Shattered Love

Shattered Love

by Stacey Marie Brown

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BN ID: 2940155232247
Publisher: Stacey Marie Brown
Publication date: 05/10/2018
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 178,192
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About the Author

Stacey Marie Brown is a lover of hot fictional bad boys and heroines who kick butt. Books, travel, TV series, hiking, writing, design, and archery. Swears she is part gypsy, being lucky enough to live and travel all over the world. She grew up in Northern California, where she ran around on her family’s farm, raising animals, riding horses, playing flashlight tag, and turning hay bales into cool forts. Has always been fascinated by things dark and creepy, but needs to be balanced by humor and romance. She believes that all animals, people and the planet should be treated kindly.

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Shattered Love 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
kahea46 More than 1 year ago
***5 ‘Whiskey’ Stars*** ALL. THE. FEELS. I mean I KNEW that going in, but even knowing that this would more than likely be a Category 3 hurricane of an emotional rollercoaster and preparing for it, it still hit hard and ended up making it so difficult to put down. I tried (because you know that #workthing) but it was a losing venture all around. Jaymerson’s journey of watching her entire world explode into little pieces and working through the process of figuring out if she wanted to put the pieces back the way they once were or reconfigure them was addictive and made my heart go all kinds of wonky, but in the best of ways. I liked Jaymerson from the start and as the story progressed I started to love her and then adore her. This isn’t to say I didn’t get frustrated with her and growl a few, or more, times, but I understood why she did, or didn’t, do things. Her entire world has been shattered and being 17 years old and having to live through it along with the expectations being shoved at her from all directions she was bound to stumble, and boy did she at times. But she is strong, determined and the young woman she was slowly evolving into was definitely someone I could hang out with. As for Hunter and the whole romance/connection/hate thing they have going on. (Prepare yourself for vagueness) It is quite convoluted, but the why behind it as everything unfolds is...understandable. Their journey is an extremely rocky one and there were times when even I winced at their treatment of each other, I also wanted to knock some sense into both of them, but they are teenagers who were dealing with a lot of stuff and they had to figure it out for themselves. Do they by the end of the book? Maybe? But what I can say is that I adored Hunter and even when they were snipping at each other, I loved them together. I’ll be honest and admit that even though I love the author’s writing, I was wary to dive into the book simply because it is a duet and I knew that my emotions would be ping ponging all over the place. And they did, but the balance of angst, humor, heartbreak and swoons was done so well that it only heightened my need to keep turning the pages. So bravo to SMB for a very well put together novel. As for the supporting caste of characters. Honestly, I didn’t like many of them, but they were very necessary to the story. My favorite though was Stevie ~ she is AMAZING! Now this is a duet so there is a part two coming for Hunter and Jayme, I’m not sure if I’d call the ending a cliffy, but it was the perfect place to pause while I am concerned at what they will go through in the next book (I really, honestly think they’ve been through enough) I cannot wait to get my hands on it! ~ Copy provided via The Next Step PR & voluntarily reviewed ~
QueenAlchemy 29 days ago
I don't think that I was fully prepared for the outrageous roller coaster ride of emotions that this book provided me. It was insane! I suppose that I shouldn't have expected anything less after reading Brown's Darkness series, Collector series, and Lightness Saga. Those series blew me away and this book did just the same! This book may be a different genre, but the writing and the storytelling were just an incredible. This book has an all-consuming, emotional plot. Like, drama central. This book will give you whiplash and you will thank it for the trouble. I literally could not put this book down for a second. I was so into the story and all of the plot twists were exciting and shocking. Some of them I had guessed ahead of time, but they were still extremely well plotted. This book has a typical high school setting so the world building in pretty bare bones. The details contained in the book were sufficient to help me visualize the story. I didn't have trouble putting anything together in my mind. The characters and the plot are the leading factors in this story. The characters have so much depth. These characters are real. They have flaws and they can think for themselves. They don't fall into a mold like a lot of young adult books tend to have. I loved the struggles that the characters had to face and how they were able to grow as a result of them. I loved how addicting these characters were and how likable. I loved how these characters are not black and white. There is a lot of gray area. The romance was amazing! I was rooting for Jaymerson and Hunter the whole time. Even through their struggles. The romance was written very well. You could feel the love radiating off of these characters through the pages. I loved that things were not easy for these characters where the romance was concerned. There were so many obstacles that they had to face that made their love stronger and meaningful. If anything bad happens to their love in the next book then I will riot! Overall, this was a splendid, emotional romance that is really set apart from a lot of young adult contemporary that I have read. This love story isn't shiny or bubbly. It is raw, messy, and real. Life happens. Real life. Real love. If you are a fan of emotional contemporary young adult fiction then you've found your next read! And you won't be disappointed.
gracekalli More than 1 year ago
So I don't normally read contemporary novels, I'm more of a Paranormal, Supernatural, Urban Fantasy type. But I've read this author's other books, so I figured lets give it a shot, what have I got to lose? Turns out this book will make you lose your heart!! It is very aptly titled!! You are going to be shattered!! And it happens in the first chapter!! There were so many strong emotions that the MC is literally being shredded. Both Jaymerson and Hunter are being torn apart, broken, and shattered, only to be pieced back together into a puzzle image of their former selves. But I think they come back a little bit stronger for it. I really enjoyed this book. Even if I was ugly crying and trying to convince the people staring at me that it was allergies...pollen or cat fur or something...yeah...totally not crying...**sniff sniff** I wanted definitely to smack her parents on a huge number of occasions for pushing her to get back into the partying scene (I mean...really??) and join social situations before she was clearly ready. They obviously didn't listen to her and pushed her to do more than she was comfortable with. And I really wanted to smack her "friends" for lacking empathy and understanding, but I guess that's part of what led to such a great book. Most of the characters were revolting and I wanted to drop-kick them. Stevie on the other hand, I thought she was one of the best characters and I'm hoping for another book with these characters. I would read more about Jaymerson, Hunter, and Stevie. Possibly even some of the other characters like Dougie, Jones, and Chris. The whole dynamic between all of them was interesting. I like how Hunter kept his whole persona secret, so not a single person (outside his circle and brother) knew he was a Champion rider. He just flat out didn't care what anyone thought about him, and I thought he was an amazingly written character. Jaymerson seemed pretty one-dimensional until Colton's death and then she kind of opened up a bit. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would recommend it for sure.
