Saving Her Angel

Saving Her Angel

by Missy Jane


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Eleanor has loved her boss Cam from afar for years, but now he wants to retire and send her away. Tearing her heart out would have been kinder.

Archangel Camael must never fall for a woman. If he does, he

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ISBN-13: 9781535482387
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 07/25/2016
Pages: 190
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.44(d)

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Saving Her Angel

An Archangels Novel

By Missy Jane, Robin Haseltine

Entangled Publishing, LLC

Copyright © 2016 Missy Jane
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-63375-722-6


Modern Day

Eleanor Tinley pushed her glasses higher on the bridge of her nose before snapping her purse shut with a huff. She dropped it onto her empty desk and looked around the nearly bare office. It was done. Four years of hard work and loyalty out the window on the whim of her suddenly flighty boss, and now she was unemployed.

Sure, he had given her a ridiculously generous severance package. If she was careful — and she was always careful — she could live comfortably off her savings for at least a couple of years. He had been insistent about making sure she had more than enough money to coast for a while. It had almost seemed like he was concerned about her, but she remained angry and hurt by the sudden dismissal. The problem was she didn't want to be unemployed. She loved her job. She loved her office and her desk, and she loved — No. She greatly admired her boss.

With a sigh of resignation, she dropped into her chair and leaned her elbows on the desk. Cam had been the perfect boss. Sure, he had a few odd quirks, but who didn't? And his family was a bit eccentric. But she probably should have known it wasn't meant to last. She had first met him when they had run into each other at the grocery store ... literally. And after twenty minutes of conversation he'd hired her on the spot.

Everything had been perfect until two weeks ago, when he'd announced he was retiring. A growl of exasperation escaped as she rolled her eyes. Who in the hell retired at thirty?

As if conjured from her thoughts, the sound of the front door opening reached her ears, and whistling wafted through the foyer. Her pulse sped up as Cam walked in, sorting through a stack of mail. The brown hair that matched his eyes was a little on the shaggy side and covered the tops of his ears. Light stubble graced his jaw and made him look a little dangerous. Annoyance filled her at how much she liked it.

"What are you doing here?" she asked.

Surprise lit his face as he stopped midstep and looked up. "I should ask you the same question."

Wanting to sigh in delight at the sight of his six-two frame in well-worn jeans that fit him like a glove and a T-shirt that might've been half a size too small, she fought the urge and frowned. For a marriage counselor who spent most of his days sitting, he kept his body in great shape, just like his brothers. Instead, she let her annoyance fill her tone so he'd know he'd upset her.

"I told you I had to finish packing the office this morning."

His attention shifted from her to the empty bookshelves and lighter spots on the walls where his diplomas had been. "Oh. Good." He looked at her again, letting his gaze wander head to foot. "This is the first time I've seen you in jeans. You should wear them all the time."

Heat filled her cheeks, but she pushed away the warmth of his compliment to focus on what he needed to know.

"The movers should be here around two, and the realtor wants to meet you at four."


Standing, she snatched up her purse. "I've already taken home all of my personal things and made sure yours are clearly marked to go to your house."

"All right."

"Each box is labeled with 'Office,' but there's a detailed list of the contents laying inside that you should see as soon as you open them. Of course, most of them are books. I boxed them in alphabetical order."

"Um ... Great."

She stepped around the desk and stopped about three feet from him. "So, I guess I'm done here."

"Okay. Uh ... Thanks for all your hard work."

They stood there staring at each other as anger boiled in her veins. "That's it? Thanks for all the hard work?"

He looked around in bewilderment. "Yeah?"

"Oh." She growled out her frustration and barely restrained the urge to punch him as she stomped toward the front door.

"Hey, Eleanor. What is it? What's wrong?"

"Nothing, Dr. Maxwell. Absolutely nothing."

"Oh, come on," he said from directly behind her. "You only call me Dr. Maxwell when I've pissed you off."

With her heart in her throat, she swung on her heel to find him a foot away. Closer than usual. For a second it took her breath away. "I can't believe that's all you have to say to me after the four years we've spent ... worked together. I'm so disappointed in you, Cam."

