Search Engine Optimization (Seo) How To Optimize Your Website For Internet Search Engines (Google, Yahoo!, Msn Live, Aol, Ask, Altavista, Fast, Gigablast, Snap, Looksmart And More)

Search Engine Optimization (Seo) How To Optimize Your Website For Internet Search Engines (Google, Yahoo!, Msn Live, Aol, Ask, Altavista, Fast, Gigablast, Snap, Looksmart And More)

by Samuel Blankson


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Search Engine Optimization (Seo) How To Optimize Your Website For Internet Search Engines (Google, Yahoo!, Msn Live, Aol, Ask, Altavista, Fast, Gigablast, Snap, Looksmart And More) by Samuel Blankson

This book shows you how to increase your web popularity, page rank, website visitor retention and internet sales through building backlinks, using link exchanges, search engine submissions, directory manual submissions, social media (i.e. RSS, forums, groups, blogging, vlogging, photoblogging, social networking sites (Facebook, MySpace etc), paid inclusion, pay-per-click, paid submissions, banner advertising, banner exchanges, news and PR article submissions, podcasting, doorway pages, referrals, affiliate networks and affiliation, eCourses, eBooks, foreign language search engines, free and low cost advertising websites, conventional marketing methods (such as, billboards, building wrapping, inflatables, vehicle wrapping, aerial banners, posters, radio and television), campaign monitoring, SEO campaign fine-tuning and more.

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ISBN-13: 9781905789061
Publisher: Blankson Enterprises Limited
Publication date: 06/30/2008
Pages: 240
Sales rank: 381,451
Product dimensions: 0.55(w) x 6.00(h) x 9.00(d)

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Search Engine Optimization (Seo) How To Optimize Your Website For Internet Search Engines (Google, Yahoo!, Msn Live, Aol, Ask, Altavista, Fast, Gigabl 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 46 reviews.
Charissa More than 1 year ago
I have several websites that are currently looking to optimize their traffic to each site, but to do the task for myself was a daunting one. I could figure out the simple things, such as sending out emails to specific lists and advertising through friend¿s sites and reviews, but anything more than that was far beyond my capabilities. In a single reading of this book, that has drastically changed.
Blankson has created an effortless read. The layout is such that you can read the whole book for a step-by-step process, which I would recommend, or pick out the areas most relevant to your needs. His language is easy to follow for anyone and jargon that must be used is fully explained. His book is full of essential suggestions, like using social sites and how to best showcase your site, and more advanced suggestions like how to improve your page ranking and to optimizing keywords. One of the things that helped me the most was that his every concept was coupled with sites and links that allowed you to begin the process and in many cases explained things even further. This allowed him to wean out the fluff usually included and focus on the relevant aspects. His appendixes alone will save you time and frustration and make this book more than worthwhile.
I am now fully confident that I have the tools I need to create more traffic for the sites I work for. This is a book that I will always keep close by the computer. It far exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend it to anyone who needs to optimize their search engine potential.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
AK00 More than 1 year ago
This is a very excellent book. Well packaged for SEO. It covers almost every area of SEO one needs to get started . Author makes it easier to use by both novicest and professionals. It is clear and to the point. It is handy and easy to carry around for reference. Chapters and the material as a whole is well organised.
Christine0115 More than 1 year ago
As a freelance writer, I am often approached by companies needing web content with very strict guidelines ¿ and very often had no idea what they were talking about! I did my best to avoid taking these jobs, since I was definitely uneducated in regards to internet marketing. Terms like ¿SEO¿ and ¿pay-per-click¿ seemed way over my head. Once I decided to take the time to study up on this subject, and picked up a copy of Blankston¿s book, everything fell into place. My income has nearly doubled since I took the time to read up on the subject, and I¿ve kept it on my desk ever since ¿ it¿s a great reference even after you finish it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Susan_Lanigan More than 1 year ago
This is a good starter guide to the various mechanisms of Internet marketing and Search Engine Optimisation (i.e. in rough English, how to get more people to click your links and earn some money in the process!)

The mechanisms by which this can be achieved are explained clearly enough, so a neophyte like me could understand the concepts. Blankson provides useful links at every juncture and guides the user through the processes without bombarding him or her with too much stuff. I learned a few new things. For starters, I had no idea how useful a sitemap is for search engine indexing, nor did I know how easy such a map is to generate, if you use the correct tools and XML. The use of keywords for searches is also advice I will keep on mind if I market products online in future.