luv2read4 More than 1 year ago
5+ stars!!! Stacey Marie Brown wrote another fantastic book. Her writing and her stories never disappoint. The characters are so real, you’re pulled into the story right away and will fall in love with her characters. The plot was multi layered, giving you a deep, emotional story. I have read all her contemporary fantasies and have loved each one for the twists and turns and amazing characters. She does it again in Shattered Love. Just when you think you have it figured out, you don’t. Love, love, love Stacey Brown’s book. You won’t be disappointed with this one.
carvanz More than 1 year ago
Jamyerson is living the life of the perfect teenage girl. Cheerleading, popular crowd with the most stylish of friends, and the all-star football hero as her boyfriend. When one bad decision suddenly turns her life upside down she is left to figure out not only what she wants, but who she really is. Hunter is the outcast. Rumors run amok about his exploits. He’s the typical tattooed bad boy. But after one horrendous night the truth about Hunter is slowly revealed and what Jamye finds may be more than she can handle. This is a deeply emotional story about a young girl facing changes she never saw coming. Jamye is confronted with a life changing situation that forces her out of her complacency and into a role of rebellion. Along the way she must deal with all the angst that can possibly be imagined in a high school drama. Friends and family no longer understand her and simply want her to go back to who she was “before”. If life were that simple, there would be no story here, because Jamye doesn’t take the easy path. She slogs through all the uncertainties she is facing and slowly begins to embrace and set free the person she was truly meant to be. I enjoyed this story of Jamye and Hunter. Their relationship doesn’t start off with a bang but an explosion of pain, guilt and accusations. As they learn to lean on each other instead, they both begin to heal as they slowly accept their new lives. Along the way there was so much angst and drama, push and pull, and yearning as only a young person can experience. My heart ached for Jamye and Hunter both. Jamye was so lost and confused and her feelings for Hunter did not help in the least, if anything it exacerbated her problems. Hunter was so misunderstood. He had no one in his corner with the exception of a few friends. I loved this broken bad boy and his moody ways because when it came right down to it, what he really wanted was to help set Jamye free. This is a slow read with lots of emotions until about three-fourths of the way in and then things just get downright ANGSTY! The heat level is low with a few heavy make out sessions, but they were pretty intense. It ends with a happy for now and I believe their story will continue with another book which I will definitely have to check out because I need to know how this couple can move forward from where this story ends. I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
amandabethsteele More than 1 year ago
#ALLTHEFEELS #imnotcrying #yourecrying #whiskey #stevieismyhero Geez! Just, rip open my heart and run over it with tank Stacey! I have been reading fantasy for about a year straight when I picked this book up. I knew I needed a palette cleanser, and this was exactly what I was searching for but didn't even realize it. I had to sit there and stare at my disheveled reflection for a few minutes trying to remember who I was, where I was, and how I got there. I didn't expect to fall quite so in love with this story. I thought it would be a quick, lighter read in a different genre, then I could safely move back into fantasy. #nope Jaymerson Holloway is your average 17 year old popular girl in high school. She's been dating Quarterback all-star, Colton Harris for a year, and is drowning is the perfection that is her life. When I first started this book I was like, "Ugh, really? One of these stories about the popular girl? #snore." No. Just stay with it. Brown sets you up perfectly, lays out everything from doting parents, cheerleading squad, Quarterback's girlfriend, parties galore, "cool parents" of friends etc. A serene, cookie-cutter life. A path that's basically set for her despite not even knowing it. One fateful evening, mixed with several bad choices makes the perfect cocktail for a tragic accident that will alter the lives of Jaymerson, Colton, and Colton's twin brother, Hunter forever. Jayme is violently shoved into a world where the rose-colored glasses are off and she's swept down a raging river of learning who she is. She's like a puzzle that's been left out in the elements, everything's there, but it's warped and jaded, not quite fitting together like it once did. It's one of those situations that forces someone to grow way the heck up in a very small amount of time. Kinda like Jayme holds the the key to what's really going on an no one else can see it, but Hunter because of their shared circumstances. As we watch Jayme try to heal and move on, we see how her perfect life maybe wasn't what she thought it was. Everything is being unravelled. Even her perception of Hunter, and the loser that he was is cracking. Everyone wants one thing from her, and she's realizing that what SHE wants may not line up with her old self anymore. It's so hard being in Jayme's head watching how everyone is reacting to her and her decisions knowing they have no idea what's really going on. It's that frustrating gravitational pull we're sucked into, knowing all we can do is just sit back, read, and wait for it all to unfold. This book feels REAL. I've personally been in situations where nobody understands what's going on but me, and no one takes the time to understand. It's so frustrating. Jayme does her best to cope with everything while still balancing being a good daughter and becoming the new version she loves, but never knew resided in her. This book is full of angst, heartbreak, betrayal, grief, but also sprinkled with humor and sharp wit, joy in knowledge, and passionate love. It gives a lot of hope and strength to teens to stand up and fight against the mold. To fight against being anything other than who they are meant to be. Shattered Love was strong and fierce, tender and thought provoking, while still managing to be light hearted. There are so many things to relate to. I’m pumped to see where book 2 picks up and to see how this transformation story ends.