Secret Phoenix

Secret Phoenix

by Christine Bailey


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ISBN-13: 9781681060729
Publisher: Reedy Press, LLC
Publication date: 08/15/2017
Series: Secret
Pages: 208
Sales rank: 1,224,343
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Christine K. Bailey is the author of several books, including 100 Things to Do in Phoenix Before You Die. Dedicated to exploring the people, stories and events that have shaped the cultural and historical landscape of Phoenix, Arizona and the West, she writes regularly about the inspiring stories, bold risks and pioneering spirit that still abound today. Find her books, articles and upcoming events at

Table of Contents

Introduction 1

Acknowledgments 3

A Mysterious Treat 4

A Freemason's Headstone 6

Birthplace of a Religion 8

Chandler's Basement-Come-Speakeasy 10

Horseworld 12

Thousands of Acres of City Park 14

Frank's Hidden Treasures 16

Historic Motel Takes a Bath 18

Legend of the Lost Dutchman's Gold 20

Movies the Way They Were Meant to Be 22

Phoenix Petroglyphs 24

#1 City for Pizza 26

St. Mary's Basilica 28

Tempe's Old Pueblo 30

The Oldest Home in Phoenix 32

The Stealthy Philanthropist 34

The Secret Room at Four Peaks Brewery 36

You Have the Right to Remain Silent 38

A Director's Debut 40

The Legend of the Lost Camels 42

Chandler's Ostrich Obsession 44

Arizona's Hot Dog Tradition 46

A Hidden Oasis at ASU 48

Built to Stand the Test of Time 50

The Unfinished Phoenix Financial Center 52

Phoenix's Hidden Amusement Park 54

Straight on 'Til Sun City 56

Arizona's Copper Dome 58

The Mascot of the Office Complex 60

The Pony Express Rides Again 62

The Wedding Cake House 64

Water Doesn't Run Through It 66

Hidden Haunts 68

Arizona's Odd Weather Patterns 70

Celebrating Cultural Diversity 72

The House That Moved 74

Rattle & Yum 76

Phoenix's Great Divide 78

The Exotic Birds of Glendale 80

The Rat Pack Era Lives On 82

Touch the Stars 84

The World's 4th Tallest Fountain 86

A Lyric-Inspiring Stretch of Arizona Highway 88

An Old Mountain's New Name 108

Earn Your Wings 110

Giant Red Rocks 112

Membership Has Its Privileges 114

The Mystery Room at the Arizona Biltmore 116

Phoenix's First City Center 118

From Owls to Sun Devils 120

The End of a Line 122

The Murder of Don Bolles 124

The Softest of Arizona's Five Cs 126

The USS Arizona Comes Home 128

A Pretty Little Dollhouse 130

The Valley's Waterways 132

Durant's "Hidden" Front Door 134

Native American Lands 136

Fly Like It's 1942 138

It's a Dry Heat! 140

Phoenix Warehouse District Rises 142

Scottsdale's Hidden Art Compound 144

Tempe's Buried History 146

The Desert in Spring 148

The First McDonald's That Once Was 150

The Old House in Tempe 152

The Valley's Hidden Hall 154

Urban Birdwatching 156

The Land without Daylight Saving Time 158

Eau de Orange Blossom 160

Boarding School for Indian Students 162

Murder, Mayhem, and a Medical Clinic 164

Phoenix's Platform Mound 166

The Barrio That Is No Longer 168

The Longest-Running Children's Show 170

The Tower-Topped Hotel on Central 172

Tribute to Navajo Code Talkers 174

A Wild Encounter 176

Blossoms of a Bygone Era 178

Native American Nosh 180

Farm Heaven 182

Mesa's Neon Nightlife 184

Phoenix Is Thataway 186

Tempe's Bridge to Nowhere 188

The Country's Biggest UFO Sighting 190

The Not So Great Papago Escape 192

The Sonoran Desert's Mighty Sentinels 194

Giant in the Sky 196

On the Shoulders of Giants 198

Phoenix's First "Green" House 200

Quiet Grove in the City 202

The Smell of Wet Desert 204

The Guardians of Old City Hall 206

Phoenix's Oldest Cemetery 208

Bibliography 210

Index 217

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