by Janie Crouch


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ISBN-13: 9780998881560
Publisher: Jane Crouch
Publication date: 11/20/2018
Series: Linear Tactical
Pages: 276
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.62(d)

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Shamrock 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 15 reviews.
Anonymous 4 months ago
I volunteered to read and review an advanced readers copy of SHAMROCK . This is the third story in The Linear Tactical series . I really enjoyed reading this story . It's such an amazing suspense romance . Violet (Firefly ) is truely a fantastic brilliant strong woman . Aiden(Shamrock) is Smart total alpha Linear Tactical member . The growing relationship between them is perfect . This is such a well written and put Togo storyline . It's full of fabulous characters . I could not put this story down . It has it all , pulse pounding suspense , it's intense , hot and steamy sexy times , very emotional , just amazing . My new favorite story . I highly recommend taking the time to read this story you'll be on the edge of your seat . Oh yeah hope you enjoy as much as I did .
Deb_from_Oz 3 months ago
I absolutely love this series and I think Shamrock has been my favourite so far Aiden Teague never leaves anyone behind and though he is working undercover he is willing to blow the case to rescue the young woman he has just seen, when things don't go according to plan he blames himself for leaving her behind. Violet Collingwood has no idea why she was kidnapped but she is determined to survive and for some reason she trusts the man she just met when he fails in his promise to rescue her it just about breaks her. Now Aiden has another chance to rescue her and this time he will succeed but Violet will still be in danger It will take his fellow teammates and her brother to keep her safe but the one who makes her feel safest will always be Aiden Will they finally get a chance at a HEA you will need to read to see.
Jenn2018 3 months ago
Wow! I am loving this series and Shamrock is amazing! this is Aiden's story and it's filled with danger, drama, twists and's fabulous! The last person he expects to find while under cover is Violet...Gabe's sister. Their connection is immediate, but after her trauma, and the fact it's Gabe's sister, he tries to stay away. Violet is now more determined to live her life the way she wants, and she wants Aiden. The story is great and Janie does such a fabulous job with the need to read this one now!
Cheryl-S 4 months ago
This is book 3 in the Linear Tactical series and it features Shamrock/Aiden and Violet. I absolutely love the gentle, protective side that comes out in these big bad alpha types. Violet has been through so much. The character of Violet has been written so brilliantly. Her vulnerability and at the same time, her strength, is so admirable. Aiden is a true alpha man without the hulk and bulk of being too big and muscular. I love them. I love their romance. This is another fantastic book in this series. The characters are awesome and the storylines are well thought out. No stone is left unturned. Great surprises too! I can’t wait for the next one.
Thi 4 months ago
This book just took my heart twisted it and tore it apart. I got it back in better shape than when I first started the hook but it was hard getting there. Violet situation just broke my heart but I’m glad she had Aiden. I highly recommend this siries.
BooksAndSpoons 4 months ago
Linear Tactical series is proving to be all I was hoping it to be, and so much more. The stories are emotional, suspenseful, intense, and riveting. And Aiden and Violet's story, Shamrock, while I was getting the idea from Eagle that it is going to be tense and fierce with all the feels, I was not prepared it to just shatter my heart and soul, in the best possible way that a great book can make that happen. The images Crouch draws to the minds of the readers are so vivid, so real and raw, and the horrors and terror Violet goes through at the beginning of the story, it left me gasping for air. Yes, this can be a trigger to some, so consider yourself to be warned. But the beautiful thing is, the author doesn't leave the heroine there to suffer and wither away when the readers get to witness this amazing, strong, beautiful soul emerge from the ashes, and grow to be a true heroine, a true champion, a person I admired with my whole heart and being. She struggles through the nightmares, through the attacks, through the memories, and through the bubble wrap, her brother wants to put her in, and the through the distance Aidan wants to give her after everything that she has experienced. Her perseverance, her strength, her endurance, it just multiplies as she develops into the strong, beautiful person she was meant to be. Yes, another fabulous strong female lead from Crouch, I swear, she does them better than the most. Aiden - he is the perfect match to the warrior Violet is. Their minds, souls, and hearts are lined up on the same frequency, and it is a beautiful thing to witness. The age difference between them is brought up several times, but it was hard to see in practice, as they go on with their lives, and develop on the personal front, and grow together as soul mates, and built upon their relationship. And though they are sizzling hot together, burning up the pages, there is more to their relationship than just the hot, physical attraction, as the author proves to the readers. The team is well presented in the story, as are the mates from Violet's brother's team. It is always a joy to see the characters from the previous books and visit with old friends. Shamrock is an impressive, potent, and vigorous story filled with harsh, vehement suspense and action that is perfectly balanced and matched by the fervent and ardent love story that is developing between the protagonists. It will pull out all the feels, maybe even more than you were prepared to give, yet it does not leave you hanging as it delivers well in the smoothly flowing, well-written, heartwrenching story. What a ride! ~ Five Spoons
