Silent Knit, Deadly Knit

Silent Knit, Deadly Knit

by Peggy Ehrhart

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When murder silences the Christmas cheer in charming Arborville, New Jersey, Pamela and her Knit and Nibble pals must unravel the most bone-chilling mystery this side of the North Pole . . .
Pamela has been in merry spirits since her artsy daughter Penny returned home from college for the holidays. But their mother-daughter bonding time gets cut short when a terrified Penny stumbles upon the dumped body of Millicent Farthingale, a wealthy craft shop owner who was popular for all the wrong reasons. From a scheming business partner to a seedy husband several years her junior, Millicent attracted scammers so in love with her assets, they’d toss her down a chimney to get their paws on them. Now, with only a hand-knit red scarf connecting the killer to the crime, Pamela and the Knit and Nibblers could use some extra creativity as they find out who’s really naughty or nice in Arborville—because going up against a looming culprit is DIY or die!
Knitting tips and delicious recipe included!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781496723635
Publisher: Kensington
Publication date: 10/29/2019
Series: A Knit & Nibble Mystery Series , #4
Pages: 304
Sales rank: 53,262
Product dimensions: 4.10(w) x 6.70(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Peggy Ehrhart is a former English professor who lives in Leonia, New Jersey, where she writes mysteries and plays blues guitar. She holds a Ph.D. in medieval literature from the University of Illinois and taught writing and literature at Queens College, CUNY, and Fairleigh Dickinson University, where she was a tenured full professor. Her short stories have appeared in Futures Mystery Anthology Magazine, Crime and Suspense, Flashing in the Gutters, Spinetingler, Crime Scene: New Jersey 2, and Murder New York Style. A longtime member of Mystery Writers of America and Sisters in Crime, Peggy served on the board of MWA New York as head of the Mentor Committee. She was president of Sisters in Crime NY/TriState from 2013 to 2015. Peggy regularly attends mystery‑writing conferences and participates in conference panels and also gives talks on mystery fiction at libraries in New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey.

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Silent Knit, Deadly Knit 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 16 reviews.
Katandjim 22 days ago
Silent Knit, Deadly Knit is the 4th book in the Knit and Nibble mystery series. This was such a fun read!! The story is a fun cozy mystery that focuses on Pamela and her Knit and Nibble club. Despite this being the fourth book in the series, I had no problem catching up with the characters and this could be a stand-alone story. I love Pamela’s neighbor Bettina, who is her best friend and investigating partner. In this story, Pamela’s daughter Penny is home from college. While hiking and sketching in a local park, Penny discovers a dead body. The body turns out to be Bettina’s friend Millicent, a local craft store owner. I loved that this book kept me guessing until nearly the end. I love the holiday setting and enjoy the way the story was written. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a fun holiday cozy mystery. As a bonus, the book includes a pattern for fingerless gloves and a recipe for poppy seed cake! Thanks to #NetGalley for an advanced copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.
GratefulGrandma 4 months ago
3.5 stars: Silent Knit, Deadly Knit by Peggy Ehrhart is the fourth book in the cozy A Knit & Nibble Mystery series. Each book in this series has it’s own mystery to be solved, so they can be read as stand alone stories. The main character is Pamela Paterson who is a more mature protagonist. Pamela found herself with an empty nest when her daughter headed off to college so she joined the Knit and Nibble knitting group. She and her best friend Bettina, often find themselves investigating mysteries and murder around town. In this story Pamela's daughter, Penny comes home from college for a visit. While out, Penny finds the most current victim in town, Millicent Farthingale, a friend and acquaintance of Bettina. The one clue, a red scarf that her friend made for Millicent, keeps showing up around town. Is the murderer wearing the scarf? Why was Millicent murdered? Who is the stranger in town and why is she there? The "Knit and Nibble" members are a fun, diverse group, with their own quirks. They come together to create knitted items, eat delicious snacks and snoop into the latest crime or death that has taken place in their fine town. Each story gives us more detail about these characters, as well as introducing new ones. They are usually suspects and we learn more about them as clues are dropped along the way during the investigation. My one complaint with this series and this book is that they are overly descriptive. The author describes how to make something they are creating or eating, what the characters are wearing, who is doing what etc. This bogs down the mystery for me, and seems like a lot of filler. This book seemed to be more about the Knit and Nibble members than the murder. Having said that, if you enjoy a cozy series where you love spending a lot of time with the characters and their lives, then you will enjoy this one. The mystery itself was a bit hard to solve, but the red herrings were well done and confused this reader. The reveal was well written and is the main reading I keep reading this series. I am hoping that as the series continues, the murders take up more of the story. The publisher generously provided me with a copy of this book upon request. The rating, ideas and opinions shared are my own.