As angry tears burned the backs of her eyes, she turned away and headed for her car. She absolutely wouldn't let him know how much he'd gotten to her over the years. Especially now that it was obvious nothing would ever come of it.

"Hey, wait a minute." Warmth radiated up her arm as he spun her to face him again, but she pulled away and placed both hands on the top of her car. She bowed her head and fought the tears as hard as she could.

"Eleanor, I'm sorry. Really, I am. I know you liked this job, and ... I really liked you working for me. But I'm done, you know? It's over now. I'm sorry."

Even though she didn't agree at all, she nodded. It wasn't okay that he was retiring and closing his office. It wasn't okay that she wouldn't see him every weekday or hear his deep voice on the phone. It wasn't okay at all.

"I-I understand, Cam. I really do. I'm just ... going to miss you."

Strong fingers gently grasped one of her shoulders to turn her around again so she faced him.

"I'm going to miss you, too. You make the best coffee in the world."

And that pretty much summed it up. She fantasized about this man nearly every night ... and he loved how she made coffee.

She sighed deeply before wrapping one arm over his shoulder for a hug. After he patted her back twice, she let go. The confusion on his face would've been funny if it didn't hurt her so badly. This was the story of her love life. She always fell hard while the men ... not so much.

Pasting on a smile she didn't feel was second nature after years of fighting her growing feelings for him. "All right. Well, it's not like we'll never see each other again, right?"

"Um ... No. Of course not."

His less than confident tone made her frown, but Huntsville, Texas, wasn't that large. They had initially met at a neighborhood grocery store, after all. She was hoping to see him around from time to time. Then maybe she'd finally gain the courage to let him know how she really felt.

"Good luck with your move, Cam. Call me if you need anything."

"All right. Thanks."

With a nod, she got into her car. When she glanced in her rearview mirror, he was still standing in the driveway, watching her. Pulling her attention away from him, she concentrated on the road home instead of the hole in her heart. Various reasons she could call him in the next few days raced through her mind, and she systematically rejected every one. All of them seemed too eager, and she wasn't quite ready to admit her desperation to have a different relationship with him. Cam was a rock, a steady presence of strength and goodness that pushed away all the darkness in her life.

With a shake of her head, she resisted the memories of her past that threatened to bring out the tears she was valiantly holding at bay. No good came of remembering her childhood, which is why she had never told Cam anything about it or all that she had run away from. Would it make a difference? Gnawing on her lip, she decided not to worry about it for now. If she did see him again, then, perhaps, she would open up a bit more, but some things would stay buried no matter what happened between them.

* * *

Camael watched his human secretary drive away and felt nothing but complete confusion. Eleanor's pain had hit him like a ton of bricks, and it had taken all his will not to grab his chest in empathy. Had this job really meant that damn much to her? Guilt quickly followed for having hurt her at all. She was definitely a special woman, someone who should be cherished and taken care of. Unfortunately, that wasn't in the cards for him, but he hoped to keep an eye on her and steer the right man her way in the future.

As a twenty-one-year-old college dropout, down on her luck and nearly homeless, she had really needed a steady job when they'd met. Her inner goodness had shone like a beacon, and he'd needed a secretary anyway. Plus, it didn't hurt that she was so pretty in a girl-next-door kind of way. It had been like divine providence, though because the Source had been silent for centuries, he knew better than to bank on that. He'd hired her on the spot because he'd really needed a human he could trust, and she had needed a reliable job. For four years, it had worked out well for both of them.

The slim brunette had always remained completely professional. Even when he'd told her to dress casually, she insisted on wearing nothing but calf-length skirts and blouses to work. Not that he complained. Her being easy on the eyes certainly made his days brighter. Though he would've liked to see her hair down from the usual tight bun just once. Even today she'd had her hair up, but finally she had been in jeans. And they looked damn good on her. He shook his head to clear that image away, since nothing could come of an attraction to her.

