by Pauline Creeden


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ISBN-13: 9781491072066
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 10/10/2013
Pages: 268
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Sanctuary 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 21 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
lauralovesreviewingLT More than 1 year ago
As the story begins, the aliens have already damaged the sun, causing perpetual twilight during the day, making it difficult to grow crops. And they’ve contaminated the water supply, which has killed off one-third of Earth’s population. As the aliens don’t do anything further for quite some time, just hover in the skies, people try to go about their daily lives. But the aliens unleash something horrific, something beyond imagination, and it has serious repercussions, killing off another third of the population. This is where things really get dicey. What comes next? Are they planning on wiping us out completely? Or do they have something else in store? Once I started reading Sanctuary I happened to glance at the cover and realized how perfectly it represented the story. The church is in the background and Jenny is prominent, just as she is in the book. Jenny never did get to return for her second year of college. The aliens attacked again and life as she knew it crumbled. Now, she’s separated from her parents and has to protect her five-year old brother. I admire Jenny. She’s a young woman, alone, facing something we couldn’t even imagine. What she focuses on is getting her and her little brother to safety. She’s scared to death as she navigates the streets. But she has keen instincts and stays sharp when things get really bad. She’s a natural nurturer and has a heart of gold. You’ll get to know Hugh and Brad, the brothers. Hugh was a teacher at Jenny’s old highschool. He was trapped in his apartment building. When people were being attacked in the street, his first instinct was to go outside and help, but the apartment manager wouldn’t risk unlocking the doors. When he finally does leave his apartment, he ends up at the church. There he runs into his younger brother Brad. There is no love lost between these two. Brad is lucky when he stumbles upon the church. But he didn’t much like the fact his brother was there. I liked Hugh. He was a quiet, introspective man. Willing to help in any way he could. Brad was another story all together. Every story needs a villain and he seemed to wear the title proudly. He was arrogant and self-serving. Quite the spoiled brat. And he never missed a chance to get under Hugh’s skin. One thing he did had me thinking he might be redeemable but I can’t spoil it for you. Each chapter is told from the points of view of Jenny, Hugh, and Brad, but they flow easily and you quickly recognize their individual voices. This is listed as a christian thriller, but it’s not like any you’ve read before. There are aliens, dog/lion creatures that bite you and turn you into zombies, and the disturbing situations you have to deal with when in a group, struggling to survive. I was kind of reminded of Stephen King’s The Mist, when they are all confined in the grocery store. Not everybody likes each other or gets along. Life and death situations make people do weird things. While Jenny draws on her religious beliefs to get her through this, I never felt like I was being preached at. If anything, she had me asking myself how I would hold up, what would I turn to. And with so much going on, I was kept busy following the action, trying to stay one step ahead of the horror. The religious tones in this story are a natural progression and make it more real. Look at all of the disaster movies and books out there. So many of them have people gathering at a church, either for spiritual strength or just solace in the company of others. If you like a mix of genres, some science fiction and fantasy with your horror, I recommend you read Sanctuary. It keeps you connected, never bogs down, and there’s plenty of action and danger.
JoMichaels More than 1 year ago
Zombie novel? Love! Christian science fiction with zombies? Um... Wow. I had no idea what I was in for when I started this book. What an awesome twist on the biblical apocalypse. Rather than being some mutated disease causing people to start acting like zombies, what if it's an alien invasion? Well, this is the direction Sanctuary takes you in. Let's get to the good stuff, shall we? From a Reader's Perspective: I loved watching the main character, Jennie, come into her own through the story. When we begin, she's a lot like any tween would be: Self-centered, technology reliant, BFF in place, and has dreams of what she plans to do with herself down the road. As the tale moved on, she becomes a strong, self-reliant young woman. This change was perhaps the most moving one in my eyes. Pacing through the story was great, and I loved the little twists and turns thrown in. Hugh was a great character and I'm eager to see how his relationship with Jennie develops in future books. Oh my goodness what a cliffhanger at the end! If you're not a huge fan of being left with a juicy bone dangling in front of you, the ending will be less than satisfying. But I loved it. I'm now chomping at the bit for the next installment. Aliens were a nice twist to the common zombie novel, but the thing I love most about them was still prevalent: human survival struggles. What would one do in any given situation when they're terrified out of their minds? There's plenty of that going on in Sanctuary. Having said that, let's move on to part two. From an Editor's Perspective: I found a few niggling little errors like: "...but she knew the door would be locked as the red sign on the door clearly stated they were sorry about." and: "The ideas spun in his Hugh's head like..." But none of them really took me out of the story, and there were only around fifteen in the whole book. Rating: +1 Star for bringing Jennie into her own via life and death events +1 Star for pacing and plot (both were excellent) +1 Star for the awesome twist on the cause of the zombie virus +1 Star for plenty of human angst during a crisis situation that left me biting my nails +.75 Star for writing and editing -.25 Star for need for a proofreader to eradicate those tiny errors Overall: 4.75 out of 5 stars! But I round UP, not down. Highly recommended if you love zombie novels or any book that's gonna make you think about your own humanity.
