Rules for the Southern Rulebreaker: Missteps and Lessons Learned

Rules for the Southern Rulebreaker: Missteps and Lessons Learned

by Katherine Snow Smith
Rules for the Southern Rulebreaker: Missteps and Lessons Learned

Rules for the Southern Rulebreaker: Missteps and Lessons Learned

by Katherine Snow Smith


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Southern women are inundated with rules starting early—from always wearing sensible shoes to never talking about death to the dying, and certainly not relying on song lyrics for marriage therapy.

Nevertheless, Katherine Snow Smith keeps doing things like falling off her high heels onto President Barack Obama, gaining dubious status as the middle school “lice mom,” and finding confirmation in the lyrics of Miranda Lambert after her twenty-four-year marriage ends. Somehow, despite never meaning to defy Southern expectations for parenting, marriage, work, and friendship, Smith has found herself doing just that for over four decades. Luckily for everyone, the outcome of these “broken rules” is this collection of refreshing stories, filled with vulnerability, humor, and insight, sharing how she received lifelong advice from a sixth-grade correspondence with an Oscar-winning actress, convinced a terminally ill friend to write good-bye letters, and won the mother of all “don’t give up” lectures by finishing a road race last (as the pizza boxes were thrown away).

Rules for the Southern Rule Breaker will resonate with every woman, southern or not, who has a tendency to wander down the hazy side roads and realizes the rewards that come from listening to the pull in one’s heart over the voice in one’s head.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781631528583
Publisher: She Writes Press
Publication date: 07/21/2020
Pages: 176
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Katherine Snow Smith has lived throughout the South as a newspaper reporter, magazine editor, public relations executive, daughter, sister, mother, wife, divorcee, and friend. She graduated from the Universityof North Carolina at Chapel Hill and started her journalism career covering three miniscule towns in South Carolina. After a stint covering business in Charlotte, NC, she got married, moved to Florida, and started a twenty-year career at the Tampa Bay Times—first covering business, and then, after having a baby, creating a parenting column, Rookie Mom, for the paper. Now—three kids, two careers, and one divorce later—she’s embracing the fact that life has many chapters.

Table of Contents

1 Always Wear Sensible Shoes 1

2 Children Require Age-Appropriate Entertainment 7

3 Know Your Limitations 13

4 Don't Major in Journalism 19

5 Don't Move to Podunk 27

6 Don't Talk to Strangers 33

7 Never Arrive at the Funeral Home Late 41

8 Don't Bring Your Problems to Work 47

9 Send Your Kids to the Best School in Town 55

10 No Autographs Please 61

11 Family Secrets Aren't Meant to Be Shared 67

12 A Minute on the Lips, Forever on the Hips 73

13 Your Children Always Come First 79

14 Ice, Elevate, and Stay Off of It 87

15 Don't Move Without a Job 97

16 Don't Talk About Death to the Dying 103

17 Sending Fan Mail is Tacky 109

18 Never Get a Tattoo 115

19 Miranda Lambert is Not a Licensed Therapist 127

20 Snoopers Never Prosper 135

21 Always Know Your Date's Pedigree 143

22 Never Let Them See Your Scars 151

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