Unfortunately, the time of his and his brothers' transformations had arrived.

Every ten to twelve years they had to change their appearances so the humans around them didn't notice they weren't aging. A pain in the ass, but a necessary one. Plus, it had the added benefit of keeping them from growing too attached to their human companions. This way, they knew it was coming well ahead of time and acted accordingly. None of them formed close friendships.

Losing someone every few years really sucked.

The seven Archangels in his clan had each other, however, and that had worked out well for eons. But now three of them were ... different.

Zerachiel and Rafael had both fallen. They had each found a human woman to replace their brothers' connections into their souls and would each live out one mortal lifetime with their chosen woman.

But his brother Gabriel was simply lost. After the Source of All Creation had struck him mute many lifetimes ago, Gabriel had disappeared. They couldn't communicate with him telepathically and couldn't find him by human means, either. All they knew for certain was he lived with a human woman somewhere in the U.S.

Though Cam was happy for Zerach and Rafe, it hurt not hearing their voices in his mind anymore. Sure he could call them up on the phone, unlike Gabe, but still ... they had been together as brothers for thousands of years, and none of them had actually believed they would ever part. The absence left a void in his mind and an ache in his chest that increased when he couldn't reach them by phone quickly enough.

He sighed and ran his hands over his face before looking around at his neatly organized office. Stacks of perfectly labeled boxes lined the walls of one room, along with the remaining furniture. All the other rooms were completely empty.

Eleanor was amazing at her job and one of the best things that could've happened to him. He didn't relish the thought of hurting her, but there was no way around it. Maybe when he reemerged in his new persona he could hire her again — he just had to figure out his next profession.

The cell phone in his pocket buzzed, and he fished it out to see Rafe's smiling face on the screen. He answered with a grin.

"Hey, Rafe, what's up?"

"Today's the day, right?"

"Yeah, just wrapping things up at the office, and then I'll be at home for a while. Why?"

The silence was long enough for unease to creep across his shoulders.

"I had a dream," Rafe finally replied. "It wasn't a really bad one, but it wasn't good. I think we need to be looking out for some really evil shit to hit the fan soon."

"What do you —"

The floor beneath him rolled before he could finish the question. He stumbled around as he tried to keep his footing and not drop the phone. The crash of destruction from outside reached his ears. Someone screamed nearby, and car alarms sounded in chorus all down the street. He staggered to the still-open front door and looked outside at complete chaos.

Trees disappeared before his eyes, and power lines fell. Asphalt cracked, and steam rose as the fissure widened. It ran all along the street as far as he could see. Then the rumbling simply stopped. Warily, he stood waiting for more shaking, but nothing else happened for a full minute.

"Cam! Cam, what happened?"

The sound of Rafe's concern reached him, and he looked down at the phone still clutched in his hand. "Hey, I'm okay. There was an ... earthquake."

"In Huntsville?"

The skepticism in Rafe's voice was understandable. Who had ever heard of an earthquake in Southeast Texas, much less Huntsville?

"Yeah. I gotta go. I'll call you back."

Rafe hung up, and Cam hurried out to the street. The fissure was no more than six inches wide, but it ran the length of University Avenue. All up and down the street, people were stumbling out of buildings, some with injuries, and he called out to his brother.

Mike, there's been an earthquake.

I thought I felt something.

Cam squatted down and held his hand over the fissure. Evil and rage hit him like a sledgehammer, and he yanked his hand back and shook it out.

This was no natural occurrence. We need to check this out.


Yes, and a fissure of this size could have mid-level demons running through the streets in no time, wreaking havoc.

I'm already above you.

The angels had the ability to hide their presence from humans, something they usually only did when flying in a clear sky.

Mike, Sel, and Uri hovered above him as Cam made his way back into his office. He left the door open and waited for them to appear.

"So, what the hell happened?" Mike asked as he walked in.

Cam crossed his arms and leaned against Eleanor's desk as his brothers appeared before him. "Although earthquake would be my guess, that fissure out there feels like the pits of hell."