WildFlowerBookBlogs 6 months ago
I loved it! Well worth the read. Energetic, just the right pace and very clever. 5/5 stars for a new favorite mystery novel.
KrisAnderson_TAR 6 months ago
Silent Knit, Deadly Knit by Peggy Ehrhart is the fourth A Knit & Nibble Mystery. Pamela, Wilfred, Bettina and the knitting group are back. They are gearing up for Christmas by finishing last minute gifts and enjoying Christmas cookies. Pamela is happy to have her daughter, Penny home for the winter holidays. I like the diverse group of people that make up the knitting group. They are friendly bunch who get together to create beautifully knit items while they chat and eat items that they have made. Of course, when there is a murder to solve, they brainstorm and snoop. I like that we get to learn more about Pamela as well as the knitting members in each story. We also get to catch up on the lives of the kittens who love to chase yarn and get into mischief. There are some lovely yarn descriptions that had me wanting to add to my stash (which consists of six large totes at the moment). Pamela and the knitting group get involved in the death of Millicent Farthingale. Millicent is a woman of means who is married to Pierre, a French Canadian and owns a local craft store. The mystery was not the primary focus of the book. Pamela was focused on decorating for the holidays, making cookies, and spending time with Penny. There are a couple of suspects in Millicent’s death, but the killer can be pegged in the first quarter of the book. I wish the mystery had been the focus and that it had been more complex. I am glad that the romance between Pamela and Richard is not being rushed. However, I believe it is time to move forward and for them to actually go out (they have been acting juvenile for two mature adults). Silent Knit, Deadly Knit is nicely written, and the story moved along at a nice pace. It can be read as a standalone for those new to the series. There are lovely cozy moments and some humor sprinkled throughout. Silent Knit, Deadly Knit is a merry cozy mystery with scrumptious cookies, yummy yarn, fun felines, Christmas carols, and a meddlesome murder.
Booksandknitting 6 months ago
Pamela’s daughter Penny is home from college and they are enjoying the Christmas season. When Penny discovers a body while sketching in the nature preserve, Pamela is worried about her daughter. The dead woman is a friend and known to the Knit and Nibble group, so Pamela and her best friend Bettina begin to look into the case. A wealthy woman, the husband and his girlfriend are suspects. Or what about the unknown sister who suddenly appears and wants her share of the inheritance? Or could it be someone else? They may be investigating, but they still have time to bake, knit, and enjoy Christmas! This is a good cozy mystery for the holidays.
Anonymous 6 months ago
Pamela's daughter, Penny, is home from college for winter break, and is helping her mom with the holiday preparations. Pamela runs the Knit and Nibble group in her small NJ hometown, and everyone is shocked when someone is murdered. Bettina, another member had made the victim a scarf, and it keeps turning up, making the women wonder if the murderer would have the audacity to wear it-- especially since the wearer is Penny's new boyfriend. If you are in the mood for a relaxing holiday read--a cozy mystery with cats and knitting--this book is a good choice. Thanks to the publisher and to Netgalley for the advance review copy.
Cozy Cat Reviews 6 months ago
This is book #4 in the delightful new "Knit & Nibble " Mystery Series by cozy author Peggy Ehrhart.. I have read the previous books in the series and have enjoyed each book . This next in series has a fun holiday theme. Thank you to the publisher and to Net Galley for the opportunity. My review opinions are my own. Review is cross posted across platforms. In this next in series we return to the charming Arborville New Jersey. I love the authors depiction of the small community. Pamela is excited to have her college daughter home for the holidays. This book has lots of fun holiday flavor , sights and sounds throughout which make it the perfect holiday cozy. As they prepare for the holidays a murder occurs and once again Pamela is caught up in investigating with her Knit & Nibble friends who are also cooking up some exciting crafts and receipes for the holidays. I like the sleuth to conclusion and the fast pace of this series. I love the small community and how friendly everyone is with one another. This is a series I do enjoy revisiting with each new release.
tttknits 7 months ago
As the Christmas season begins in Arborville the Knit and Nibblers are planning a wonderful holiday. Pamela is looking forward to her daughter coming home from college and gathering ingredients for her poppy seed cakes. Bettina is baking and decorating Christmas cooks for her annual Christmas Party. Everyone is looking forward to a very special Christmas. But the joy of the season is ruined when Pamela's daughter Penny finds the body of a wealthy shop owner murdered in a wooded area. Amateur sleuths Pamela and Bettina put their holiday preparations on hold to help solver the mystery of who killed their friend Millicent and why. A cozy mystery with very lovable characters. It is a special treat for knitters who love mysteries. This is the fourth book in the Knit and Nibble series. I would definitely recommend reading the other books in the series. I received a complimentary book in exchange for my personal review. Thank you Kensington Books and NetGallery for the advance copy.