I was also interested by the chapter on social marketing, via blogs, video clips and commentary. I vaguely knew about RSS feeds, but didn't realise that they were designed to be syndicated on other websites and that links back to your websites could be contained therein. I have a blog myself which is a mixture of personal items, current affairs analysis and embedded clips. While syndication is not an option I would consider now, it was definitely worth looking at all the possibilities.

The use of certain mediums to copyright work was another suggestion I was not familiar with and could use, as well as the suggestions of banners and e-zines.

Regarding BBS and message board linking, Blankson is careful to note the caveats of just barging in and posting spam, i.e. links to your website. I suspect that even with engagement with the topic through posting, spamming posts may well still get deleted by the moderators, but it would be unfair not to say that the reader is duly warned about this. At all stages when specifying methods unpopular with or banned by search engine, the author includes a warning note. I would quibble with an inconsistency here: sometimes the warning note appears before the technique in question and sometimes afterwards, which can be confusing. A good editor would sort that out and correct the occasional typos and spelling errors that occur and which could easily be cleared up with a quick proofing.

Apart from the typos, I would also have liked some more detailed explanations at some points, such as when discussing the link farm, as I felt none the wiser about link farms at the end of the paragraph as when I'd started. But given this seems an expensive and non-recommended practice, perhaps is the aim is to dissuade the amateur from using same - though this should be more clearly specified.