WhatsBeyondForks More than 1 year ago
Sanctuary by Pauline Creeden is a story that combines Aliens, Zombies, and a little bit of Revelations. This is a combination I haven't seen together before, and I have to say, I kinda liked it. We're given the perspectives of Jennie, Brad, and Hugh. I didn't like Brad at all. You're not supposed to like him, but I'm not really sure why we were given his perspective. It makes me think he might be playing a bigger role in the next book. Sanctuary had some slow moments, but for the most part it was interesting and different. I really enjoyed the Biblical aspect. I like how it put a different interpretation on some of the things mentioned in Revelations. There are some definite good vs evil stuff going on, and this book has me curious for more. Sanctuary by Pauline Creeden was kindly provided to me by the YA Bound for review. The opinions are my own.
ysar More than 1 year ago
The end of the world doesn’t happen quickly, but in stages. First, the sun grows and dims, ominous black spots dotting its surface as Earth’s temperature drops. Large disc-shaped ships follow, hovering in the air over cities and poisoning all large water masses. Only water already in the ground is safe, sustaining the remaining 2/3 of a wary population who wait for the next disaster. What comes next is straight out of a horror movie, large beasts attacking at random, people turning in their backs on each other as they fight to survive, and a plague spread through bites, changing victims into something akin to zombies. The Verdict... As soon as I read the opening quote, I knew this book would scare the crap out of me. That’s pretty much a given any time Revelations is mentioned, but dystopian with an underlying Christian theme? Yes, please! And despite the fact that I prefer to avoid anything even hinting at horror, I was completely blown away. Sanctuary reads like a movie, focusing alternately on Jennie, a college student charged with saving herself and her young brother; Hugh, a high school biology teacher on track for his PhD who fortuitously stumbles upon the group of running survivors at a church; and Brad, Hugh’s rather shallow, if not charming brother who trails Jennie to the church where everyone’s hiding out. I usually find alternating POV’s distracting, since they inevitably force me to follow a character I’m not terribly interesting, but not so with this book. While I definitely had my favorites, each character’s journey brought me new insight into the horror of what was happening around them. Jennie is strong in will and faith but completely unprepared for what’s befallen the world. Like any college student, she’s been enjoying her independence from the rules of her parents, but that is lost when the aliens arrive. Unlike the more curious population, she has no desire to go near the hovering spacecraft, but she’s reluctant to surrender the normal life she’s been leading. But when the aliens unleash monsters to attack and infect the unsuspecting populace, normal goes right out the window. With no clue as to the fate of her parents, she’s alone in protecting her five-year-old brother — well, almost. She happens across the local minister and his wife, and their presence is reassuring. Add in Hot Mr. Harris, a.k.a. Hugh, and his somewhat smarmy brother, and they begin to stand a chance at surviving. What I enjoyed most is that it isn’t the least bit preachy. In Sanctuary, while faith and God are both mentioned, it feels more organic than sermon-like. Given what’s happening around them, it’s not even immediately obvious that their prayers aren’t simply made in desperation. After all, who wouldn’t be crying out to God when life on earth is in jeopardy? And it’s a rather brilliant take on the book of Revelations as well. Those prophesies of hell breaking loose on earth, demons, people begging for death… They play out in the beasts attacking and the zombies unable to rest in peace. It’s incredible that a story can so perfectly combine aliens, zombies, and end of days without sacrificing cherished beliefs. Best of all, I can recommend this book to just about anyone. Whether you love sci-fi,dystopian or romance (because there’s definitely one budding there) or faith based fiction, Sanctuary has it all, and it delivers it in such a way that even if you’re not a fan of one aspect or another, you’ll find yourself hooked.
