I loved the flow and pace of the story. This book is a romantic suspense and it totally kept me guessing. I was on the edge of my seat for most of the read. In this book we follow the story of Isaiah and Genevieve (V). I can’t say much about their storyline, because it could be considered spoilers for either this book or Gypsy King. I will say this, Isaiah and V meet under some tense situations in the first book, which in turn carry over into this book. Their story is all about the secrets that both Isaiah and V hold. We know something happened to them in book 1 but what it was isn’t revealed until you read this book. What this book shows, is how two people who start under weird circumstances can turn it into something more. What I loved the most about this couple was even though they had a rough start of things, they stuck by each other when it mattered most. The bond they formed was special. I loved watching this couple blossom and grow together. As we know this series is a spin off from Devney’s Jamison Valley Series. The MC club in this series was first introduced in the second book of the Jamison Series. But what I loved while reading this book was that we have another tie in to one of Devney’s books. Isaiah is actually the brother of Kaine, who we met in Tragic (3rd book in the Lark Cove Series) I loved seeing Kaine and Piper again. Catching up with them was a special treat while reading this book. No you don’t have to read any of the books mentioned before enjoying this series. I am so excited to read the next books coming in this series. This is one of my favorite books for 2020. You will want to add this to your TBR list NOW!!! Don’t miss this series…..READ IT NOW!!!!
MarcyMeyer 29 days ago
I couldn’t put this book down. I had no interest in reading anything else once I started it. I loved the mystery surrounding Isaiah and Genevieve. After all the drama of the kidnapping, I was dying to know what happened at that cabin. They both have suffered heartbreaking tragedies and are trying to figure out how to move on. Their story held me captive. I loved the way Genevieve fought for justice for her mom, and how she found a new family along the way. Isaiah’s self-loathing was painful to read, and I wanted him to find happiness so much. I really love these characters. I can’t wait for the next book in this series.
Truddy 29 days ago
Devney Perry is the queen of suspenseful romance and Riven Knight is her newest masterpiece. I savored each and every delicious word and am left with the most wonderful book hangover. This is not your predictable marriage of convenience story and I was surprised at every turn of the page. Genevieve and Isaiah’s story is written with so much heart and believability and perfectly paced. Woven into their love story are all the answers left over from Gypsy King and peeks into the next book in the Tin Gypsy series, Stone Princess.
Erica_Gilbert 29 days ago
Devney Perry has done it again by delivering an epically, life-altering, swoon worthy, and totally amazing story about two people finding love in the most unlikely place. I am in complete awe of her talent. I am also completely in love with the Tin Gypsy series. I loved coming back to Clifton Forge and catching up with all of my favorite characters and getting to know some new ones as well. I could not put this book down. I devoured it in less than a day. If I didn’t have to adult, I would have finished this book it just a few hours. The storyline drew me in and kept me captivated the entire time. I could not read this story fast enough. I needed to know everything there was to know about Isaiah and Genevieve and how on earth they thought a fake marriage was going to work. Also, I needed to find out what the heck happen in that cabin! The suspense just about killed me. These two own my heart completely. This story is riveting and I wish I could say more about the storyline, but I don’t want to give anything away! Just know that this story is amazingly epic and you need to read it! Isaiah Reynolds completely and irrevocably owns my heart and soul. This man is so tragically broken and bruised. He broke my heart consistently throughout this story. If you’ve ever read Tragic (Kaine and Piper’s story), then you have met Isaiah and know that he has such a tragic past and how hard it has been for him to move past it. He truly believes that he should be punished for the rest of his life and that he doesn’t deserve to find true happiness. He could not be more wrong. He deserves all the happiness in the world. He character is so beautiful and kind. I’m not going to lie, I was not a fan of him in Kaine and Piper’s story, but that’s because I was feeling all of Kaine’s heartache and sorrow. Not Isaiah’s. After being inside Isaiah’s head, my view of him did a complete 180. I adore this man. And holy moly. All the tattoo descriptions of this man make my mouth water. Honestly, all descriptions of this man make my mouth water. I have a huge weakness for a sexy man with tattoos. I didn’t think Devney could top Dash, but she definitely did with Isaiah. Genevieve Daylee is such a strong and fierce female character. She has been through so much with losing her mother and finding out her father is Draven. She looses the one person that means the most to her so quickly and then finds out that maybe she didn’t know her mother as well as she thought she did. She handled everything so well. Genevieve is sweet and fierce at the same time. She’s honestly the perfect fit for Isaiah. He needs someone who understands his pain and fear, but will push him to be more and to do more at the same time. Genevieve does that for him, all while she’s striving to be more and better herself. I loved Genevieve’s character so much. Isaiah and Genevieve together was truly amazing to read. They didn’t have the same off the charts chemistry as Dash and Bryce, at least not at first, but a slow burn and angsty attraction. And holy moly was that hot. The two of them were learning how to navigate this crazy situation they were in and learned to lean on one another. Honestly, this couple is perfect together. I was rooting for them the entire time and when they finally came together BOOM! It was freaking explosive. I honestly can’t get enough of these two. I loved every second of their journey together. It was one of such deep and emotional pain, but joy as well. These two deserve