Shit Adults Never Taught Us

Shit Adults Never Taught Us

by Natasha Sattler
Shit Adults Never Taught Us

Shit Adults Never Taught Us

by Natasha Sattler


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Wouldn't it be awesome if life had a manual? Not for your daily how-tos like cooking or ironing) but for when the real shit pops up. The money shit we have no idea how to navigate, like negotiating a raise or buying a car. The relationship shit that slaps us in the face as we turn into full-fledged adults, like surviving a gut-wrenching breakup and having the courage to fall in love. The mind fucks that sneak into our brains after puberty like a ninja and set up camps of anxiety, loneliness, and regret. The life shit that somehow was completely ignored throughout more than a decade of schooling, like protecting your privacy online, traveling on any budget, and finding motivation when it seems impossible.

We've made it this far, but after countless conversations with friends, it became obvious to me that our childhood education had a ton of gaps. Sure, we learned linear equations and got to dissect frogs for some reason, but no one taught us what the difference between an HMO and a PPO was and why it's important. I took several years of Algebra but not once was a Mutual Funds class offered.

That's where Shit Adults Never Taught Us comes in. This book picks up where the adults left off and helps fill in all our insufficient knowledge by going beyond the Google search bar.

Disguised as a self-help book, this mini-memoir uses personal experiences, including some epic failures, to guide you through the most perplexing moments in life. Shit Adults Never Taught Us covers a lot of topics: including career strategies, mental health, emotional quandaries, and navigating all of the WTF moments of adulthood.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781666268003
Publisher: Barnes & Noble Press
Publication date: 04/16/2021
Pages: 314
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

To call writing a passion would be an understatement for Natasha Sattler. Raised in Maryland, Sattler was always one to seek creative endeavors. In grade school, she would write full TV scripts, put on plays for her family, and keep journals as a form of self-expression. Sattler went to the University of Central Florida at the age of 17 to study Filmmaking, with a concentration in screenwriting. She graduated three years later with a Bachelor’s Degree and a desire to hit the ground running in the entertainment industry.

When she moved to Los Angeles just ten days after graduating college, her left brain took over and she found herself quickly in the role of Producer for broadcast commercials. Despite the fact that she spent her days producing, her love of writing never faded. After nearly a decade working in commercials, feature films, and movie trailers, Sattler found her way into the print medium. In 2020, she began her foray into authorship, writing Shit Adults Never Taught Us in just six weeks.

Sattler currently lives in Los Angeles with her dog, Kingston. Whenever possible, she packs a bag and travels around the world, having been to over a dozen countries by the time she turned 30. When she’s home, her hobbies include hiking and consuming all of the coffee, cheese and pasta within reach.

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