AliceGrace More than 1 year ago
I received this book in exchange for an honest review. No compensation was given or taken to alter it. Sanctuary is definitely a blend of a lot of sci-fi, dystopian, and post-apocalyptic elements. I'm a major mood reader so I feel like I would have enjoyed this one more if I had read it at a different time. I'd also like to note that although it's been filed as a young adult novel, none of the major characters were teens. It makes more sense as a new adult novel (hence my genre assessment). Jennie loses her parents and is left to take care of her five year old brother, Mickey. Hugh and Brad have issues and, despite the tragic world they live in, can't get past them. Sanctuary is told from Jennie's, Hugh's, and Brad's POVs. Let it be known that Jennie actually is nineteen, even if she doesn't act like it. Honestly, if I hadn't been told otherwise, I wouldn't have known she was in college. Not from her behavior. I'm sorry but you're an adult, your mom can't stop you from going out to college. Yes, respect your mother, but it isn't her decision. The fact that Jennie just let people tell her what to do and needed people to tell her what to do irked me a bit. Other than that though, she was fine. She's strong but not like a lot of other female characters we see in literature these days. I liked Hugh instantly. He's a generally nice guy just trying to do the right thing and help people. He was probably the only character I can actually say I genuinely liked. As for the issues mentioned above, I really can't say Hugh was at fault. Brad is a complete jerk. I didn't like him in the beginning and I didn't like him in the end. I thought that maybe there'd turn out to be more to him. Sometimes it seemed like there was but Brad is so arrogant he wouldn't let us see it. He was despicable. But I didn't dislike him to the point that reading from his POV was painful. The overall story was a great concept but I think it would have been more enjoyable if it had all been developed more. The characters mentioned a third stage in the alien invasion but that seemed like it was kind of dropped. But the way this book ended suggests there's going to be a sequel so that third stage may be showing up then instead. The one thing that bothered me the most was the bajillion times the author restated Hugh's scientific theories. Sometimes a quick, "and he explained his theory" will do. But still, the explanations were placed far enough apart that the repetition wasn't completely awful. I actually liked the slight love story. It was kind of a case of insta-love if I've ever read one. Not too bad, but I feel like Jennie dropped her bad opinion of Hugh a little too quickly. But they make a cute couple. All in all, I have some complaints, but Sanctuary was enjoyable. I actually didn't realize how creepy it was until I stopped reading and everything around me was dead silent.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed this book till the end. I felt like the last few chapters were rushed because the author forgot stuff in the previous. I felt like something was missing at the end. I hope there is another book. A part 2
LJCapehart More than 1 year ago
This is a real page turner! Well written, good-well rounded characters, this book is definitely interesting! I found it hard to put down, neglecting my housework, to see what happened next. This was a very imaginative end times scenario, scary but fascinating to read. Good job! I was given a copy of this through Story Cartel in exchange for my honest review. flag
Zelma More than 1 year ago
I normally read historical fiction, but the concept of this story intrigued me to read it. I was so pleasantly surprised. I LOVED this book. I love Pauline's interpretation of the Zombies, puts a nice spin on the book and I loved that it wasn't so gore filled. The bible verses out of Revelation will send chills up your spine and fit nicely with the book. Pauline provides great story with a big twist at the end. That makes you want to read more. I sure hope there is a 2nd book to this story. The book centers around 4 characters along with some great supporting roles with the pastor and his wife. Jennie is a 19 year old college student. Who is still very childish in her ways. But grows up fast to be a shining example of what a Woman should be. Mickie is 5 years old and the brother of Jennie. Brad is 23 and uses women with his rugged good looks and charm to get what he wants. MONEY and to upset his brother in any way he can. Hugh is 27 and a high school teacher and older brother to Brad. They have a long history and don't get along.
