Shrouded Truth: Biblical Revelations Through Past Life Journeys

Shrouded Truth: Biblical Revelations Through Past Life Journeys

by Reena Kumarasingham
Shrouded Truth: Biblical Revelations Through Past Life Journeys

Shrouded Truth: Biblical Revelations Through Past Life Journeys

by Reena Kumarasingham


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"A fascinating, surreal elaboration of Christian stories and characters" – Kirkus Reviews

Award Winner of the 2018 Soul-Bridge Body, Mind, Spirit, Book Awards in Christian Spirituality

Award Winner Finalist of the 3rd Annual Body, Mind, Spirit, Book Awards in Reincarnation

Two thousand years ago, the Biblical time, was a time of great change. Jesus and those closest to him were inspiring in their ability to tap into their inner radiant light to navigate a challenging period of chaos.

Over time, their heroic and heart warming stories have been cloaked in shadows…

… Until now.

Through the past life journeys of eight souls, Shrouded Truth unveils the dramatic adventures and emotional experiences of those closest to Jesus, in a quest to unravel false entanglements whilst pursuing a path of spiritual purity.

Backed by tradition and documentary evidence, discover little known information that will challenge previously held beliefs about the Biblical Era, answer some questions and raise a few new ones.

Explore revelations that inspire the recognition and embodiment of our own radiant light.

Shrouded Truth is the first book in the Radiant Light Series, which helps us to explore of the true relationship between the spirit of man and the spirit of the God. It challenges us to look deeply into our inner core to illuminate the biggest shrouded truth of them all - our own radiant divinity.

A must read for anyone interested in religion and open-minded enough to read about past lives, or those who are interested in past lives and are open-minded enough to read about religion’s origins.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780956788757
Publisher: From the Heart Press
Publication date: 03/05/2018
Series: Radiant Light Series , #1
Pages: 408
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.84(d)

About the Author

Reena Kumarasingham is a psychology graduate, regression therapist, life between lives therapist, whose therapy practice, Divine Aspect, has clients spanning Asia, Australia and Europe. She is a certified trainer and supervisor for the Past Life Regression Academy in the training therapists in UK, Australia and USA. She has given talks internationally including the World Congress of Regression Therapy in Turkey and the Past Life Regression Convention in India. Reena is the author of two chapters on advanced regression therapy techniques in Transforming the Eternal Soul, as well as the Divine 'I AM' Blog. Website:

Table of Contents

Foreword 1

Introduction 3

Story of the book's creation, its uniqueness and significance, evidence for reincarnation and its place in the world’s great religions.

Dutiful 9

The early life of James the brother of Jesus, insights of the family and childhood, Jesus's time with the Essenes and Pharisees, the crucifixion.

Devoted 33

The later life of James, carrying the message, time in Britain, his violent death.

Enthusiast 47

How Paul discovered spirituality, time with Jesus, what Jesus briefed the disciples about in spreading his word.

Evangelist 67

The later life of Paul, teaching in Cyprus and Rome, how a Romanized version of Jesus's teaching was created, his violent death.

Besotted 93

The early life of Mary Magdalene, her arranged marriage, how she broke out of an abusive marriage, the start of her relationship with Jesus.

Betrothed 117

Mary Magdalene's time with Jesus, the nature of their relationship, the explanation of how 'Lazarus was raised from the dead', the crucifixion.

Beloved 145

The later years of Mary Magdalene, the escape to France, life with her children, a brief glimpse into her ministry, death

Devout 165

The life of Martha - Mary Magdalene’s sister, the Feast of Cana, the water-into-wine ‘miracle’, crucifixion, escape to France and Britain.

Doubter 193

The life of Thomas, his relationship with Jesus, how he eventually embraced his doubts, his visit to Tibet, India and Syria.

Forgotten 215

The early life of Tamar, the daughter of Mary Magdalene and Jesus, relationship with Jesus, her devastation at the crucifixion.

Remembered 239

The later life of Tamar, the escape to France, her experience of taking over the teaching of her mother Mary Magdalene, Tamar’s eventual death.

Hidden 269

The life of David the son of John the Baptist, why he was hidden, the death of John the Baptist, his brutal untimely death in a bid to quash a rebellion of the Zealots.

Substitute 301

The life of a young woman witnessing the Crucifixion and recognising what was really happening, an account that ties together the story of the Crucifixion.

Consciousness 313

The connection of a psychic to the Energy of Christ Consciousness to answer various questions – are these real past lives, were Jesus and his followers ordinary souls with strong connection to the Christ Consciousness or were they of divine origin, a closer examination of the Trinity argument.

Conclusion 329

A summary of the main story as well as a closer look at the methodology used to obtain the information.

Appendix 1 341

The past life regression process, history of past lives for therapeutic use, the use of past lives for information gathering, skeptic views on past lives, between lives regression, websites, books.

Appendix 2 357

A biblical past life regression that shows signs of confabulation, how to separate spotting the difference from authentic past life regressions.

Bibiliography 377

Notes and References 383

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