Sin for Me (Motor City Royals Series #3)

Sin for Me (Motor City Royals Series #3)

by Jackie Ashenden


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ISBN-13: 9781496703941
Publisher: Kensington
Publication date: 03/28/2017
Series: Motor City Royals Series , #3
Pages: 300
Sales rank: 263,986
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.20(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Jackie Ashenden lives in Auckland, New Zealand, with her husband, the inimitable Dr. Jax, two kids and two cats. When she's not torturing alpha males and their stroppy heroines, she can be found drinking chocolate martinis, reading anything she can lay her hands on, posting random crap on her blog, or being forced to go mountain biking with her husband. Jackie also writes the dark, sexy contemporary Nine Circles romance series for St Martin's Press. Visit her at

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Sin for Me

By Jackie Ashenden


Copyright © 2017 Jackie Ashenden
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4967-0395-8


Zoe sat on one of the coveted corner couches in the darkest part of Anonymous, sipping her frozen blackberry margarita and nodding her head up and down in time to the hard-thumping bass that vibrated through the nightclub.

Anonymous had only been going a year, but its gritty, industrial atmosphere — the huge vaulting space used to be some kind of factory that had been abandoned along with seemingly half the buildings in Detroit — was a major draw for the young, cool, and often tragically hip.

It was Saturday night, which meant the place was packed with miles of tattoos, more piercings than a death metal concert, and so many beards and man buns she may as well have been in Portland. Not that she minded any of those things.

In fact, it was the whole reason she was here in the first place. By herself. Without anyone cramping her style.

Anyone being Gideon Black.

She sat back on the couch, surveying the heaving crowd on the dance floor in the middle of the club, then checking out the long metal length of the bar on the other side of it, just to be sure a familiar tall and hulking figure wasn't lurking around.

But no, seemed he'd believed her when she'd told him she was joining Tamara and Rachel for a girls' night at Rachel's place.


She picked up her margarita and took another hefty sip, scanning around for any likely looking dudes.

There were lots of guys, obviously, and more than a few who were her kind of tall, dark, and handsome. Lots to choose from, in other words. But she wanted her first one-night stand — her first anything, really — to be with someone she kind of liked.

What does it matter? It's only one night.

She wasn't there to pick someone to have a relationship with. She only wanted someone hot who could make her forget her stupid, goddamn unrequited love for Gideon. A love that wouldn't ever be returned, at least not in the way she wanted it to be. Because he pretty much saw her as a little sister and nothing more.

Well, you are his little sister.

Not technically. She was his little foster sister. And she'd only been that for a year when they'd lived in the same foster family. Then he'd turned seventeen and aged out of the system. So really it didn't count.

It still pissed her off that he refused to see her as anything different, though.

No, scratch pissed. She was fucking furious. Furious at him, somewhat unfairly, but mainly with herself. Because she'd felt that way about him for ten years, and nothing had changed.

Oh no, wait. Something had changed. He'd told her a couple of weeks ago to stop following him around all the time. Like she was some kind of stupid, eager puppy.

You are a stupid, eager puppy.

Zoe swallowed half her margarita, balefully looking at the crowd around her.

Ever since they'd first come to Detroit from Chicago, she'd been at his side, living in their apartment above the garage while he'd protected her, looked out for her, made a family for her with Rachel and Zee and Levi. And she'd been happy. Safe, protected. Being near him, knowing he was there, had been all she'd wanted.

But lately she'd started to find that safety and stability a little too stifling. A little bit too much like a cage. She'd started to think about what she wanted to do with her life, about the direction she was headed. And after watching Zee find Tamara, and Rachel and Levi find each other again, she'd begun to think about her own love life — which was nonexistent.

Currently you are headed to Nowheresville via Virigin for-ever Town.

Zoe glowered.

The leash Gideon kept her on was short and feeling shorter by the day, especially in the past month or so. And his getting pissed off with her for following him around and daring to ask questions about her future, hurt.

Something needed to change.

Hell, she hadn't been a rebellious teenager, not with Gideon being a very strict big brother stand-in, so maybe she was due a little rebellion time. Like now.

Attention-seeking much?

Zoe sniffed and drained her margarita, putting the glass back down on the low metal table in front of her with a click.