Dollycas 7 months ago
Dollycas’a Thoughts Welcome to Arborville, New Jersey, just in time for the holidays . . . and a . . . MURDER! When Pamela gets a frantic call from her daughter Penny saying she found a dead body while out hiking and sketching Pamela and the Knit and Nibblers rush to her side. Pamela identifies the body as none other than craft shop owner, Millicent Farthingale. With just a little digging many suspects are found but Pamela believes a scarf recently given to the victim and missing from her body is a key clue to finding the killer. With the Nibblers on the case, they hope to knit all the clues together and wrap up the case before their holiday celebrations. I really enjoy catching up with these characters. If the Knit and Nibble group was real it would be one I would love to join. The members are diverse, all with their own quirks. They come together to create wonderful knit items, eat delicious snacks and snoop into the latest death that has taken place in their fine town. With each story, the author delves a little further into the lives of this eclectic group. She also introduces new characters in the form of suspects. She unveils more about them as the clues drop and the investigation continues. In Silent Knit, Deadly Knit, the murder mystery is pretty straight forward and for me was more of a subplot. The main plot this time was more about the lives of the knitting group and the holidays. While the mystery was interesting I think this time the author’s writing style which is very descriptive took over pushing it into the background. I did enjoy all the baking and cooking, Pamela’s quest to find the perfect tree, and her trying to spend as much time with her daughter as possible. There were some funny and sentimental moments and the story did have a good flow. I just wish the mystery would have had as much depth as the characters I have come to love. Pamela and Bettina make a great team whether sleuthing, butting into each other’s lives, or taking care of their friends. Following these ladies around through these pages is always entertaining. I do encourage the author to tighten up her writing a bit and put more focus on the mystery. I really liked the premise of a unique scarf as a strong connection. It really grabbed my focus. I also loved the description of the tunic Pamela was making for Penny. It sounds gorgeous! Silent Knit, Deadly Knit is a nice addition to this series. To really get to know Pamela and the rest of the Knit and Nibble group you really need to read the series from the beginning.
TheCozyReview 7 months ago
Series: A Knit and Nibble Mystery – Book 4 Author: Peggy Ehrhart Genre: Cozy Mystery/Holiday Publisher: Kensington Books Page Count: 304 From Kensington Books comes the 4th installment in the “A Knit and Nibble” mystery series. Silent Knit, Deadly Knit, is a holiday cozy written by Peggy Ehrhart. Pamala is at it again. Getting involved in murder investigations is becoming a habit for her, but this time it includes her daughter. This is very upsetting for Pamala and creates a bit of tension near the holidays that she could have done without. This holiday cozy has some interesting characters and a unique capture of the killer. I have read several books in this series, and I’m afraid they are not getting any better. A holiday cozy should be filled with the sights and sounds of happiness and Christmas. Although holiday references are spread throughout the book, it isn’t as dominant as it should be. The mystery itself is a huge disappointment. Once again, there is little to no investigation, no real police involvement, even when Pamala finds possible evidence she doesn’t take it to the police. Instead, she passes it on to her friend Bettina who passes it along to the police. And the suspects are, well… not really suspects. No plausible motive is given for the murder or the suspects. The main character treats her daughter as if she is five instead of nineteen. There are no clues pointing to anyone in particular, and the murderer comes out of left field. How Pamala captures the killer is noteworthy but not enough to justify the rest of the book. Frankly, there is just too much filler in this holiday cozy. The main character spends 75% of the story cooking, yet she is not a chef, buttering a piece of toast or two, or going to the Co-op to shop for groceries. Silent Knit, Deadly Knit, is pedantic. In a nutshell, it is detail taken to an extreme, which bogs down what could have been a good murder mystery.
ganderson523 7 months ago
This is a pleasant book to read for a holiday themed story with lots of great sounding foods, shopping and parties to get in the spirit. Pamela Paterson is a knitter who makes sweaters and garments for herself and her daughter, Penny, along with working for a fiber magazine. Pamela and her best friend and neighbor Bettina are members of a group of knitters who get together every week to knit and have refreshments in different homes. They call their group, Knit & Nibble. Pamela, Bettina and her husband Wifred are busy icing Christmas cookies for the next meeting when Penny, home from college, calls Bettina's house frantic after finding a body in a nearby nature preserve. The body is that of a friend, Millicent, who owns a local craft shop. Millicent was a wealthy woman who has recently married so her new, younger husband, Pierre, is suspected of her murder as are a few others. Pamela and Bettina set out to find out who killed their friend while spending time knitting, baking, cooking and shopping. Pamela also has some work to do for the magazine as well. I would have liked to see more time time spent on solving the murder mystery instead of so much time spent talking about daily activities and detailed discussion of recipes, baking and cooking. There is plenty to read about parties, Christmas carols, time spent with family and friends. I was very surprised to see who the killer turned out to be. I never suspected the person. I received a complimentary ARC from Kensington Books through NetGalley. All thoughts and opinions are mine only.
