Rock Killer

Rock Killer

by S. Evan Townsend


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Space Resources, Inc. (SRI) mines asteroids for the riches a populated Earth needs without degrading the planet. Yet there are those opposed to progress in whatever its form such as the Gaia Alliance, a front group for eco-terrorists. During a violent attack on the Moon, the terrorists steal an exploration ship, arm it, and rename it the Rock Killer. Charlene "Charlie" Jones of SRI security is trying to infiltrate the Gaia Alliance's cabal to find evidence linking them to the murder of her fiancé. But a run-in with the law threatens to reveal her identity to the dangerous men of the Alliance. Simultaneously, SRI Director Alexander Chun is traveling to the asteroid belt to bring a kilometer-long nickel-iron rock back to Earth orbit to mine for its valuable metals. Following him and his multi-national team is the Rock Killer. Without armaments, millions of miles from help, Chun must stop those who threaten him and the lives of his crew.

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ISBN-13: 9781937593452
Publisher: World Castle Publishing
Publication date: 02/27/2012
Pages: 304
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.68(d)

About the Author

S. Evan Townsend is a writer living in central Washington State. After spending four years in the U.S. Army in the Military Intelligence branch, he returned to civilian life and college to earn a B.S. in Forest Resources from the University of Washington. In his spare time he enjoys reading, driving (sometimes on a racetrack), meeting people, and talking with friends. He is in a 12-step program for Starbucks addiction. Evan lives with his wife and two teenage sons and has a son attending the University of Washington in biology. He enjoys science fiction, fantasy, history, politics, cars, and travel.

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Rock Killer 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
SheilaDeeth More than 1 year ago
Rock Killer is good old-fashioned science fiction with genuine science and a fascinating view of the future. Asteroids are turned into space-ships by the addition of strategically placed engines, then flown to earth to be mined in orbit, their materials used to satisfy the ever-growing needs of a technological society. Of course, some people worry about safety—some with justifiable cause, others with the usual political disregard for logic and science. When the Gaia Alliance starts throwing bombs and killing SRI’s employees to publicize their cause, it’s time for Strategic Resources Inc to do some clever spying, and Charlie, upset at the death of her lover, is just the person for the job. The novel has lots of interesting characters and intersecting storylines, all coming together as the asteroid is snared and heads for earth. Ecological terrorists join forces with political evil in a very convincing way and the science is nicely plausible with well-chosen details. Chapters told from different points of view give the reader a good feel for character and motivation and provide an ideal platform for the author’s ideas. Dialog is slow sometimes as characters ponder their own motivations. And the politics is intensely American—a problem to my European ears because of its implied criticism of other points of view. But some truly lyrical passages bring readers into the wonder of space, while genuine science emphasizes its dangers. This post-modern world of big corporations, still rife with the follies of politics and nationalism, is scarily real. If real science bores you, or right-wing politics infuriates you, this probably isn’t the novel for you, but it’s a well-crafted well-told tale with plenty of excitement, solidly real details and a really good plot, highly recommended for real science fiction fans. Disclosure: I was given an ecopy of this novel by the author as he thought, correctly, I might be interested in it.
T_Sinns More than 1 year ago
Story Line: SRI is attacked by GA and has a ship stolen. Frank is murdered. Charlie has to find the GA to prove they killed frank. Alex has to save his crew. Rock Killer wants resources. Miners for Earth want resources. Mrs. Cortez helps save Charlie. Earth and the moon and the asteroid belt are all connected. Characters: Charlene (Charlie), Mitchel (Mitch), Frank, Kijoto, Yamada, Alex, And many more. My Favorite Character: I don’t really have a favorite because I love them all. Each has their own abilities and each are strong in their own ways. My Favorite Part: There is a section where Charlie and McConnell are talking about how humans are living larger lifestyles then they should. Even if they have the resources to do so, the technology and growth are dehumanizing humans. I love the thought and philosophy of this section. It connects with times now so real that you’d think you were hearing it in person and not reading a fictional book. BRAVO! Full Concept: Read about how terrorist never give up. How earth and the moon forces team up to save the peace. How resources have now become plentiful. How strength is not always how strong you are but what actions you do. Read about the future, about how the world could be. I loved this book. I loved getting to read and explore the depths of space and the people in it. Overall Rating: 5 out of 5. This could be our future. This could be how things and lives will survive. This COULD be real. Any book that makes my mind believe that the future could hold everything that is being spoken and can put that much realistic philosophy into a fictional story is amazing.
Dellani_Oakes More than 1 year ago
SRI – Space Resources Incorporated, is a powerful multinational conglomerate based in Japan. SRI has interests all over the world, a well as in space. They bring asteroids from the belt near Jupiter into Earth orbit and harvest them for resources. GA – Gaia Alliance, is a militant arm of an organization like Greenpeace. They consider SRI the enemy, claiming they are raping the environment of space, making it unstable. Unfortunately, they have very powerful friends in the US government as well as other parts of the world. Faruq is the leader of UBAS – United Baath Arab States. An ambitious man, he wants the presidency of Syria for himself. He has manipulated and maneuvered until he has himself in a position to take the country by force. He plans to use the GA to strike against SRI, initiating a revolution. The first step in the process, members of the GA attack SRI's base on the Moon, stealing one of their own ships to use against them. The attack goes off as planned, but the GA members meet more resistance than anticipated. They still manage to steal the Rock Skipper, renaming it Rock Killer. Armed and highly dangerous, the Rock Killer goes after their target, SRI asteroid 1961. Rock Killer is a well paced, exciting novel of international intrigue. The plot is engaging and the reader feels sympathy with the plight of the characters. The intricate plot is clearly delineated, the tendrils of each diverse storyline woven into a fascinating whole that keeps the reader involved. Rock Killer is a wonderful read. I couldn't put it down. I highly recommend this novel to anyone who enjoys a great story of adventure and intrigue. Five Golden Acorns