The other three angels pulled shirts on now that their wings had disappeared. Each of them held a unique tattoo of finely etched wings on his back and could call it forth into an actual pair of wings at will.

"Any demon appearances yet?" Sel asked.

Cam shook his head. "None."

"That probably won't be for long," Mike said. "Sel, Uri, check out the area and make sure no one is in need of medical assistance. Cam and I will be checking his library."

"For what?" Cam asked.

"Geological maps of the area. There have to be fault lines here, and we need to know everything about them. We also need to check the news to see if there's been an increase in crime in the area. A portal that size would need a lot of human blood to open."

"I don't remember ever reading about fault lines in this part of —" Cam froze in the middle of his sentence and stared at his brothers. "Did you hear that?"

They all looked at each other, and Uri shrugged. "Um ... no."

"Eleanor," Cam said. "She's screaming."

Fear for her had him running out the door; his brothers quickly followed. The blood rushing in his ears didn't drown out her screams, and his speeding pulse matched his footsteps as he pounded down the pavement. She wasn't far away, so he didn't bother flying, just ran inhumanly fast until he made it to a collection of abandoned buildings a few blocks away. Just ahead, he spied her car and the man trying to pull her from it. Even as she kicked and hit out at him she screamed.

"Hey!" Cam hollered. "Hey, stop!"

The vagrant didn't seem to hear him as he yanked on Eleanor's arm and hair, which had come loose from her bun, the brown and copper strands shining in the sunlight. It almost distracted Cam, but he ran right at the man and grabbed his wrists. The look of shock on the man's face was almost funny, until Cam squeezed.

Bones cracked in his grip, and the man cried out as he let go of Eleanor. He tried to pull away, but Cam was in too much of a rage to let him go.

"Cam, let him go."

Mike's voice barely penetrated Cam's anger, but he finally heard the command from his brother and complied. Sel and Uri each grabbed the old man and dragged the vagrant away.

Mike stepped in front of him. "Check on Eleanor, and we'll deal with him." Then he turned away.


