Seduce me

Seduce me

by Georgia Le Carre


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ISBN-13: 9780992824983
Publisher: Georgia Le Carre
Publication date: 05/30/2014
Pages: 310
Sales rank: 163,636
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Georgia Le Carre writes contemporary and adult romance.

She lives in a little old 19th century romantic cottage, surrounded by the most magical garden, filled with fruit and walnut trees and teeming with wildlife.

Her diet includes all things chocolate and a voracious appetite for Romance reads, particularly new authors with a fresh voice.

When she is not feeding words into Amy, her precious laptop, she can be found lost in a long walk in the woods, particularly on moonlit nights; and often with the man of her dreams.

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Seduce Me 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
InsideBJsHead More than 1 year ago
To say I'm a fan of "G" work would be to say I just "like" chocolate....that would be a HUGE understatement!!!!! Book 4 has me off my rocker waiting for August!!!! OMG....I'm still trying to fathom how she could had done that one, but that's neither here nor there for the moment.... This book is all about Julie and her side of Lana. Sure you get the "happy ending" with Blake and Lana, but damn if you don't get a full blown in your face reality check at the door. See, all Lana sees is the best in people, we know this because even with viper b**ch she doesn't think anything will come of Victoria... Guess the wedding was a wake up call to Lana big time!!!! I'm still a little P'd that the viper only got what amounts to a slap on the hand....URGH!!! Oh Boogers, back to, she totally and I mean totally has it bad for JACK, and thinks that Lana is the reason that she doesn't have him. So, she's change herself to be all that she can to get him......ahhhhh the twist Jack doesn't want her..... In walks, Blake's best man, Vann Wolfe (OMG!!!! I'll take one !!!). He's an artist, he grew-up with Blake, and the man has some secrets!!! Secrets that would make some girls run and hide! However, our dear best man has made on offer to help sweet Julie win her Jack. SEX SEX SEX SEX SEX There are some major twists and turns and Julie finds out somethings that she just shouldn't....not in this family anyways..... And just when you have everything you want....In walks the devil to try and take it all away..... I'm am totally in amazed how Georgia is able to write these characters and not take a whole chapter or two to scream and yell at them for some of the crazy s**t they do!!! I think that's why I love this story so much....because it's so freaking real.....this could be happening....these places and some of these characters really do exists!!!! It makes for such a memorable read that you crave more. AWESOME JOB......I'll continue to stalk you until the end :)
Drueann More than 1 year ago
I so love this series, this book was a little different than the previous books, as it was not about Blake and Lana,, oh don't get your panties in a wad, there is plenty of Blake and Lana in the book, namely THE WEDDING,,,,whoop whoop.  But this book is about Lana's bridesmaid and friend Julie and Blake's best man Vann. Julie is a bit warped, and extremely insecure which is a result of being a chubby child and picked on most of her life.  She also harbors many secrets, when she finally decided to let the cat out of the bag with one her her secrets (telling the man she's been in love with since she was a kid that she loves him) it backfires horribly. Enter Vann who offers to show Julie how to seduce the man she loves. Julie and Vann are hot as hell together, but as they move along Julie finds herself thinking less of the man she thought she loved, thus causing her to keep Vann at a distance. Vann is mysterious, intriguing, sexy, and not at all the man she believes him to be. I have to tell you I had a major forehead slap moment in this book, I mean major like slap my forehead with my kindle.  Major kudos to Georgia Le Carre for getting that one by me.  :-)  I found this book to be just as captivating as all the others.  I can't wait for the next and :-( final installment.
efb1 More than 1 year ago
I am fast running out of positive things to say about this author. I swear she could write out her shopping list and it would be awesome. This book could be read as a stand-alone novel but would not be so gripping without having read The Billionaire Banker series. Read in context you will see you can add psychological thriller and suspense to romantic and erotica. Seduce Me is written from a completely different point of view than the earlier books. A wee bit odd to begin with but the rationale for this is more obvious as the pages turn (or click). The ex-fiancée, Victoria, goes all out for revenge. This is where Georgia Le Carré shows her power as a writer. With only a few words, with no graphic descriptions, I was shocked, horrified and felt ill at what nearly happened. I was no longer a reader. I was a guest at a wedding; completely pulled in as a participant. Another guest is the prodigal, Vann, a sexpert…the ‘s’ is deliberate. Unfortunately my participation was reduced to imagination, even so…still hot and…I’m sure you get the idea. Georgia Le Carré is a truly exceptional writer.