Saint Nobody

Saint Nobody

by Amy Lemmon


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Amy Lemmon’s stunning and heart-wrenching debut, Saint Nobody, offers us a profound meditation on the body, on the tribulations and the hard-found joys of incarnation. Lemmon does not shy away from a world where “vestigial angel-parts ache to emerge” and where there doesn’t appear to be a “speck of God.” This piercing meditation takes the problem of the body, and the problem of the body in a world that often seems God-less, head-on, without flinching, and yet delivers us truths and beauty we would never have imagined. Lemmon knows that we can’t count on the intercession of an absent saint, and she refuses easy solace. Instead, she probes deeply into the pain, into the conflicting emotions of childbirth, into the birth of a child with Down Syndrome—which is probably the most extraordinary poem written on that subject—to understand the life of our body here, the body in which “pain is sharpest where my wings would be.” This is a world of urine samples, “errant” chromosomes, lost kisses, first bleedings, chaotic cells, and scars, where the blood seems ours alone, and where the words are the only bread we have that may deliver us. In the bread of her words, Lemmon has given us a profound sacrament.

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ISBN-13: 9781597091428
Publisher: Red Hen Press
Publication date: 02/15/2009
Edition description: 1
Pages: 104
Sales rank: 1,107,261
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

Amy Lemmon is the author of two poetry collections: Fine Motor (Sow’s Ear Poetry Review Press, 2008) and Saint Nobody (Red Hen Press, 2009). Her work has appeared in Rolling Stone,New Letters,Prairie Schooner, Verse, Court Green, The Journal, Barrow Street, and many other magazines and anthologies. Amy holds a PhD in English/Creative Writing from the University of Cincinnati. She is Associate Professor of English at the Fashion Institute of Technology and lives with her two children in Astoria, Queens.

Table of Contents




Disclaimer       2

Saint Nobody       3

Karyotype       5

In-patients       6

Scar       7

Fine Motor       8

Blight       9

Sample       10

Still Life with Fire Escape       11

Fluidity       12

Domestic Policy       13

Order       14

Iconography       15

Deconstruction       16

Home on the Pike       18

Cardinal       19


Coke Bottle        22

Rolling Rock I       23

Rolling Rock II       24

Rolling Rock III       25

Daze of 1987       26

A Day’s Work       27

The Puzzle       28

Venus of the Interstate       29

Hands       31

End of the Urban Experiment       32

Breaking Camp       33

Letter to Boston       34



Kindred       36

Deciding on Quandary       37

The Secret Spilled       38

Cloistered       39

Dinner with the Hugheses       40

A Borrowed Book       41

Feeding a New Void          42

“The feel of your mouth on my neck—”         43

This Milk-Weed Pod Your Head       44

Home Brew       45


Margins       47

Autumn Remonstration       48

Election       49

A Physics       50

A Physick       51

Tonic       52

Fantasy for Cello and Orchestra        53

Four Nocturnes        54

Monday Night Contradance        56

Vespers       59

Keats’ Eyelashes       60

Monday Aubade        61

Friday Afternoon        62

Please Be Patient        63

After DiChirico’s The Uncertainty of the Poet        64

Revival       65

Strangely Tender       66

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