Running for Your Life with COPD and Emphysema: A True Story

Running for Your Life with COPD and Emphysema: A True Story

by Augustus J. Daugherty


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ISBN-13: 9781539051848
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 01/18/2017
Pages: 64
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.13(d)

About the Author

Autobiography of Augustus J. Daugherty

I'm writing my autobiography today because I'm happy to be alive. I was diagnosed with COPD and emphysema in 2001, fifteen years ago. I have developed a program that has provided me with a longer and healthier life. As a result, I have just written a book featuring my program and how I quit smoking.

I lived in Detroit, Michigan my family had a house on two acres of land where they grew and canned vegetables so we could eat all year long. I was born in 1938. My Dad liked California since he drove a truck there loaded with new cars from Detroit. He decided we would all move there. Once we arrived in California my sister Juanita was born and a couple years later a brother Leo which completed my family.

I graduated from High School in 1956 and joined the U.S. Air Force for two years, departing with a General Discharge Under Honorable Conditions.

My wife Sue and I married in 1960 in San Francisco, California. We raised a family two boys, John and Doug and one girl, Katie. I have three granddaughters by Katie and two grandsons by my son Doug and his wife Michelle.

The turning point in my life, was in 1967 when my family and I moved to Dayton, Ohio so that I could work as a programmer for a national cash register company. At the time I was programming one of the first commercial computers for a nationwide canning company in San Francisco, California. The new job and move enabled me to learn the intricacies of programing they don't teach in school. I along with a team of programmers from countries around the world programmed a unique hotel reservation, check-in and out system.

We installed the system in a major hotel chain in San Francisco in 1971. It was a tremendous success due to flawless software. My family and I moved back to the San Francisco bay area suburb of Dublin.
I went to work for this hotel chain and I installed the hotel system into five more of their hotels. After completing this exciting job with this hotel chain they released me, and I was able to go back to work for the national cash register company.

After a few years with the national cash register company software support, I went to work for a nationwide bank as a software consultant for a security software system. The software checked for bank defined anomalies at cashiers stations in a bank.

I retired in 2002. During my retirement I have become an artist. My life's philosophy is enjoy life, be happy.

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