In summary - some editing issues but in general a good guide for breaking down the concepts involving optimisation and marketing.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book was a blessing for me to have come across. I own a handful of online stores and businesses. I have spent thousands of dollars on eBooks and manuals guaranteed to show me results. Of course, these books were all pretty much the same thing. Only about two percent of the information contained in these books pertained to me or my situation. Then I came across Samuel Blankson¿s book, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), and read it in a single day. He manages to leave out all of the irrelevant information that most e-books and informational portals fill their pages with. The book targeted the specific questions, ideas and information I had been looking for as an everyday person trying to promote my online business. He helped to deliver a total understanding of who is on the internet, what they are looking for, how they are looking for it and how they want it delivered. This book walks you through everything from setting up your website, META and TITLE tags, troubleshooting, sitemaps, keywords, site content and search engine optimizations. It is a one stop resource for all your online marketing needs. Samuel also provides information on several directories you can add your website to. If you have a question about SEO¿s or marketing your online business, this book has the answers. Language barriers? There is a section on that. Promoting your site through the use of social networks? Covered. How can you really promote your business through the world of blogging? Read about it. There are so many ways to get the word out there, and this book covers them all. You will be amazed at all the resources, knowledge and ideas this book has to offer. I have personally used a few tips from the book over the past week and have already seen traffic to my website double. I cannot wait to implement more of the things I have learned.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I love this book! I love books that are written by awesome people that are actually written FOR people. Now - that might sound like a strange thing to say, but if you do enough reading you'll realize that there are a lot of books out there that do little more than inflate the author's ego. Not so with this baby! I've been studying SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for about a hundred years and I've been starting to not only get frustrated but jaded as well. This book has been a treat to read. Whether you're a newbie at internet marketing and just starting your first Blog, or a seasoned professional that's been hunkering down and studying SEO, you'll find this book worth every penny you spend on it. I definitely recommend it.
Guest More than 1 year ago
GENIUS! There is no other way to describe it. If I had this book six years ago, I could have saved myself months of frustration, aggravation, money, hair pulling and my sanity. After all that, I still did not know half of what is complied into this book. The book is written for everyone and easy for anyone to understand. This information will save you time again and again. Not to mention money. After reading it, I realized all the books I have on this subject, and they are many, have just a trickle of information needed. This is a phenomenal book and delves deeply into Search Engine Optimization. Literally a gold mine for anyone who is new to building a website right on up to the experienced web master. I could go on and on, but why. Experience this for yourself. Once through this book is not enough. Now, excuse me while I get back to my reading and working on my website.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Samuel Blankson shares lots of tips and tricks of the trade that are free and unknown to most of us internet users. He holds back nothing in the wonderful e-book, especially his information that helps webmasters, which again is free. Blankson gave me good sound recommendations for tools to advertise my web site more effectively and free. I have not been able to find data like this any where else.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I didn¿t know much about SEO when I first read this book, just a few basic ideas. I had ran a Google search and looked up a few details about it and thought that there wasn¿t much involved with it. Having said that, as someone who is creating a new website in the near future, I am grateful that I came across this book when I did. ¿SEO ¿ How To Optimize Your Web Site For Internet Search Engines¿ is a wealth of knowledge on what and what not to do when trying to market your website. For more experienced internet users, you may be able to skim through or skip completely through the first chapter of this book that describes the internet, search engines and how they work. But even these pages are useful in giving examples of search engines and listing which are the most used. However, starting with Chapter 2, Blankson begins providing detailed information on how to market and optimize your website. The book goes through how to improve SEO of your website while creating and also how to improve it after the website is complete. In terms of creating your website, Blankson discusses in depth, domain names, META tags, sitemaps, boosting, hiding, linking and encryption. Having never created a website before this information was extremely valuable to me, especially since he explains the basics and more advanced uses of each, explaining how they can be used to improve the SEO of a website. In addition to explaining how to make the most of these tools, Blankson also lists frowned upon ways of improving SEO, including ways that my get you blacklisted or produce reduced rankings among various search engines. The next sections of the book explain how to use various items on the web to improve the marketability of your website. A few of the areas discussed include: Infosites, Bulletin Boards, Social Networks, Wikis, and Blogs. This was probably the most useful part of the book to me, because this is a part of SEO that I hadn¿t even considered for my website until I read this book. Later chapters, explain how to track and monitor the progress using these tools have made upon your website. The last section of the book discusses how to make money on your website through advertising and endorsements. This part of the book wasn¿t too useful to me, because for the website I¿m going to be creating, these areas are not applicable. But for those looking for information on how to make money through their website in these ways, there is an abundance of information included. Besides the actual information on SEO included in this book, the appendices included at the end are almost worth buying the book for. They include a multitude (hundreds) of useful URL¿s ranging on a variety of subjects from blogging sites, traffic exchange sites, Infosites, free ad posting sites, polling sites, networking sites, and more. The many URLS included in these appendices and throughout the book in general, have more than doubled the number of Favorite sites I have saved. Overall, I think this book has all the information you would need on SEO if you are planning on improving the marketability of a new website or an existing one. I know that I¿m looking forward to using the information I learned for my new site.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I would highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to attract more activity to their website but don't know where to start. The author wrote this book for beginners taking in to consideration that beginners no very little about the acronyms of the industry. Many times when reading a book, not know much on the subject I walked away with more questions then when I started. Not the case with this book! All your answers will be answered and explained in a way you can understand.
Guest More than 1 year ago