Excerpted from Saving Her Angel by Missy Jane, Robin Haseltine. Copyright © 2016 Missy Jane. Excerpted by permission of Entangled Publishing, LLC.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Saving Her Angel 3.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
beckyb0416 More than 1 year ago
This is the third book in the series, not having read the first two did not leave me at a disadvantage. There was plenty of backstory and reoccurring characters to be able to keep up with the series. This is the fist book by this author I've read, the jury is still out on whether or not I'll follow up with the first two books in the series though. The story took me a bit of time to become emotionally invested in the characters. There seemed to be parts that dragged on and could have been left out completely without taking away from the overall integrity of the story. I wish that Cam and Eleanor would have come together sooner, it would have added more interest to the story for me. I did thoroughly enjoy the ending though, that alone may come back for more from this author. This book was provided by the Publisher and Netgalley for my honest review.
aprilrenee1976 More than 1 year ago
sweet paranormal romance Book Three in the Archangels series, This is Camael & Eleanor's story. Cam is an arch-angel and is also Elle’s boss, which BTW, he has been so for the past 4 years. Elle has always had this deep attraction to Cam but he hasn’t tried to act on that attraction . With Cam retiring , he decides to get rid of Elle which causes her a lot of pain. Thing is Cam is an angel and changes form every so often as to keep people from realizing what he is. The day of his retirement, when Eleanor is driving away from her last day on the job and with Cam, something strange happens and suddenly Cam is there to save her. That is when Cam realizes someone is out to get Elle so he and his brothers become her bodyguards/protectors. Oh the chemistry is there between Cam and Elle and it is electric. I kept waiting to see how fast Cam would own up to her being his but it wasn’t immediate. There was this back and forth going on a lot and Cam has all this angst built up, a lot of confusion over what he wants whereas Elle wants him and a LT Relationship. This story will keep you on your toes as these are hardheaded MC who care very much for each other. Love is a main feeling that is shared but hidden at times. It is a good story but I craved more backstory, and the action was a bit mild. Other than that, Cam and his brothers are great. I loved the paranormal romance premise of this story. My rating: 3.9 stars **** **I was given an ARC by the publisher in exchange for an honest review***
gigiluvsbooks More than 1 year ago
Eleanor has loved her boss Cam from afar for years, but now he wants to retire and send her away. Tearing her heart out would have been kinder. Archangel Camael must never fall for a woman. If he does, he’ll lose his angelic powers, and he will age like a human. Protecting humans from evil is paramount and has meant periodically reinventing his identity to avoid rousing suspicion. But as his desire grows for his secretary, Eleanor, duty feels more like a burden, because he can’t imagine starting a new life without her. He can never fall in love. A force of evil is wreaking havoc and Cam and his Archangel brothers scramble to determine and thwart the cause. The key lies in Eleanor’s tormenting memories, but if they push her too hard, she might snap. Cam must walk the delicate line between protecting Eleanor, appeasing his brothers, and saving the world. Review: I really liked the plot and the idea of the story. Elle and others are being used by a demon and Cam, her boss and his angel brethren must save them and stop the demon. I found the part where Elle and the others were all once part of different cults very interesting and wished more time was spent on this aspect of the story. The first part of the story was slow in bits and even though there was action, it dragged at times for me. The ending was full of action and drama as they fought the demon and tried to help Elle and the others. Elle and Cam together were very sexy and that angel has a dirty side ;) I never felt lost when reading this even though it is book #3 in the series and of course I had not read the others, it really is self-contained. Overall, I liked the book. I think the story could have maybe benefited if it was a longer format and more detail went into the cult, demon part of the story. It seems to have ended so I would be curious to see what the next book brings. 3.5Stars *I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review.*
LuckyDevilReviews More than 1 year ago
Yet again, I found myself eager to read a book that is not the first of the series. Saving Her Angel just sounded so good, I couldn't help myself. It is, in fact, the third book in the Archangels series by author Missy Jane, but I never felt lost or confused by the story. The focus was centered on the two main characters, Camael and Eleanor, with just enough interaction with Cam's Archangel brothers to make me extremely interested in reading more about them in subsequent (and previous) books. I may have mentioned this a time or two before, but I love a good alpha male. Not the kind that forces his decisions or comes off as just a brute. I mean the kind that will move mountains for the one he loves, always taking her feelings in consideration; while he's always there to catch her if she falls, he lets her be her own person. This also requires the female protagonist to not play helpless victim all of the time as well, to be strong and willing to go the distance for her partner, but also to accept help when needed or know when a task is too dangerous for a human. We get the best of both worlds with Cam and Eleanor (or Elle, as he called her). Cam was tough, compassionate, and loyal. He didn't want to do anything that he felt would hurt his brothers, but he also was beginning to have serious feelings for Elle. With the demons plotting and scheming, he had to make some really tough decisions; while Elle was in the forefront of his mind, he also had to think about the billions of people around the world that needed protecting as well. Elle was awesome too. She wasn't afraid to stand up to Cam and let him have it if he irritated her and she didn't complain