She wasn't seeking attention; she was just trying to do what any twenty-five-year-old woman would. Have a normal damn life, and part of that normal damn life included going out to a nightclub, getting drunk, then getting laid.

Not necessarily in that order.

Across the dance floor, over by the bar, her attention snagged on a tall guy with broad shoulders and dark hair. Pretty hot-looking. No tats, but then you couldn't have everything. He made eye contact with her, and she found herself blushing and looking away, which was super annoying.

Her experience with men amounted to checking out hot dudes on Tumblr, and talking to her friends in a few of the online forums she frequented. Though really, who knew what sex they really were? She was assuming guys, but on the Internet it was never safe to assume anything.

Her experience with actual men in real life was nil. If you didn't count Zee and Levi, which she didn't.

Maybe she should have brought Rachel or Tamara along with her as wing women. Then again, they probably wouldn't approve of what she was doing, and she'd prefer to keep it on the down-low anyway.

It was bad enough everyone knew about her stupid Gideon crush. Having other people witness her general man-ineptness would be a blow to her pride she didn't think she could take.

She glanced back at the bar again, to see what the guy who'd looked at her was doing, steeling herself not to look away this time. And her heart gave a small hop inside her chest.

Because he was coming toward her.

Holy shit.

She reached out for her margarita but sadly there was no more left, so she had to fiddle awkwardly with the empty glass as the guy came closer. She tried not to blush or grin at him like a lunatic.

Man, he was pretty nice-looking. Didn't have Gideon's air of gentle but firm authority or his compelling charisma, but there was something about him that she liked anyway. He was certainly approachable. At least, he was approaching her.

He wasn't a local, that was for sure, since locals knew who she was and who was protecting her and liked their balls to remain in place. So obviously this guy had to be from somewhere else. Which was fine. In fact, better than fine. It suited her purposes nicely.

She swallowed as he came up to the table, suddenly aware that she was pushing herself back in her seat. Stupid. She needed to chill the hell out.

"Hey," the guy said, giving her a very direct smile. "Looks like you're all out of ... whatever was in that glass of yours."

"Blackberry f-frozen margarita," she said, the words coming out in a helpless, stammering rush. "And ... uh ... yeah, I am."

"Can I get you another?" His eyes were blue and they roamed over her with disconcerting frankness, as if he was sizing her up.

Okay, this is your moment of glory. Do it.

Zoe returned what she hoped was a natural-looking smile and not a fixed rictus, which is what it probably was. "Um, sure. That would be great."

* * *

Gideon was not happy. Anonymous was the last place on earth he wanted to be at one a.m. on a Saturday morning, but unfortunately, since Zoe had not in fact gone to Rachel's for a girls' night like she'd told him, he was going to have brave the revoltingly hipster crowds in order to check it out.

It wasn't that he didn't like nightclubs. He just didn't like them with Zoe in them. On her own.

Normally he was a chilled out guy; never let his temper rule him. Was calm and considerate and patient. But right now he didn't feel very fucking calm. Or considerate or patient.

Right now, he felt fucking pissed.

The line outside the door to the club was insane and the bouncer was new, which meant he didn't know Gideon and didn't realize that Gideon basically ruled Royal Road — a fact that should have granted him automatic entry without any dicking around.

Sadly for both Gideon's temper and the new bouncer's reputation, there was dicking around.

Eventually, after a tense five-minute standoff, Gideon cowed the bouncer into submission with a promise to report him to Jimmy, the guy who owned Anonymous, before banging open the doors and stalking into the club.

The noise and heat of well over a hundred people all dancing, drinking, and doing various other and probably illegal things hit him like the front of a particularly violent thunderstorm, fraying the already tenuous grip he had on his temper.

He didn't know if she was here or not, but he was hoping for her sake that she was, because he was coming to the end of his considerable patience.

The past few weeks had been a real fucking trial, what with Zee and his goddamn father threatening them all, and then Levi getting out of jail and having a few issues adjusting. Which in turn had unfortunately attracted the attention of the very last person on earth Gideon wanted attention from. The person Gideon had been protecting Zoe from for the last ten years.

It hadn't been Levi's fault. Levi didn't know Zoe's or Gideon's background, or what had gone down with Zoe's mother. But still. Oliver fucking Novak was now sniffing around Royal because of Levi's development plans, which meant Gideon didn't want Zoe going AWOL, and certainly not at night.