As a small business owner I was blown away by the content and the information in this book! I have wanted to advertise online for a long time and just didn't know what to do, where to start, how to do it, or what it was even. The information he gives on search engine optimization, where to go and how to do it is so useful. I have already started using it for my small business. Another chapter that really helped me was Chapter 4 on driving traffic. I have already started implementing his techniques with banner ads, pay-per-click, and ebay and I've already seen my website traffic more than double! This book is long overdue, I wish I would have had it when I first started my business because 100% of my customers find us online and purchase our services over the internet. I have high hopes that because of the tools, information, and tips in this book that my business is going to increase significantly!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a term that many have most likely heard of, but do not necessarily understand. As a freelancer writer who is looking to set up my own website to promote my writing, Samuel Blankson¿s Search Engine Optimization was a god send. Blankson manages to lay the facts down bare with maximum information and minimal jargon, so that even a beginner like myself can understand and process what he is saying. At the time same time, people of all skill levels would find this manual helpful ¿ the website owner that recommended it to me has been in the business for years and says that it still managed to point out some handy tips that he hadn¿t heard before. Perhaps the best part of this manual is the structure. It is magnificently structured so that the reader is guided effortlessly through the all facets of SEO, from start to finish. It covers all aspects of the SEO process, from search engines, traffic control and website optimization, to monitoring/finetuning and advertising. The manual is chock full of references, links, and URLs, to further your understanding if need be ¿ however, after reading Blankson¿s Search Engine Optimization I think you will find that it is the only ¿ and the best ¿ guide you will need. I thoroughly recommend this to anyone wishing to start there own website, but unsure about how to capitalise on their potential and get the maximum response to their website. It helped me, and it can help you too!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I was amazed at some of the information I have read in this book. I have experienced several problems in optimizing my website to promote my products properly and this guide has provided me valuable information going forward. I can¿t wait to apply some of Blankson¿s advice. If you need easy to read information to help promote your site, this is the perfect guide for you!
Guest More than 1 year ago
SEO: How to Optimize Your Web Site for Search Engine Optimization by Samuel Blankson is a fantastic book for individuals of all skill levels to help them get the very most from their personal and business websites. SEO is a term most people have heard, but few truly understand. It can be very complex to implement a solid plan for search engine optimization and Mr. Blankson does a marvelous job of breaking down the process and explaining it thoroughly so that everyone can benefit from the methods used by experts in the industry. Having spent years myself studying the best methods of SEO I can honestly say I learned a few new tricks. What I also noticed is how well structured this book is for those who have no experience in optimizing their websites. Detailed information on exactly why search engine optimization is so important as well as how each method works, what the possible pitfalls and mistakes are for each, and what benefits there are for each individual method as well as how they work together to create the perfect balance and highest rankings that result in traffic that sells makes this book an invaluable asset to anyone¿s library.
Guest More than 1 year ago
One of the better, if not the best, book I've gotten my hands on about Search Engine Optimization! Refreshing in its common sense discussion of what can be a highly technical area, this book offers valuable insight for everyone from the beginning Website Designer to the seasoned veteran looking to gain a bit of an added edge on the competition. Search Engine Optimization also has profit for someone who is not at all involved in the web design field, because of the extensive and thoroughly helpful appendices. An excellent read that I would highly recommend! Michael
Guest More than 1 year ago
5.0 out of 5 stars Great for everyone..., August 16, 2008 As someone who has designed and maintained websites for some time, I had never delved into the world of SEO (search engine optimization). I knew there was ALOT of ideas and methods out there, and I wasn't sure which worked. Thankfully, I found this book. Turns out there ARE a ton of SEO methods out there, and the author covers them all. I was originally disappointed that there wasn't any clear indication which methods were the best, but realized that from website to website, much like site needs and design rules, the 'best' SEO methods may vary greatly. The author takes the reader through all of them. Also, as is very important with a book of this type, it is quite up-to-date, though it may give a little too much time to BBS. The only complaint I have is spamming message boards with your web address. As a message board owner myself, people who pop in for one post that has a web address in it are the bane of my existence. But to be fair, the author cautions against that as well. Bottomline: this is a great place to start if you want to learn about SEO.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Samuel Blankson¿s ¿Search Engine Optimization: How to Optimize Your Web Site for Internet Search Engines¿ is the best `How To Book¿ on SEO I have ever read. It is written in novice language so anyone can learn with little effort but has so much information that SEO experts will learn some totally new tricks. Leveraging web browsers to achieve high placement on search engines are just part Blankson¿s approach. To achieve maximum exposure Blankson thoroughly explains how to use peripheral SEO marketing resources to really optimize! ¿Search Engine Optimization: How to Optimize Your Web Site for Internet Search Engines¿ will certainly replace leading textbooks on SEO.
Guest More than 1 year ago
SEO by Samuel Blankson is a must-have book for anyone building and developing their own website. Blankson has the ability to communicate his extensive knowledge of Search Engine Optimization in a clear and methodical style, making the book easy to read as well as imparting a large amount of information. Important checklists within the text are laid out in alphabetical order, enabling the reader to use them in a straightforward manner. A very useful facet of SEO are the many website addresses that Blankson has researched ¿ this alone makes the work of the website owner many times easier. Blankson is passionate about his subject. I found the book a great motivator and will dip into it frequently.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Samuel Blankson¿s SEO book is a wonderful source to use to create, manage, or improve your site. It starts off by defining some terms that might be unfamiliar to you then goes through the entire process of search engine optimization using detailed step by step instructions. This is perfect for a beginner or a person with more experience. By reading this you will gain great knowledge on how to grow your business by bringing more people to it through online and conventional advertising.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Anyone with a website has to learn Search Engine Optimization. It is the only way to be viable on the web and have any chance of getting your site noticed. This book is laid out in very simple easy to understand sections that give you step by step instructions. This book is a manual that you will come back to again and again. The topics apply to all the major search engines with particular attention on Google. Not only is this book extensive on SEO, Mr. Blankson also goes beyond SEO with a lot of other great marketing advice. If you put these principles to use, you will see growth in your business- guaranteed!
Guest More than 1 year ago
If you have a website and want it to be successful then this book is a must. There are many books and articles on SEO but this one stands out because it gives the reader all the information needed to make their website seen by the people that count. As in other books by Blankson it is not just designed for those who are technically savvy, it¿s for people of all levels. Each section explains in great detail a specific area of SEO. From the ranking system and exactly how it works to public relations on the web and everything in between you cannot go wrong by following the advice in this book. As a web designer myself I found information that was new to me and I can now use it as a beneficial tool to all sites I develop.
Guest More than 1 year ago
SEO is a ¿big thing¿ right now and will be a part of every successful internet business in the future. This book is a wonderful source of information to help any business take the next big step and for businesses currently working with SEO to go to the next level.