Jane_Pike 4 months ago
Shattered castle tower This is Aiden and Violets story. They had a short appearance in Eagle, but you do not have to read Eagle in order to be able to follow that story. Violet led a sheltered life, overprotected and at the same time very vulnerable and hurt due to her family history. One day she meets Aiden and while she knows that she can only rely on herself, she still hopes for him to be her way out of her desperate situation. Stuck in an awful place where people threaten her, she has to survive. Aiden on the other hand has to choose between his mission and rescuing a woman that seems out of place where he found her. He has to leave her behind and feels guilty, imagining all the things that could or will happen to her. While there is light and happiness, the dark is already luring, waiting to pounce on them. The lucky Irishman meets his match, constantly wondering, brooding, trying to protect her. Those two are very sweet together. Aiden is a gentleman, a hero, a protector and Violet makes a huge development in the book. When you think you have figured it out, the author draws something unexpected up and you are glued to the book until you have read the very last page. I totally love this series. Shamrocks romance is sweeter than Eagles, but the story is nevertheless full of action. Great mix! I will continue to follow this series. My next is Cyclone and hopefully we will soon be able to read Angel. For me, this is a very good author, and so far I have never been disappointed, there wasnot one book that I did not like. In every book the story had been great, the characters strong, smart and well developed and the romance is each time different and still captivating. You should absolutely give it a try
Sandy-thereadingcafe 4 months ago
SHAMROCK is the third instalment in Janie Crouch’s contemporary, adult LINEAR TACTICAL romantic, suspense series focusing on a group of former Special Forces soldiers who own and operate Linear Tactical, an Oak Creek, Wyoming business specializing in survival skills, security and protection. This is thirty-three year old, Special Forces Green Beret Aiden ‘Shamrock’ Teague, and twenty-two year old, engineering student/baker Violet Collingwood’s story line. SHAMROCK can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty. Any important information from the previous instalment is revealed where necessary. NOTE: SHAMROCK contains scenes of graphic violence and sexual situations that may not be suitable for more sensitive readers. Told from dual third person perspectives (Aiden and Violet) SHAMROCK follows the building romance and relationship between thirty-three year old, Special Forces Green Beret Aiden ‘Shamrock’ Teague, and twenty-two year old, engineering student/baker Violet Collingwood. Working undercover as an arms dealer for Linear Tactical, Special Forces Green Beret Aiden Teague would come face to face with his future in the guise of a young woman forced into sexual slavery against her will. Leaving behind the woman with the terrified eyes finds our hero putting a plan into motion to take down the people responsible, and rescue our heroine from the evil within. Enter twenty-two year old, engineering student/baker Violet Collingwood, and the woman with whom Aiden will fall in love. What ensues is the building relationship between Aiden and Violet, and the potential fall-out as Violet is targeted for who she is, and what she knows; and Aiden struggles with his attraction to a woman he believes needs time to recover before starting something new. Violet Collingwood is a genius; a chemical engineering student who prefers the chemical reactions of baking sweets to that of a sterile lab tucked away in a secret building far from the man that she is growing to love. Aiden Teague’s attraction to Violet is swift and fierce but our hero battles between head and heart knowing Violet has had little time in her recovery to accept what happened or what night have been. The relationship between Violet and Aiden is one of immediate attraction but Violet was a prisoner, and Aiden was her would-be rescuer. Hoping to seduce our hero into her bed, Violet finds herself on the receiving end of rejection by the man who stole her heart. Biding his time until Violet was ready, Aiden will soon discover there is more to Violet than meets the eye. The $ex scenes are intimate and passionate, without the use of over the top, sexually graphic language and text. SHAMROCK is a story of family and friendships; betrayal and lies; recovery and healing. The premise is raw and real; the characters are animated, stubborn and spirited; the romance is seductive and hot. SHAMROCK is an edgy and energetic story of romantic suspense.