Yeah, she better be here. He didn't know what had gotten into her, whether it was some kind of late puberty/rebellion thing or what, but that shit was getting old and she didn't understand the danger she was in.

Which means you have to tell her.

Gideon glowered at the crowds on the dance floor, scanning around for a small, delicately built young woman with black curls, big golden eyes, and glasses.

He had his reasons for not telling her, the main one being that he hadn't wanted her living her life in fear. Then again, if she was going to pull this kind of shit, then clearly they were going to have to have a discussion. Novak hadn't taken on Levi's plans purely to shine up a down-and-out neighborhood for his senatorial bid. He'd chosen Royal for a reason and maybe that reason was Zoe.

Gideon moved around the dance floor, trying to spot her. It didn't look like she was there, though it was a little difficult to tell what with all the writhing bodies. Lights were flashing, sparkling off sequins and sliding over glistening skin. A woman ran a hand along his arm on her way toward the dancers, giving him a suggestive look.

He shook his head and, ignoring her pout of disappointment, shifted his attention over to the long metal, industrial-looking bar. No sign of Zoe there either.

Last place to look was the seating area at the back of the massive space and if she wasn't there, he was going to have to figure out just where the hell else she might be, because there weren't many other places in Royal she would have gone to.

Worry began to thread through his anger and he had to fight the very real urge to start picking people up and flinging them out of his way.

He'd protected Zoe ever since she'd been a kid and he'd be damned if he failed in that duty now just because she was having a teenage tantrum.

The seating area in Anonymous was composed of black leather sectional couches and small metal coffee tables. The lighting consisted of exposed, old-fashioned filament bulbs and glass light shades. There was graffiti on the exposed brick walls, all adding to the gritty, industrial vibe of the place.

He checked out the huddled groups around the tables, and then, his anger beginning to flex like a bodybuilder on steroids, the pairs entwined in the darker areas toward the back.

Not that it should matter to him either way whether Zoe was with anyone or not, but still. He didn't like the thought of it. She was too young for that kind of stuff, too innocent. Jesus, if some fucking asshole had picked her up, there was going to be hell to pay.

But Zoe wasn't part of any of the entwined couples, which made him feel relieved and yet even more worried. Because if she wasn't here, then where the fuck was she?

He turned and made another circuit of the entire club, just to be sure.

But it wasn't until he'd turned to head toward the exit, his worry deepening into genuine fear, that he caught the sound of a familiar laugh. It was husky and warm and infectious, and it felt like he hadn't heard it in far too long.


He whipped his head sharply toward the sound, narrowing his gaze down a long corridor that led to the club's bathrooms.

A couple stood together, the woman against the wall, the man in front of her. She had her head tilted back so she could look up at him, her black curls tied back into a thick ponytail that fell to the middle of her back, her glasses pushed up her nose. In the darkness it was difficult to see the expression on her face, but then came the sound of her laughter. The man bent his head and kissed her, stopping the sound dead.

For a second Gideon just stood there staring, relief holding him motionless. Then he saw red, his anger smashing right through that relief like a wrecking ball through an old brick building, propelling him toward them before he was even conscious of doing so.

Taking a fistful of the guy's T-shirt, Gideon yanked him away hard. "Oh no you fucking don't."

The man stumbled back a few steps while Zoe's eyes went wide with shock.


"Hey! What the fuck?" the guy cried.

Gideon stepped in between them, putting his back to the asshole behind him, meeting Zoe's big gold eyes. He didn't waste time with niceties. "Where the fuck have you been?"

"What? What the hell is wrong with you?" The shock twisting Zoe's fine, delicate features began to fade, morphing into anger. "I've just been having a night —"

"You lied to me," he interrupted, not sure what he was most furious about: the fact that she'd worried the hell out of him, had told him she was somewhere else, or that he'd caught her kissing some random asshole.

Why should that bother you?

He ignored that thought. "You told me you were at Rachel's."

"Zoe?" The random asshole was standing behind him and no doubt spoiling for a fight since Gideon had interrupted him in full seduction mode. "Who is this guy? Is he bothering you?"

Not happening. So not happening.

Gideon spun around, met the other man's eyes. "Get the fuck out of here. If I catch your hands on her again, I'll pull your spine out through your neck."

