Running Through the Forest

Running Through the Forest

by Rosie L. Bumpers


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Cultivating Away Your Childhood Pain

Childhood pains have a way of crippling us as adults. Many of us think that growing up will give distance from the past hurt that we have experienced in life. Chronological aging does not guarantee freedom from our past. As we get older, excessive recollection of our painful experience retards our ability to get healed mentally and emotionally. The frightened child inside of us never grows up but remains imprisoned within, seeking to be nurtured and healed.
As an author, entrepreneur and pastor of Anointed Word Church, my assignment is to transfer or impart unto you my experiences that I have had as a nine-year-old child being molested. By the grace of God and the gifts that he has given me and by the powerful spiritual truth that has been imparted into my mind, I will disclose to you my personal life in hope that it helps you learn how to neutralize the inner child in you that is causing you to walk around in pain. I will deposit into you the power that you will need to deflate the components that "child inside" craves for but were not given. By having those cravings, the absence of the components left us with pain.
God has taught me how to breakup the soil that caused the root to grow. It will help you to change the way you see yourself. It will refine your life by cultivating the mind. This will produce a new life with greater tomorrow. He will nurture, foster, adorn and enrich your life with biblical principals that has ushered me into the lady I am today.

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Publication date: 09/30/2013
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