Silent Struggler

Silent Struggler

by Glenn Mollette


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ISBN-13: 9780970465009
Publisher: Helpers in Ministries
Publication date: 12/20/2000
Pages: 268
Sales rank: 1,166,730
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.61(d)

Table of Contents

1Bad News1
2A Life of Dedication and Perfection7
3MS Rears its Ugly head13
4Elected by Acclamation as President of the KBC21
5From Walking to a Wheelchair25
6Encourage and Allow Independence35
7It's Different When It's You43
8What Do Caregivers Do?47
9Dealing With the Desire to Abandon Ship55
10Overcoming the Paranoia of Pushing a Wheelchair59
11A Complete Change of Lifestyle63
12What Happens to Sex?69
13Wild Mood Swings77
14Coping With the Suicidal Threats of the Patient87
15Coping with Stress95
17Be Careful About What You Eat109
18You Must Have A Life115
19Let Others Help121
20What People Expect of You as a Caregiver129
21Down They Go and Everybody Else with Them137
22What About Guilt141
23Trust and Its Impact on Relationships145
24Medical Costs153
25Housing Becomes a Major Issue161
26Traveling with the Patient165
27Shopping for my Wife171
28You Better Have a Sense of Humor177
29Going Out to Eat181
32Trying Everything195
33There is Always Somebody Worse201
34Who Would Have Thought?205
35How Is Karen Doing?209
36Try to Understand215
37The Dying Process219
38For Karen227
39From 1998 to November 2000247

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Silent Struggler 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is to the individual who DISAPPOINTINGLY gave this book a 1-star rating. I am in the health field, and I can tell you that those who are faced with a situation similar to that of what Mr. Mollette was facing, know that no one can care for their loved one better than themselves. AND, he is right!!!! Health care is very disappointing in many ways. When it comes to assuring what your loved one gets the best possible care, the realization is that you can ALWAYS deliver the best, possible care yourself. So, unless YOU'VE faced that situation, don't be so damned judgemental!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Dr. Mollette shares his experiences, after his wife was diagnosed with MS, with clarity and refreshing honesty. He gives down-to-earth advice for care givers in an open and compassionate manner. This book is a must read for care givers and disability advocates alike. It will shed light on the every day realities for people who suffer from an illness/disability and those who love & care for them.
Guest More than 1 year ago
'Silent Struggler' is the honest, factual account of a caregiver. When Dr. Mollette's wife was diagnosed with multiple Sclerosis every aspect of their life and their childrens' lives was changed irrvocably. Dr. Mollette wrote this very personal account of his struggle dealing with his wife's illness because he felt there was a desparate need to tell those (caregivers) in his situation, that they are not alone in their struggle; he understands what it means to live day to day with someone you love and watch helplessly as their condition worsens. Dr. Mollette is honest and forthright about himself and the problems he's encountered and the mistakes he's made along the way. His honesty permeates throughout the book. He's frank and forthcoming about his experiences with the medical community as well, both good experiences and bad experiences. 'Silent Struggler' is a wonderful book, and I say this without reservation. Other than Dr. Mollette himself, I can quite honestly say that I have read and reread 'Silent Struggler' more times than any other person, because I edited this book. And I'm quite proud of that fact. All the reader need do is to pick up the book, read it without preconceived notions of what they think it should be...and the honesty and sincerity and the deep, heartfelt struggle of a caregiver's life will come flooding out. 'Silent Struggler' is an exceptional book. I can't recommend it highly enough.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Although my heart goes out to Dr. Mollette, I have to say I was confused by the purpose of the book. If it was indeed to encourage and help those in similar situations, I think that could have been best served by including suggestions from the health care field instead of bashing them. Although his struggles have been great, one instance does not an expert make. How about enlisting the aid of someone in the healthcare field who deals daily with patients who require ongoing care and getting some recommendations from them, if nothing else so someone in a similar situation does not make the same mistakes he admittedly made. It's also important to remember that people deal with situations differently and not all care receivers will react in the same way or face the same situations. It would be helpful to have a wider array of information available than just one incident.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Glenn Mollette's 'Silent Struggler' strikes all the chords inside every caregiver who reads this touching work. He examines the need for physical and emotional well-being-- from the caregiver's perspective, and provides scriptural, and common sense instruction for surviving the horrible experience of caring for a loved one stricken with a debilitating, and ultimately fatal disease. Overcoming anger and guilt, and taking care of your own mental, physical, and emotional self are the real strong points in the book. He's been there, and you will identify with his personal story and draw comfort from his selection of scriptures. I highly ecommend it!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
Glenn Mollette's touching and painful story is a 'must read book' for anyone who cares for another person. I will recommend this book to every caregiver in my congregation!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I was completely captivated by this book. I applaud Dr. Mollette for his honesty and his truthful protrayal of what life is like for the caregiver of a chronically ill loved one. The book is beautifully and disturbingly written. I can't recommend 'Silent Struggler' highly enough! You will love it.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I could not put this book down. Thank you. Will you write a sequel?