Shotgun Guide (Field & Stream): Shotgun Skills You Need

Shotgun Guide (Field & Stream): Shotgun Skills You Need

by Phil Bourjaily




From the most trusted brand in outdoor sports, Field & Stream, this book is drawn from the Total Gun Manual, the latest in the top-selling series that began with The Total Outdoorsman (200,000 copies in print!). Author Phil Bourjaily is the magazine’s Shotguns Editor, a popular blogger, and co-host of the Gun Nuts show on the Outdoor Channel (sponsored by Smith & Wesson).

When it comes to shotguns, Field & Stream’s Phil Bourjaily is the real deal. He loves to talk guns, to clay shoot, and to hunt waterfowl, upland birds, turkeys, small game, and even deer with a shotgun. He has a wealth of advice and opinions to share, and isn’t shy about doing so. Charismatic and funny, he’s the guy you’d want helping you choose the right gun, fix your stance, and bag the ultimate Thanksgiving turkey.
This book covers all the basics: Understanding your gun options, choosing the right gun for every situation, understanding shot and shells, old-school blackpowder hints, improving your shooting and hunting performance, and much, much more.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781616284855
Publisher: Weldon Owen
Publication date: 04/02/2013
Edition description: Original
Pages: 128
Product dimensions: 5.70(w) x 8.30(h) x 0.40(d)

About the Author

Phil Bourjaily is Field & Stream’s Shotguns columnist and co-writer, with David Petzal, of the popular "Gun Nut" blog on He is the author of the Field & Stream Turkey Hunting Handbook. He co-founded a trapshooting team at his son’s high school and serves as one of the coaches. He has traveled widely in pursuit of upland birds, waterfowl, and turkeys.

Table of Contents

1 Follow the Basic Safety Rules

2 Get Junior a Shotgun

3 Learn the Anatomy of a Shotgun

4 Build Your Home Gun Bench

5 Choose the Right Shotgun

6 Understand Barrel Length

7 Get By with Just One Gun

8 Shoot a Sheet

9 Take Stock

10 QUICK SHOT: Check Fit Quickly

11 Space It Out

12 Treat a Lady Right

13 Make the Worst Mistake in Shotgunning

14 Be a Proud Girlie Man

15 Get Familiar with Shotgun Gauges

16 Know Your Shotgun Actions

17 Choose Your Configuration

18 Beware the Break Action

19 Identify 14 Classic Shotguns

20 QUICK SHOT: Know What It's Worth

21 Find a Bargain

22 Buy Long-Distance

23 Evaluate a Used Shotgun

24 Build a $10,000 Shotgun

25 Splurge on a Custom Shotgun

26 Add the Personal Touch

27 Shotgun Old School

28 FUNDAMENTALS: Load that Muzzleloader

29 Take Turkeys with a Muzzleloader

30 Go Big or Go Home

31 QUICK SHOT: Shoot Your Wad

32 Dissect a Shotshell

33 Get the Big Picture

34 Experience the Big Bang

35 Choose Shot Size

36 Match the Shot to the Bird

37 Make Size Matter

38 Use Phil's Top Loads

39 Speed It Up (or Not)

40 Steel Yourself

41 QUICK SHOT: Shoot Bigger Shot

42 Learn to Reload

43 Reload Right

44 Choose Your Press

45 Save Your Pennies

46 See the Anatomy of a Shot

47 Get a Grip on Choke

48 Play the Percentages

49 Simplify Chokes

50 To Bead or Not to Bead

51 Keep an Eye on Your Trigger

52 Explore Aftermarket Chokes

53 Pad Yourself

54 Bring Fido Along

55 QUICK SHOT: Go with the Wind

56 Keep Your Eyes Up

57 Point or Flush

58 Believe the Dog

59 Muzzle Up

60 Don't Be This Guy

61 Line Up Your Cleaning Supplies

62 Clean a Shotgun

63 Grease It Where It Needs It

64 Do It Quick and Dirty

65 Deep Clean

66 Bring the Most Basic Repair Kit

67 Know the Best Repair Kit

68 Master Practical Patterning

69 Learn to Switch

70 Find Your Dominant Eye

71 Know When to Shoot One-Eyed

72 Ready Your Position

73 Hit the Right Balance

74 Cope with a Longer Stock

75 Stand Up for Yourself

76 Move the Muzzle Below the Target


78 Shine a Light

79 QUICK SHOT: Keep In Time

80 Swing Your Shooter

81 FUNDAMENTALS: Use the Right Method

82 Bayonet the Straightaways

83 Stay Focused

84 QUICK SHOT: Hit the High Birds

85 Get an Accurate Slug Gun

86 Choke It Right

87 Identify Slugs

88 Get a Grip

89 Try a Full-Bore Slug

90 Use the Force

91 Hit from the Hip

92 Shoot a Chip

93 Have Fun with Targets

94 Shoot a Round of Trap

95 Get the Right Trap Gun

96 Adapt a Field Gun for Trap

97 QUICK SHOT: Know Your Hold I Points

98 Shoot a Round of Skeet

99 Choose a Skeet Gun

100 Hit Your Clays

101 Know Your Options

102 Use What You Want

103 Shoot a Round of Sporting Clays

104 Play the Hunter's Game

105 Excel at Sporting Clays

106 Choose Your Skrap Gun

107 Try the Smallbore Version

108 Use a Shotgun for Defense

109 QUICK SHOT: Don't Don't Stop Your Swing

110 Teach Each Other

111 Read a Golf Book

112 QUICK SHOT: Reduce Recoil

113 Film Yourself

114 Learn to Jump Shoot Ducks

115 Practice for Flaring Birds

116 Deal When Divers Buzz the Decoys

117 Make the Five Toughest Shots


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