Savage Sins: A Man's Secret

Savage Sins: A Man's Secret

by Martha de Graaf-Poupaki
Savage Sins: A Man's Secret

Savage Sins: A Man's Secret

by Martha de Graaf-Poupaki

Paperback(3rd ed.)

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My job at the warehouse, asked a lot of commitment from me as the CEO, but I had to keep my head up high. I needed this job. There was no way, me crawling back in my ex husbands web.

I was sitting in my small office room, and realized that the past month I hadn't seen Jake at the gym. I opened my Facebook and see that I had a new friend request. It was from Jake. My heart skipped a beat, and my hands were shaking.

Well why the hell not? I accepted his invitation, I never thought that something so small, could lead it to be a huge mistake. Not long after, I received a message from him.

"Hey stranger..."
"Hi, good evening Jake. I haven't seen you around at the gym?"

Jake replied after five minutes.

"I was busy with work...Too bad we couldn't meet...How are you doing?"

I doubted for a moment, before I pressed enter to send a message back at him.

"I'm fine. Thank you for asking. You haven't missed anything special at the gym." I tried to answer indifferent, so he didn't get the wrong idea of me, because I barely knew Jake.
"Are you going to the gym tonight?"
"No, I have to finish some drafts for the book I'm writing, before it goes to my publisher next month. Why?"

He was typing and then deleting, for the next few minutes, and then I received another message.

"What are you writing?" He asked and added a smiley with a wink on his face.
"I'm writing a rock novel, but also lyrics for songs." Yeah and I was proud of it.
"I'd love to read it..."
"Do you like reading books Jake?"
"Not that much. Reading is not my cup of tea, but only if the content is interesting enough to me to read one."
"What a shame. I'll give you a copy, maybe the rock music in the text is not your thing, but the content is very interesting..." I gave him a wink back.
"We'll see about that...It is still early. Come on; join me at the gym, you can come out of your cave for an hour...Don't you?" He almost begged me, and I laughed at his remark - cave -.
"Because you're asking me in a nice and kind of way, I'll join you. I'll be there in fifteen minutes." I replied and went to get changed for the gym.
"I come to pick you up from your house, be ready in five minutes."

I read the massage, and running to the pantry to take my shoes, bag and keys. I take a last look at the mirror and put my hair up in a tail. I don't want to look like I try very hard for his attention.

After five minutes, I hear a Porsche 911 parking front of my house. He came with his bachelor car this time, instead of the pimp Mercedes from last time. The windows of the car were blinded, but I knew who sat in it: Jake! I stepped into the car, noticing a few of my curious neighbors watching.

"With you picking me up in a car like this, is asking for trouble..." I joked.
"I'd love to get in any kind of trouble with you..." He laughed.
"Well don't be surprised. The second you've parked your car front of my door, some calls are been made..."
He turns his head to face to me, and the distance between us is getting smaller.
"I don't give a fuck Gina...Give those suckers something to talk about..." He licked his lips, and he looked to mine like he wanted to take a taste of my mouth, but he holds back.
"Why do I have the feeling, that I'm going to burn my ass with you, and after it have to sit on the blisters?" Was my gut talking to me?
"Do I look like a bad boy to you?" He asked and I realized that his face was very close to mine, and looked at me, deep in the eyes. I felt almost dizzy.
"I hope you're not a bad boy Jake..."
"Who knows Gina...Maybe I'm an asshole, who's going to break your heart..."
"That's the risk I want to take..." I teased him, but my gut inside me screamed: RUN!
"Be careful what you wish for Gina...Maybe I'm willing to give it to you..." And with these words he drove off to the gym.

After two hours he drove me off home.

When he pulled over and he looked at me... Somehow I couldn't hold myself back, and putted my hand at the back of his head, playing with the curls of his hair. He seemed to like my touch.

"You're a nice woman Gina...I hope, I don't need to break your heart..."
"I don't understand why you keep repeating this? Are you hiding something?" I stared for a second too long in to his eyes, and couldn't deny it that I didn't start falling for him.

"No, I just want to be careful with a lady's heart..."

Liar...You're a beautiful, crazy liar...

I took my hand off the back of his neck, but before I could step out of the car he holds my hand and kisses my knuckles.

"Thank you Jake."
"Anytime for you my dear." He said those words like he meant them. But like Taylor Swift was singing: I knew you were trouble when you've walked in...

This evening was the start to a great heartbreak...

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9789082845556
Publisher: Martha de Graaf-Poupaki
Publication date: 01/04/2021
Series: Savage , #5
Edition description: 3rd ed.
Pages: 302
Product dimensions: 5.83(w) x 8.27(h) x 0.63(d)

About the Author

I started writing during my vacation in Italy/Greece in 2011.

I always had a great attention to detail and also in my stories I try to come across as human as possible.

For me, writing is a hobby, but one that I really enjoy doing.

When I started writing in September of 2011 (so a few months later, ) everything was clear. This is what I want to keep doing. I was hooked on the diversity that writing offers as a hobby.

My passion for traveling, reading books, remembering things in detail, reminiscing, and the desire to keep all the places I've been so far in my mind forever makes me what I am today.
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