Saving Eve

Saving Eve

by Dianna Hardy


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ISBN-13: 9780957540439
Publisher: Satin Smoke Press
Publication date: 04/28/2015
Pages: 172
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.40(d)

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Saving Eve 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Autumn2 More than 1 year ago
I have loved this author's stories since I first started the Witching Pen series. Though with this story I felt confused at what was going on at first 10 % into the story I had to go and look up my review of the Last Dragon to see if maybe I had missed something and if my review would clear it up for me. Being as it has been a while since I read the last book.  (This was all me and nothing to do with author or the writing) Luckily as I kept reading the story slowly started to make sense for me and when I got to the big revelation of it all and who Evie or Eve really was and the world surrounding her it all made sense and clicked.  This is the last installment in the Witching Pen series so please make sure you read the others way before you read this story.  Lucifer is made to seem the bad guy but all he is is angel who has fought off the blood lust when he fell because of his love of one person. Eve. She is the one person that he has thought about for centuries just the same as her, they are meant to be even though she was always promised to Adam.  Eve finds a man in front of her house and she feels she should take care of him, now this man who shall be named Lucky and later on named Luc has no memory of who he is, but as time progresses his memory returns and that is thanks to Eve.  When you learn about Lucifer he is this bad person but in this story we learn he wasn't all that bad and it makes you have a heart for him.  The love that Eve and Lucifer have for each other is magical and the way she describes him "entering" her is just pure bliss. I really liked how the author used the biblical characters to make this story work but didn't cram religion down your throat, it was like her own spin on how everything in the world came to be and it was refreshing.  Though I enjoyed the story a whole lot being as we get to an insight to Lucifer it wasn't my most favorite story out of the series. 
notrow1 More than 1 year ago
This is the fifth and final book, and also a spin off of the Witching Pen Series. I loved it! Luc (or Lucifer) is a completely interesting character. He intrigued me in The Last Dragon, as he is not evil, but as a Fallen Angel, darkness surrounds him. He feeds on the pain and suffering of humans, but he has always loved Eve. This is his story of what happened to him after the dragon awoke and changed the world forever. Evie is a wonderful character. I am glad to get to know her better. She is the head of the research and analysis team in Earth Sciences at Oxford University. When she finds a stranger, hurt and suffering with amnesia, she feels responsible for him and takes him into her home. When I heard the author was writing this story, I became very excited. I love The Witching Pen series and Lucifer's story is most definitely the icing on the cake! I was completely hooked from beginning to end. The story starts ten years after the dragon's awakening and the Earth has seen major climate change due to the constant earthquakes that have rumbled ever since. I love how the story follows both Luc and Evie as they try to figure things out and is told from both of their perspectives. Hang on to your hats though, because this is not a typical romance novel! There are several twists and turns that surprised me completely - I was in shock at some of the revelations towards the end of the story. This book took me on an emotional roller coaster ride! It made me laugh and it made me cry. I love both of these characters and, though they are only fictional, they seem to be as real as you and me. I feel sad that this series has come to an end, but I have loved every minute that I have spent with all of the characters of the series. The author has tied all of the events the characters had to face in the series into an amazing journey. I will miss them all, but I can always visit them within the pages of the books on my Kindle. Dianna Hardy is a fantastic author! I am a HUGE fan of hers! I love her writing style, which is fast paced and fluid, and the flow of the story is wonderful. Her characters are flawed, but this makes them extremely lifelike and likable in my eyes. As this book contains scenes of explicit sex, I do not recommend this book for readers younger than 17. However, I HIGHLY recommend this book (PLEASE read the Witching Pen novella's and The Last Dragon first though!) if you love erotic paranormal romances full of sexy demons, angels and witches! Oh, and dragons! - Lynn Worton
Bex_n_Books More than 1 year ago
'Saving Eve' takes the reader on a journey filled with intrigue and passion. There are some books that draw you in quickly and easily, some where it's easy to relate to characters, and some that drag you into their world allowing you to follow the fierce emotions and struggles of the characters, making it impossible not to journey with them and enjoy every single moment of it. 'Saving Eve' offers this and so much more. Dianna Hardy's fresh and unique craft appears effortless. Her words never fail to move the reader, engaging them fully and opening up a vivid world. Truly, her striking literary style is as beautiful as it is original. Both Evie and Luca are fascinating characters who were easy to fall in love with. Their relationship growth and individual journeys were gripping, providing an incredible story of loss, love and self-discovery. A compelling five-star read.