CarolOpal 4 months ago
Shamrock is the third book in Janie Crouch’s Linear Tactical series and they just keep getting better and better! Loved this story! Shamrock is an intense and suspenseful read. As with the other LT books, I read it in one day. Aidan made a wonderful, caring hero and perfect for Violet who has been through an ordeal that would break a weaker person. He understands what she’s gone through and respects how she feels. Violet decides to stop living her life to please others and to follow her passions, one of them being Aidan. There’s more than a decade gap in their ages which troubles Aidan but Violet is determined to live the life she wants. She has to fight for her future and for a chance to convince Aidan they belong together. *I received an Advanced Reader’s Copy of this book from the author and am voluntarily leaving my honest review. The thoughts and opinions expressed are solely my own.
cherlym 4 months ago
I will read anything Janie Crouch wants to write. You should too! When I started reading Shamrock and realized it was about Aiden I thought I would be disappointed, because I just wasn't drawn to him. However I was quickly slapped upside the head and fell for him. This can be read as a stand alone, but you do yourself a disservice if you do. It starts immediately on page one and you are drawn in and shot out at the end of the book. Along the way the ride will let you catch your breath, start to relax and bam, another turn. I truly love the way Violet grew out of her horrible ordeal (there is violence - for the sensitive). How she used her intellect to learn and grown. I could feel Aidens pain in his struggle to find and help Violet. (No man left behind). And I really appreciated that I felt like I was reading about people I know an love. I want to drink something blue :) I asked for and received this arc. All thoughts and opinions are my own and were unsolicited. Let me end by saying, this review **does not** due justice to the book.
paytonpuppy 4 months ago
An explosive addition to the Linear Tactical series by Ms. Crouch. Aiden Teague tried to rescue Gabriel Collingwood’s sister, Violet, after she was kidnapped. He was unable to succeed the first time, but he won’t give up. When there is another chance for rescue, Aiden and his team from Linear Tactical will bring Violet home. Aiden is strongly attracted to Violet, but knows that she needs time to recover from the abuse and terror that she suffered. Also, he is dealing with the guilt he felt over the first failed attempt. Even after what she has been through, Violet wants to get to know Aiden, not just as her savior, but as a man. Violet has her future planned and she hopes it will involve Aiden, but if not, she will go on and not let the violence she endured claim her hopes and dreams. Such strong passion exists between Aiden and Violet as they overcome the danger…or is the danger truly in the past? The evil man known as “Stellman” was arrested, but is someone still out there with plans for Violet? A truly absorbing suspense novel by Ms. Crouch. Even though the abuse that Violet endured may be hard for some readers, it is an intricate part of the story that shows her continued hope, strength and courage to survive. During this story, we revisit characters from the first two books and I always enjoy visiting “old friends”. I received a free copy of this book and voluntarily chose to give an honest review. (by paytonpuppy)
LynnB888 4 months ago
We are smack dab in the middle of the action from the first word on the page! With the third book in her exciting new Linear Tactical series, Janie Crouch brings us Aiden's story with SHAMROCK. From the first paragraph, we're hooked! Lots of action, intrigue even when they think it's over, and a steamy hot connection between these two people we can't help but adore. Loved it ... my fav in the series so far! Violet Collingwood has no clue why she's been kidnapped, but she knows she's fighting for her life when she meets Aiden. She doesn't know him from Adam, but he's the first person to make an effort to help her, so she trusts him and sets her heart on his rescue. Things don't go exactly as planned, but the memory of his kindness helps her hold on. Linear Tactical operative Aiden Teague can tell something isn't right with Violet the second he lays eyes on her, but he's undercover pretending he's one of these low lifes and can't just snatch her up and whisk her away. The plan he has to rescue her goes awry, but nothing can stop his ambition to find her again. When opportunity knocks, he's all in!