GinsBookNotes More than 1 year ago
Spaceships have hovered over the military bases and population centers around the world for six weeks with no sign of movement. The water supply has been tainted. One-Third of the world’s population has been indirectly killed by their presence. People are scared but life must go on. Passive acceptance is easier than terror and helplessness. It is at this point that the monsters are released and a new terror takes over the world. This book is different, exciting, fascinating, and thought provoking. It is an odd mix of alien, zombie, apocalyptic, and suspense with a touch of romance that somehow still manages to convey that hope, faith, and community are the keys to surviving the worst that life might bring. I loved so many of the characters. They all have amazing depth and duality. Jennie was fragile and terrified; yet at the same time so strong and brave. Pastor Billy, was a big strong man of God but in the end showed that even those we think might be the strongest in their faith struggle. Hugh, is wonderful. That is all I have to say about Hugh. I loved him.  This book is one that I will reread many times. It will be a gifted to others and the release of book #2 is something I will be anxiously awaiting. My advice…read this book…it is great! Original post on GinsBookNotes .com
SunMtnReviews More than 1 year ago
Sanctuary caught and kept my attention because of the unusual way Creeden incorporates elements from multiple genres and weaves them together into a story unlike anything I’ve ever read. The book has a mix of science fiction, with an alien invasion that instigates a zombie apocalypse and indicates prophesies foretold in Revelations have begun. A church provides sanctuary from the external dangers, and some characters rely upon their faith and prayer to give them strength and keep them safe.  The story is set around Newport, Virginia, and is narrated by three main characters, Jennie, Hugh, and Brad, whose individual stories descrobe their different circumstances and the separate challenges each must face until their lives intersect when events bring them together at a local church. As it turns out, these three characters do have connections to one another creating minor complications that expand and enrich the main conflict.  The prologue of the story provides necessary exposition, sets the stage for the impending apocalypse, and foreshadows how unprepared many people are about the unimaginable reign of terror they will soon experience. When the story opens, the alien invasion has already begun and 1/3 of the world population has been annihilated. Everyone seems to be anxiously waiting to see what will happen next. Jennie is the protagonist of the book, a nineteen-year-old college student, now home with her family, and her attitude reveals her denial that life as she knows it will soon be over. Six weeks have passed since the first alien attack, and now the aliens are quietly, but strategically hovering over key geographical locations. Although we aren’t given specific details about what kind of attack occurred, so far the devastation hasn’t personally touched Jennie, and she hasn’t seen too much of a change in her own life.  Jennie does pout when her worried parents refuse to allow her to return to college and pick back up with her social life. I didn’t really like Jennie at first. She was whiny and self-absorbed, but my impression of her changed as she transforms into a mature, selfless, and brave heroine who is able to put her fears aside and accept her new role as surrogate parent to her young brother. She becomes more thoughtful and generous, often putting others’ needs before her own.  One of the most heart-wrenching scenes for me is when she has to distance herself from her father and move on without her parents. Hugh is also a main character, a teacher at the local high school and a good man whose observations and insight will be integral to events that occur in the latter part of the story. Even though he is significantly older than Jennie, he is drawn to her and wants to get to know her better. He sees and respects Jennie’s courage, inner-strength, and fierce protectiveness of her brother. Unfortunately, Jennie has formed a negative impression of Hugh that will prove difficult to change.  Brad is the third main character and the least likable. I’m really not sure why he’s such an important character and even necessary to the plot. He is shallow, selfish, antagonistic, manipulative, and for the most part he remains a static character who creates such minor complications that the story would have been just as effective without his presence. One significant event in the story allows readers to see a rare side of Brad that contrasts with his thoughts and behavior throughout the rest of the book. Perhaps his purpose is to show that no matter how dire the circumstances, some people refuse to appreciate how precious life is and have little desire to change. The aspect I liked most in this story is how the author shows that when put in life-threatening situations fear can bring out both the best and worst in people.  None of the significant characters in this book want to be heroes, but, when necessary, they show courage by pushing aside their fears to reach out to others in need.   