Science of the Spoken Word

Science of the Spoken Word

Paperback(8th ed.)

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The Most Powerful Force in the Universe.

Become the master of yourself. Rediscover the art of invocation practiced during the golden ages of Atlantis and Lemuria.

Use precise formulas of the Word to command the flow of light from your Superconscious to your conscious mind—unlocking an unlimited creative potential.

Learn how to call forth the violet flame—a high-frequency energy that can penetrate your nervous system, your heart, your brain—to increase stamina, longevity, and your extrasensory perception.

This spiritual fi re can change inharmonious thoughts and feelings—stress, anger, depression—into a positive and centered disposition. It can increase mental clarity....and help you deal with the long-term effects of drugs.

The violet flame will cleanse your system of emotional and physical poisons. It will transmute your negative karma. It will erase the cause behind the effect of disease. It will even clear the distressing records of past lives.

It will make you happy with yourself! But know this:

The power of the violet flame will remain sealed in your Higher Consciousness until you summon it by

the science of the spoken word.

• How to decree effectively—teaching on breathing, rhythm, posture, and visualization

• How to overcome fear and enslaving habits through decrees—a self-help manual

• How to contact the creative Word and direct its power into every problem—personal and planetary

• Six full-color healing thoughtforms for your meditation and visualization

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ISBN-13: 9780916766078
Publisher: Summit University Press
Publication date: 08/07/2017
Edition description: 8th ed.
Pages: 258
Sales rank: 766,322
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Table of Contents


“Make a Joyful Noise unto the Lord!”

by the Messengers




Definitions of the Spoken Word

1 Saint Germain’s Mantra for the Aquarian Age

by Saint Germain

2 The Chart of Your Divine Self

by the Messengers .

3 The Overcoming of Fear through Decrees

by Lord Maitreya

4 Heart, Head and Hand Decrees

by El Morya


Violet Fire

Heart, Head, Hand

Tube of Light







5 The Power of the Spoken Word

by Saint Germain

I AM the Light of the Heart

The Balm of Gilead

6 How to Decree Effectively

by the Messengers

7 Five Dynamic Decrees of the Word

Adoration to God

I AM God’s Will

Golden Victorious Light

I Seek Thee

The Masters’ Vessel

8 Notes on the Color Rays

by Kuthumi .

9 Exercise for the Strengthening of the Aura

by Kuthumi

10 God the Original Decreer

by the Messengers

11 The Power of the Ten Thousand-Times-Ten Thousand

by the Messengers

12 “Command Ye Me!”

by the Messengers

13 Calls to Archangel Michael for Protection

Lord Michael’s Blue-Flame Armor

Light’s Protection

Blue Lightning Is Thy Love

Traveling Protection

14 The Dispensation of the Violet Flame

by El Morya

15 The Violet Transmuting Flame

by Saint Germain

16 The Violet Flame

by the Messengers

17 Ten for Transmutation

by the Masters of Freedom

1. Saint Germain’s Mantra for the Aquarian Age

2. I AM the Violet Flame

3. Radiant Spiral Violet Flame

4. The Law of Forgiveness

5. O Saint Germain, Send Violet Flame

6. Arcturus, Blessed Being Bright

7. O Violet Flame, Come, Violet Flame!

8. Fiat for Freedom’s Holy Light

9. More Violet Fire

10. The Flame of Freedom Speaks

18 Visualizations for the Science of the Spoken Word

by the Messengers

19 The Highest Gift of God to the Universe

by the Ascended Masters

Create a Sacred Space and Make a Spiritual Connection Each Morning

by Elizabeth Clare Prophet




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Science of the Spoken Word 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book introduces the power of the spoken word along with great visualizations, especially for healing. It also introduces the violet flame and how to use it for yourself, your family and friends. I've used the violet flame for years, and it has really made a difference in my life. I highly recommend this book.