Kristen Bergh-Lewendon 4 months ago
I was already enamored with this series through the first two books, but it just keeps giving me more reasons to fall deeper in love with it with every book that comes out. On the surface, Aiden seems like a simple, happy-go-lucky guy, but that smooth charm is hiding a heart that feels deeply. Violet is a warrior. Don’t let her fool you that she isn’t – even when she’s doubting her own strength and ability. She’s also probably the smartest person in any room and I adore just how comfortable she is with her great big brain. This pair is so very different from one another, they shouldn’t have anything in common. And yet, their experiences together as the result of Stellman bond them. I loved the effort that their friends go to in order to see them happy and safe. The group moments are some of my favorite scenes in the book because of the sense family that Linear creates. And the truth about Stellman? That’s something you’ll have to read to believe. I received a complimentary advanced copy of this book from the author.
Momma_Becky 4 months ago
Another heart-poundingly exciting story for this series! This couple absolutely blew me away. As far as main characters with a romantic interest go, I couldn't have asked for more than Aiden and Violet. He's a tough, take charge guy with a heart of gold, and Violet is as strong a heroine as I've ever seen. She's been hurt and has the mental scars to prove it, but she's bound and determined not to let it break her. She's certainly not about to let past trauma come between her and her dreams. Aiden did make me want to give him a good shake at one point in the story, even though I did kind of agree with him, but these two are so good together that there is no way to read this book and not be totally won over and rooting for their happiness together. We also get plenty on the suspense side of this tale and there are parts that are hard to read. Those parts don't get too graphic, but they certainly get the heart rate up. Shamrock is part of a series and overlaps somewhat with the previous books, but we get all the info needed to also enjoy it as a standalone. However, once you've gotten to know the wonderful characters of Linear Tactical, you'll want their stories too. Like the rest of the series, this third book is full of steamy romance, edge of your seat action and suspense, all the feels, and truly great characters. This is definitely a must read and I can't wait to see what's next in the series.
LissanneJ 4 months ago
Just when you think this series can't get any better, along comes Shamrock. Aiden Teague is my favourite of the Linear Tactical heroes so far - he's loyal, protective and caring. An ex-Green Beret who speaks six languages fluently, he's undercover as an arms dealer, trying to catch a traitor, when he notices something different about one of the scantily clad women at the club he's in. She looks terrified, and when he spends some time alone with her, he realises she's being held against her will. He's determined to get her out, even if it means blowing his cover, but something happens and he's not able to get to her in time, which weighs heavily on him. When she's identified as the younger sister of an ex-Navy SEAL he's worked with before, Aiden knows he has to save Violet Collingwood because things are not going to get better for her. He and his team are able to extract her safely, but they still don't know who kidnapped her and why. After her release, Violet decides it's time she lives her life the way she wants to. She's a trained chemical engineer, working for her family's technology company, but her passion is baking. So she decides to open her own bakery in Oak Creek, and pursue a relationship with Aiden. She makes the first move, which I loved, and it doesn't take long for them to end up in bed together. Violet sets up her bakery and hires Jordan Reiss, whom we've met in the first two books, as her assistant. Aiden trains her in self defence, and Violet grows stronger in every way possible. She's a wonderful heroine, one who refuses to wallow in the bad that happened to her, instead choosing to take control of her life and go after what she wants. Aiden starts to wonder if perhaps their age difference of eleven years is too big a gap, and thinks that perhaps Violet would be better off healing on her own, so he ends the relationship, breaking her heart. But she's determined to make him see she can still grow as a person with him by her side, and after Violet and Jordan are injured in an incident, Aiden realises he was wrong to walk away. When the identity of not only Violet's kidnapper but the mysterious Mr Stellman is finally revealed, it's such a clever plot twist that you won't have seen it coming. This book has enough action and mystery to keep those who love romantic suspense happy, and a hot, steamy romance to make your little romantic heart sing - and if you prefer your romances less steamy, there's a version for you, too! If this book is any indication of how book four is going to be, we're in for a real treat. Another five star read from this author.