I do hope there will be a sequel because there are too many unanswered questions and story threads left hanging, so the book ends without a clear resolution. The last chapters of the story seem rushed, and the epilogue comes too soon for my satisfaction. I’m still unclear about the  significance of and motivation behind the alien invasion and their purpose for turning people into zombie-like creatures to spread an unidentified infection. I also want to understand how all these events relate back to the scripture from Revelations that is interspersed throughout the book. Furthermore at the very end, a new conflict arises when Hugh receives a cryptic message intended to set him on another journey for humankind’s survival.  Overall, the book is appropriate for young adults and will also appeal to adult readers as well. Creeden shows the horror of the apocalypse without being too graphic to scare readers. I will keep an eye out for a sequel because this is a story that I’d like to see continue.  I received a copy of this book from the author for an honest review. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
donniedarkogirl More than 1 year ago
Basically all you have to do is mention The Walking Dead and aliens, and I'm there! As soon as I read the synopsis for Sanctuary, I was hooked - the idea was all at once frightening and fantastic. Not to mention the passages from The Book of Revelation that the author quoted before some of the chapters. Eerie! Jennie is easy to connect with but not a favorite character of mine. I think it's because the thoughts and feelings she has are so similar to what I would think and do in her situation that it made me uncomfortable. I'd like to think if the world was coming to an end with aliens running around I'd be a kick ass chick taking those aliens down five at a time; however, I'm sure this wouldn't be the case. Jennie's dad was easily my least favorite character. The decisions he made were horrible, and if this was a movie, he'd be that character everyone in the theater yells, "Don't go investigate that strange noise!!!" But then he would anyway. He left Jennie and her little brother alone countless times and didn't seem to worry that much about their safety. It was frustrating! The characters are realistic - they are ordinary people like you and me who are forced to face that the world they once knew will never be the same and that they might not survive it. They don't automatically become heroes - they ask themselves if they should help others at the risk of their own deaths.  The pace of Sanctuary allows for the tension to build up slowly. It creeped me out that the aliens attacked the water supply and the sun, and then just hovered over cities with various spaceships. And didn't just hover - there was a constant droning sound for over six weeks straight. I think that would set me on edge and weaken me until my defenses were down, which is what I think the aliens set out to accomplish before they started full out attacking people.  I loved Sanctuary and the way it satisfied my craving for post apocalyptic and science fiction. I would never want to be in an apocalypse, but I sure love to read about them! I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.  
CiannaElizabeth More than 1 year ago
Grade: A I love dystopian novels, and I love zombie novels, and when I read that this book seemed to have a way with both styles, I was excited to start reading my ARC! Pauline Creeden has written a wonderfully imaginative book that pulls readers into the story, and keeps them running to keep up. It’s perfect, realistic, and griping. I’d suggest it to anyone. There are 3 characters which we really get to know, Hugh, a teacher, Jennie the main girl, and Brad the brother that stole Hugh’s girlfriend. These three weave the tale for us, and it works so well. I thought they were all realistic characters, with logical thoughts and actions. Nothing seemed contrived or forced at all, though Brad didn’t seem to serve a big point in this book, but maybe that’s for a reason. The story was a great read. It had a great level of suspense; it keeps you on the edge of your seat. This is a YA book, so the zombie gore factor isn’t as bad as something you’d see of walking dead, or the like, it’s toned down a bit, but still present. There’s also a bit of religion in this book, but no it’s not a book that only religious people can read, and it’s not preachy or over the top, it’s barely noticeable, and it’s mentioned in the same way other authors use religion to help them weave a story, and it works, in a weird perfect way. This book has zombies, it also holds aliens, and it’s the end of days, Revelations time has come and brought zombies and aliens. You’d think you need to suspend disbelief a lot in order for this story to work but you’d be surprised, you don’t have to, you just read and you get pulled in. I loved this story, it’s a great YA read, and it doesn’t pander to anyone! Check it out! **I was given an ARC in return for an honest review
KristinaSnyder More than 1 year ago
