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SCABS: Sudden Crazy Ass Bitch Syndrome

SCABS: Sudden Crazy Ass Bitch Syndrome

by Isabella Ornot


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“Scabs” is a humorous depiction of two adult sisters who survived growing up with an Italian dysfunctional alcoholic mother. As children, they witnessed their mother, Carolyn, have violent, and erratic temper tantrums. Carolyn would throw corning ware, coffeepots, and brooms while screaming obscenities before breaking down in tears. The girls had coined the term “Scabs” or “Sudden Crazy Ass Bitch Syndrome” to define it. Humor was their way of deflection. They emerged as extreme opposites despite their sisterly bond and loyalty. Angie is a brash dynamic journalist turned television producer, while Jan is a mother who works at home in their family business. She is timid and runs from all confrontation while Angie craves it.

Angela was awakened by the Woman’s Liberation Movement in high school, while Jan was busy taking applications for her future husband. Both love their families and good sex. Angie will tell you all about it while Jan just grins a lot. Angie will tell you she’s a bitch while Jan tries to deceive you that she’s not. But in reality, they are both bitches born from a crazy ass bitch.

As a child, Carolyn had taught Jan how to be the Bridge party bartender. By the age of six, she had mastered Muddled Old Fashion’s, Martini’s, and Manhattan’s. But by the age of seven, Jan witnessed her mom’s first Scabs episode. Jan finished serving all the cocktails and was in the kitchen rinsing out glasses and playing with her good friends- the whiskey, vermouth and vodka bottles. They were toasting to a successful evening of bartending. No one mentioned that Jan couldn’t drink at the party, perhaps a slight oversight on Carolyn’s part. Just as Jan finished pouring her extra dry Martini with a three olive garnish, Carolyn popped into the kitchen for some fresh ice. Innocently, Jan smiled at her and raised her glass in cheer. It was then that Carolyn exploded in full Scabs mode. In two steps, she crossed the kitchen and slapped Jan right off of the counter. The screaming began and dishes and glasses were being smashed. Jan’s dad rushed into the kitchen and was assaulted by a flying coffeepot and broom. Apparently, this was his fault. That night in their bedroom, Angie reassured Jan that she was special and the bond that tied them for a lifetime was born.

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