Rules for ANTI-Radicals: A Practical Handbook for Defeating Leftism

Rules for ANTI-Radicals: A Practical Handbook for Defeating Leftism

by F Paul Valone
Rules for ANTI-Radicals: A Practical Handbook for Defeating Leftism

Rules for ANTI-Radicals: A Practical Handbook for Defeating Leftism

by F Paul Valone


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Rules for ANTI-Radicals: A Practical Handbook for Defeating Leftism draws from the author's twenty-eight years of grassroots leadership to empower conservatives often bludgeoned into silence by the left. It is a comprehensive tactical guide to direct action in economic, political, legal, and non-legislative arenas essential for conservatives to defeat leftism.

If you don't "do" politics, politics will "do" you. Citizens reluctant to engage in the sometimes dirty business of politics should understand that regardless of whether they participate, political players will make decisions which profoundly impact their lives, generally without citizens' best interests in mind.

Understanding that and guided by "flexible ethics" in Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals, leftists have waged a multi-generational war on American culture and values.

Unlike the many theoretical treatises decrying leftism, exposing Marxism, and calling conservatives to unspecified action, Rules for ANTI-Radicals is a nuts-and-bolts guide to strategy and tactics the author has used in his twenty-eight years of beating leftists. Personal experience allows him to highlight specific activist operations which have succeeded and failed, and the reasons for success or failure.

Written in sardonic and engaging style, the book is divided into three parts:

Part I, "Boot Camp for Conservative Activists," is aimed primarily at concerned citizens and neophyte activists, revealing mechanisms by which leftism has metastasized in American society, the many ways it impacts them, and specific methods for countering it in their daily lives.

Part II, "Activist Tools and Tactics," outlines the basics of grassroots activism, including the four types of direct action (economic, political, legal and non-legislative); delineates the differences between access-based lobbying and grassroots mobilization; and delves into tactics and strategy for each, focusing in particular in tactics for passing or defeating legislation and winning elections. Part II is directed at both concerned citizens and neophyte activists, political operatives or political candidates.

Part III, "Grass Roots Organization," includes techniques for grassroots leadership; creating and maintaining political organizations; conducting effective grassroots mobilization, including targeting and messaging; fundraising, including list-building; and media management. It is intended to augment skills for conservative political activists.

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ISBN-13: 9781734882445
Publisher: Bacchus USA Publications LLC
Publication date: 03/29/2022
Pages: 384
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.79(d)

About the Author

Author F. Paul Valone has been kicking leftist tail for twenty-eight years. Alarmed by passage of the assault weapon ban in 1994, he decided to take action. Finding no suitable organization, he organized a rally leading to creation of Grass Roots North Carolina (GRNC), which remains North Carolina's primary and most successful gun rights group to this day.Valone later created Rights Watch International, a legal action arm, and the GRNC Political Victory Fund, a federal political action committee (PAC). Overall, he has directed three political non-profits, four conventional PACs, and a super PAC.The organizations he directs have passed laws for concealed carry, concealed handgun reciprocity, statewide firearms preemption, Castle Doctrine and Stand Your Ground, and the expansion of concealed carry into restaurants, parks, educational property and public assemblies. Meanwhile, GRNC killed scores of gun control bills, resulting in no significant gun control passing in the state since before GRNC stood watch over gun rights.Using its Remember in November project and independent expenditures through its PAC, GRNC has installed dozens of pro-Second Amendment candidates in the N.C. General Assembly and Congress.Valone's writing credits include 200+ columns and op-eds as Charlotte Observer Community Columnist, Charlotte Gun Rights Examiner, and a McClatchy Newspapers North Carolina Influencer, plus freelance articles in the Charlotte Observer, Raleigh News & Observer, Durham Herald-Sun, Greensboro News & Record, Asheville Citizen-Times, Carolina Journal, VENT Magazine, American Thinker, and elsewhere.Valone has been interviewed and quoted by dozens of newspapers and radio and television stations including CNN, BBC, USA Today, National Public Radio, the Associated Press, Tom Gresham's Gun Talk, Mark Walters' Armed American Radio, the Alan Colmes Show, and others. He has participated in and directed numerous public forums, town halls, debates, seminars, and lectures.For grassroots leadership, Valone won the Second Amendment Foundation Defender of Liberty Award (2015, 2016) and the Civitas Institute Audentia Award (2017).After earning a B.A. in Psychobiology from Hamilton College, Valone pursued a career in aviation, recently retiring as a Boeing 777 captain from American Airlines. In addition to grassroots leadership, he continues freelance writing and hosts the Guns, Politics and Freedom Radio Show. Rules for ANTI-Radicals: A Practical Handbook for Defeating Leftism is his second book.
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