Sanctuary was a quick read filled with action, horror and suspense. What I liked about this book was the fact that it wasn't like any other zombie stories I have read. Bits and pieces of the story really did have the creepy factor especially with the wailers and all what they did. I also liked that the story had a little bit of mystery to it that kept me on the edge of my seat.  Jennie was a normal college student until everything forever changes with the world in which she lives in. Aliens show up and everyone thinks that everything is fine since nothing has happened. All of a sudden, chaos hits and changes the lives of everyone. Survival is the key. The lion looking aliens attack and begin turning people into zombies known as the wailers. Jennie becomes the soul guardian of her little brother Mickey and has to find some way to keep him alive. The questions are, do they find safety? Is there a cure once people are turned into zombies? I liked Jennie as a character. She was very strong and always put others before herself. I loved how her faith in god helped her is what made her stronger. She is a character I was able to relate to easily. I adored her little brother Mickey. I just wanted to hug him and tell him everything was going to be ok. But that little one was strong in his own way. Hugh was an all around nice guy. He had a connection with Jennie from the start but didn't understand it. They both tried to fight it in a way. I hated his brother Brad. He is such a womanizer. He only dated girls with money. What he did to Hugh was horrible. I wish I got to know more about the characters. They seemed very one dimensional to me. It felt as if I didn't know them. I also wish I got some more information the aliens. I would have also liked to know the purpose of the alien's visit and the reason they were turning people into zombies. At times, the story also felt rushed. But other than that, I enjoyed it. I loved that this book had a Christian aspect to it. It wasn't a lot to make it overwhelming. It was just enough to make a difference in the book.  Sanctuary was an interesting story that had a little cliffhanger at the end. That makes me think that there will be a sequel. I am hoping that there is so I can find out what happens with these characters and the aliens.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
If you like apocalyptic books, you will love this one. Even if you don't, you should try it, may turn you around!
Autumn2 More than 1 year ago
I received this book to give an honest review. With Sanctuary, you are thrown into the world of aliens (though there is not much talk about them) and the end of the world pretty much only with zombies. Yes I said zombies, but these zombies are not your run of the mill zombies. Jennie is a college student who finds herself thrown in the harsh world of the aliens. When tragic events happen to Jennie she is forced to fight for her and her brother's survival. I really felt bad for Mickey, Jennie's little brother. He seemed so innocent. The aliens have unleashed a new terror one that turns the people if bitten into something that is horrible. There will be survivors, but how can they all deal with what the aliens are throwing at them. Can they find a way to defeat them or at least hold them at bay. The ending seems to have a cliffhanger so I hope there is a book two in the works. There will be heartache, and strength, love and faith all this comes together to make a good story. I am giving this book 4.5 stars, only because I would have liked more information about the aliens. Why were they there, what was their agenda. Other than that it was a really good story that kept me engaged late into the night. If you like reading about apocalyptic stories then this is the one for you.
SabrinaNedeleaSN More than 1 year ago
I received this book in exchange for my honest review. I’m not crazy about books with apocalypse and UFO spaceships , but I can’t give this book less that five stars! It’s amazing! It’s something else, different – in a good way, and they writing it’s spectacular. I was gripping my kindle because I was wondering what can happen next. Brilliant, I tell you! Jennie Ransom is a college student who thought she had a normal life, until she was thrown into a life full of aliens. One day, UFO spaceships come crashing down into the cities all around the world. Everybody goes into hiding because they don’t know what to expect. Jennie stays into the house with her brother Mickey and her parents, but nothing feels safe anymore. As if problems weren't enough, the aliens lets loose some kind of big creatures that looks like dogs, and her mother gets bitten by one of them and she leaves for the hospital to try and recover. But, the people doesn't understand the consequences of being bitten by this creatures. Jennie tries to get to her parents at the hospital, but the streets are full of flesh eating zombies and she needs to stay safe in order to survive. If she gets bitten, she will become one of them! And she needs to protect her brother Mickey. Luckily for, on the run, she meets the pastor Billy Crawford who saves her. He and his wife have turned the church into a sanctuary for people to hide and stay safe, at least for a while. But, the aliens keeps appearing and there isn't a safe place anymore, except maybe the military base at Fort Monroe. should I put it...the story was scary as hell, it gave me goose bumps. I felt extremely sorry for Mickey, because he was young and innocent, he didn't deserved what happened to him. For me, the ending of the book had a cliffhanger, so I don’t know if I can expect a second one, but I hope so. I think I've become a little addicted. This book will teach about what courage means and what you can do for you’re love ones with bad things happen. Thank you Itching for Books for giving me the opportunity to be apart of the tour. Favorite Quotes: “It appears the aliens have attacked in a manner that our military was completely unprepared for. They have assailed civilians on an individual basis, seemingly at random.” "Hey!" Carrie, the barista, pulled herself partway from the floor. "You're not supposed to smoke in here!"  