BobbieLCLA 7 months ago
I received a free copy of SILENT KNIT, DEADLY KNIT (Book 4 of the Knit & Nibble Mysteries) by Peggy Ehrhart in exchange for an honest review. Pamela is enjoying having her daughter Penny home from college for the holidays. Pamela’s happily helping her best friend create tasty nibbles for their knitting meeting. As they work, Pamela and her friend discuss the generosity of the local craft store owner Millicent Farthingale. Millicent is a wealthy woman known to be generous to her friends and family. Millicent even opened the craft store just to provide one of her friends with a job. Pamela’s gaiety is interrupted when Penny calls to tell Pamela that Penny found a body. The victim is Millicent Farthingale. Apparently, not everyone surrounding Millicent was worthy of her generosity. When it seems like law enforcement loses interest in the investigation in favor of holiday festivities, Pamela tries to collect as much information about Millicent as she can. Will Pamela’s investigation stall or will she be able to wrap up the murderer in a pretty Christmas bow? I enjoyed this book and this series. I look forward to the next tale. A lot of this book is the tale of Pamela’s life rather than just the pursuit of a killer. I recommend this book to fans of cozy mysteries with elements relating to knitting, cats, knitting groups, holiday parties, and murder. #SilentKnitDeadlyKnit #NetGalley
SparklingReviewer 7 months ago
This is the fourth book in the cozy “Knit & Nibble Mystery” series. I have not read the others in the series, but had no trouble getting into this story so it’s not absolutely necessary to have read them in order—but it would probably help with knowing who’s who and where they fit into the story. In the series, Pamela Paterson is the sleuth. She has joined the Knit and Nibble gang who enjoy crafting their projects as well as making goodies to share. She works at home for a “fiber” related magazine—which figures into her solving the murder. In this one, Pamela’s daughter Penny is home from college for the Christmas break and, while on a hike, discovers the body of one of the knitters’ friends. There are the usual suspects and an interesting twist at the end that I didn’t see coming. I also love the idea Pamela came up with in order to trap the killer. That was fun (not giving away secrets!). Things I liked: the twist at the end. The characters were also interesting. And all the references to holiday music set the stage well. Things I didn’t like: The author tends to go on for much too long with “filler” – describing every step in great detail of how the character is baking something, the plates (and colors) being used and more. There was so much of this that had absolutely nothing to do with the mystery. I found myself skipping entire pages of this filler. It really turned me off of the entire story, which was a shame because I think it could have been really enjoyable except for that. Recommendation: If you’re already reading the series, pick this one up. The mystery part of the story is really good. It’s all the filler that drags it down into the three-sparkler level.
Tangen 7 months ago
culinary, knitting, friendship, cozy-mystery, murder, murder-investigation It was supposed to be a fun time with daughter home for the Christmas holidays and good friends to share with. But then daughter is out sketching in the woods but finds the body of a wealthy craft shop owner and everything becomes complicated. Add in the woman's boy toy, an alleged sister, intrusive reporters, the support of the knitting group, and the sleuthing begins. Great afternoon read! I requested and received a free ebook copy from Kensington Books via NetGalley.
AMGiacomasso 7 months ago
I love this series and I read and I liked the previous instalments. I think that this is one is enjoyable and entertaining but it's also the weakest in this series. This would have been 3,5* but I rounded to 4 because it was a pleasant read. I think that there were too many descriptions of everyday life actions and this made the plot a bit slow and sometimes boring. I was more than happy to meet again the cast of characters, both humane and pets, and to read about their life. They're all likeable and well written as usual. The mystery was solid, full of twists and turns, and it kept me guessing till the last turn. Unfortunately it sometimes takes the backseat but it was interesting nonetheless. I look forward to reading the next instalment. Recommended. Many thanks to Kensington Books and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine.
MKF 7 months ago
Oh no! Penny has stumbled over the body of Millicent, a wealthy woman who has been taken advantage of more than once. Luckily, Penny is the daughter of Pamela, our intrepid amateur detective (and knitter) who, along with her friend Bettina, is expect at finding the truth. There's always more to the story than it appears on the surface and here the group of Knitters follows the trail of a red scarf, which turns up in multiple places, including around Penny's boyfriend's neck. This is as much about the nibbling as it is about the mystery- I wish there was more knitting. Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC. For cozy fans (and it's fine as a standalone.)