Science and Beyond: Toward Greater Sanity through Science, Philosophy, Art and Spirituality

Science and Beyond: Toward Greater Sanity through Science, Philosophy, Art and Spirituality

by Rolf Sattler


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Science, coupled with technology, has become the dominant force in most parts of the world. Thus, it affects our lives and society in many ways. Yet, misconceptions about science are widespread in governments, the general public, and even among many scientists. Science and Beyond explores these misconceptions that may have grave and even disastrous consequences for individuals and society as was evident during the COVID-19 pandemic, where they led to much unnecessary suffering, sickness, and death.

The misconceptions also obscure the limitations of science. Not seeing these limitations prevents us from seeing and going beyond them, which leads to a crippled life and an impoverished society. But reaching beyond the limitations of science, as outlined in this book, can open the doors to a more fulfilled, saner, healthier, happier, and more peaceful life and society.

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ISBN-13: 9781039102972
Publisher: FriesenPress
Publication date: 06/22/2021
Pages: 174
Sales rank: 767,631
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.47(d)

About the Author

Rolf Sattler, PhD, DSc (hc), FLS, FRSC, is Professor Emeritus of McGill University in Montreal, where he carried out research in plant morphology on the development and evolution of plant form. He published nearly a hundred research papers and several books, including the triple award-winning Organogenesis of Flowers and Biophilosophy. Consequently, he received many awards and honours. At McGill University he taught courses in plant biology, general biology, the philosophy and history of biology, biology and the human condition. In addition, he lectured at many institutions and universities around the world, including Harvard University and the Universities of California, Berlin, Zurich, Delhi, Malaya, and Singapore. And he was a speaker at many national and international conferences and congresses. For the Dalai Lama's 60th Birthday Celebrations he gave a talk on Life Sciences and Spirituality.

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