After a long pull on the cigarette, Steve held it in for a full three seconds before blowing two rings of smoke. "Who's gonna stop me? The world is going to hell out there. I doubt this place is going to be open tomorrow."Carrie stood, approached Steve, and held out her hand. "Let me have one." Steve smiled. "I thought you quit." "What’s the point? If one of those monsters doesn't kill me, I'm sure the next alien out of the ship will." “It’s true that some are, but humankind has taken a hard hit even before these Shisa started attacking people two days ago.” He wiped his brow again and coughed before he continued. “I used to perform two or three funerals a month. But lately, it had been as many as four a week.” Jennie shook her head. Her voice quavered. “They didn't say anything about this on the news. My dad was watching it all day long, every day, since the aliens came.” “Sometimes the news doesn't give us the whole story because they are afraid of how the general public will respond.” 1. The attacks on people made by the Shisa always left the victims injured and seemed to happen at random. 2. The time the bitten victims had before they showed symptoms varied but averaged just over an hour. It seemed they were affected by an alien virus of some sort and began attacking bystanders, also leaving them alive. 3. No matter the injuries sustained by the victims, they continued to attack. It seemed that bullets to the vital organs made no apparent difference in stopping them. Could they die?
j2starshine More than 1 year ago
This book would not let me go.  First the nuts and bolts.  The characters. There are three main viewpoints: Jennie, Hugh, and Brad. I liked how the author subtly connected the viewpoints when she first introduced them to us.  Hugh was a teacher Jennie knew; Hugh lost his girlfriend to Brad, his brother. Although, I wonder what purpose Brad will serve later on in the story as he seems to just be there to add conflict and contrast with his brother, so you know he's going to have to come up again. The characters felt real with their own unique quirks, thoughts, and personalities. And when Jennie's dad handed her the hammer, I lost it.  The story. It was well-written and flowed well. The tension just kept building and building until you wonder when it was going to pop. Everything came to life. The setting, the characters, their problems, the presence of the aliens. I could just taste the tears, feel the fear, the pain, the loss, and the vibrations.   A few times I felt something was too easy. Just handed to me, telling me something, rather than letting me figuring it out for myself. Like when Jennie determines why she couldn't take anything from anyone. It was there in her character and actions, so I didn't think I needed to be told this directly. But then, I could relate to her need for wanting to help, to do something, and not just sit there.  The concept. I loved it. What if? What if the demons of Revelation were aliens? And they had blighted the water supply, diminished the sun, and killed 1/3 of the Earth's population. And what about Revelation 9:6, people wanting to die, but not being able to? Zombies??? The faith aspect breathes organically through the characters, and it does not try to preach or convert anyone, but to wonder, what if?  Yes, zombies, aliens, and the Apocalypse. And the ending! It was so good, making me wish the sequel was already out. Although, I haven't been told there was sequel, but the way it ended, there better be. Ha! Very clean read, if you don't mind a little gore. We are dealing with zombies here, but it wasn't over done either. If you love the end-of-the-world type of a story, a bit of horror, thriller, and a touch of romance, check it out!  *I was given an advanced reader copy in exchange for an honest review.
AriellaH More than 1 year ago
Amazing read. I love how strong characters are. Aliens take over the world and infected the humans by biting them. They are like zombies but different. There some survivors and they live at army base.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Sanctuary is one of the best books I have read. I love reading end time fiction. This has alien type dogs that bite people and infected them and they bite and infect other people. Jenine the main character lost her mom and dad and now has to take care of her 5 year old brother. My favorite part was when she had to walk in between the alien type beings that have now turned out to be the size of lions. She prayed and said "Walk by faith not by sight. I love that we all need to live like that everyday. I won't say anymore this is a great read an hope there are more boo