about being thrust into the middle of the angel/demon fight. She was willing to help at every turn, even if it sounded like a suicide mission. Above everything else, they refused to give up on each other even when things looked bleak. The story moved along quickly and smoothly, which made it impossible to put down. In a small way, it reminded me of the Black Dagger Brotherhood. Camael and his brothers were always there for each other and had such a tight bond that I loved. It's always nice to have a series like this because even though the book is finished, Cam and Eleanor are sure to pop up to assist in future adventures. If I was hard-pressed to say something critical about this book, I would say that Cam used the word "baby" too much when talking to Elle. It's okay once in a while as a term of endearment, but it was a little overdone in this case. It did make me laugh though, because it reminded me of my mom. I got her into the Stephanie Plum series and she hated when Ranger would call Stephanie "babe"; he did it so often. She was forever complaining about that. Also, I wish the epilogue had been just a little longer. That's just me being selfish though and wanting more time with these characters! There aren't a ton of sex scenes in this book, but the couple that are included between Cam and Elle are electric. I seriously got goosebumps as I was reading. I like how he took charge and was determined to make her feel good, which she later reciprocated. If you're a fan of otherworldly books, especially those dealing with angels and demons, then you will definitely not be disappointed with Saving Her Angel. It was sexy and romantic, with hints of danger and humor, and I can't wait to read more from Missy Jane! *Received free copy of book from publisher in exchange for honest review*
bookobsessedmomma More than 1 year ago
I love angel stories and this is one I devoured from start to finish. You will fall in love with Cam and Eleanor. He's her boss and she's the secretary who just lost her job... but fate has other plans. If you are a lover of Angel stories, trust me, you'll enjoy this one. It's humours, sexy, intense, filled with sexy angels and more! 4 stars from me. I look forward to reading more by this author in the future!
repsgoddess More than 1 year ago
I was given this book in exchange for an honest review. Saving Her Angel by Missy Jane is Book 3 of the Archangels Series. Even though this is part of a series, it can still be read as a standalone so no worries if you haven’t read any of the others. This is one tough review to write and I have lots of emotions over it, although sadly these aren’t the kind of feels one gets from reading a touching/gripping story that has grabbed a hold of you and wrenched every drop of feeling from you. Oh no, I’m talking more along the lines of disappointment and confusion, to name a few. The world-buildup was nicely done while the characters are fleshed out and engaging. With that being said, I am one of those readers that needs to feel the connectivity and emotions that are taking place between the characters; with this book that didn’t happen. Instead, the author spends most of the time telling us what was felt. Don’t tell me, show me...make me feel it! As readers, we take an author’s words and create, in our own minds, the world, characters and relationships, according to our vision of what the author has described...all in our own unique and imaginative way. We pull from the sense of emotions given within the story, and if done right, we are held captivated, and engage not only our minds but our hearts as well and are taken on a wonderful ride without leaving our comfy reading spots. This is what takes us readers to our happy zones and what makes reading soooooooooooo freaking absofabulous! There was a lot of bouncing around and many slow parts in the story which made it feel laggy, instead of having a smooth flowing feel to the writing that we would have expected; such a shame considering there was some good action going on in the book. With respect to the storyline, I felt that it had such potential, however it came across as if the author only seemed to casually skim the surface of the storyline instead of tackling it full on which had me feeling letdown reading it. Overall, this is an interesting read and way to spend a lazy afternoon.
Brigittehf More than 1 year ago
haven't read the first two books in this series but "Saving Her Angel" can be read as a standalone. Camael aka Cam is one of the seven archangels who are stranded on earth. He works as a counsellor and because he doesn't change in appearance he has to move on to avoid suspicions. Eleanor aka Elle has been Cam's secretary for the past four years and now that he has to reinvent himself, she no longer has a job. She doesn’t take this news very well as she loves her job and her boss. On the day when they have to part ways, a strange phenomenon occurs and Elle finds herself in danger. Cam runs to her rescue with the help of his brothers. It so happens that evil is lurking and Cam suddenly feels protective towards Elle. He starts to see her in a different light and it's strange that he hasn't really "seen" her before now. He discovers that the reason for his oversight stems from her past. The more reason for him to protect her. His feelings for her start to run deep but as an archangel, getting emotionally attached would result in losing his angelic powers. Elle has been in love with him ever since she met him and now that the attraction is mutual, it's hard to resist. This novel is very well structured. The ongoing battle between the archangels and the evil entity is full of action, suspense and danger. The feelings between Cam and Elle become stronger but their relationship remains fragile. As much as Cam wants to have a life with Elle, he doesn't want to "fall" and betray his brothers. Elle is not prepared to settle for a temporary relationship. Is there any chance of them becoming a real couple? The chemistry between them is unquestionable and when they are together sparks fly. I have read quite a few angels/demons novels and I like the different and unusual approach to this storyline. It's an interesting concept which kept me turning the pages and I would recommend to lovers of the paranormal. I received an eARC of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.