"Oh my God, Gideon!" Zoe's husky little voice practically vibrated with rage. "You're being a giant dick!"

But he paid that no attention, keeping his gaze on the man in front of him, staring him down. "Make a good decision." He kept his voice hard. "If you want to come back to this club again, you'd better leave now before I change my mind and start making life difficult for you."

The guy scowled. "You and whose fucking army?"

Obviously, he wasn't from around here. Because if he was, he'd have shut up and done whatever Gideon said because no one screwed with Gideon or one of his crew, and especially not with Zoe. Not if they knew what was good for them.

Gideon wasn't a violent man. Oh, he'd done violence in his past and once had even made a living out of it. But he didn't relish it and preferred to handle situations in other ways. Still, he had a line and that line was the little family he'd created here in Royal Road. Most especially Zoe.

Anyone crossing that line was going to find himself without an important part of his anatomy.

"I don't need an army," he said coldly. "Now get out of here before I lose my patience and get security to throw you out."

The guy spat a few curses, but it turned out he had some brains after all because he stalked off into the crowd, giving Gideon one last baleful look.

Which Gideon ignored.

"You asshole." Zoe's voice was low and fierce. "Thanks for ruining a perfectly good night."

He swung back around to meet her furious gaze, conscious that he was pretty fucking enraged and that there was no good reason for it. Though on second thought, it was probably due to the relief that she was okay. Definitely nothing to do with that bastard and the fact that some stranger had been kissing her.


Excerpted from Sin for Me by Jackie Ashenden. Copyright © 2017 Jackie Ashenden. Excerpted by permission of KENSINGTON PUBLISHING CORP..
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Sin for Me (Motor City Royals Series #3) 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Such an awesome series, but Gideon and Zoe's story is my favorite. All the better because these 3 stories are stand alones.
Sandy-thereadingcafe More than 1 year ago
3.5 stars--SIN FOR ME is the third installment in Jackie Ashenden’s contemporary, adult MOTOR CITY ROYALS erotic, romance series focusing on a tight knit group of friends from Detroit, Michigan. This is mechanics Gideon Black, and Zoe James’ story line. SIN FOR ME can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty. Any important information from the previous story line is revealed where necessary. Told from dual third person perspectives (Zoe and Gideon) SIN FOR ME is a friends to lovers story line that follows Zoe as she struggles with her love and attraction to the man she has known since she was six years old. Gideon and Zoe were once foster siblings but Gideon aged out of the system and found himself struggling to survive on the mean streets of Chicago and Detroit. Gideon’s past is dark; his former life a dangerous secret but his over protective alpha persona threatens his friendship with Zoe-a friendship, of which, Zoe wants something more. What ensues is the back and forth, yin and yang tempestuous romance between Zoe and the man she has loved for most of her life. Someone from Zoe’s past has returned with a message-a message that threatens everyone Zoe loves. The relationship between Zoe and Gideon is a friends to lovers relationship but lovers is a questionable description for Gideon’s treatment of the woman he considers more than a friend. Gideon does not want to think of Zoe as anything more than the foster sibling from when they were young but Zoe’s is determined to prove to Gideon that she is worthy of someone special in her life, even if it means going out and finding someone else by herself. Our heroine’s defiant stance pushes Gideon a little too far. The $ex scenes are contentious and intense, bordering on abusive with some scenarios of questionable consent. Gideon’s treatment of Zoe is problematic and heartbreaking but Zoe is wiling to accept all of Gideon’s aggression both in and out of the bedroom because Gideon is the man with whom she fell in love. All of the previous story line couples play secondary and supporting characters including Zee and Tamara (Dirty For Me #1), and Levi and Rachel (Wrong For Me #2). The world building continues to focus on the dysfunctional nature of the rag-tag family of former foster and streets kids who have banded together in support and love for one another. Gideon is determined to keep his relationship with Zoe a secret but sins from the past come hunting for our story line couple. SIN FOR ME is a story of family and secrets. The premise is raw and edgy; the characters are broken, colorful and energetic. The romance struggled with the push and pull between love and hate; want and need, right and wrong. Gideon’s behavior with the woman he claimed to love is painful and hard.
belllla More than 1 year ago
3.5stars Sin for Me is another book in the series Motor City Royals novel. It is a bit darker story with Zoe and Gideon finally comes together. But everything is not as easy as it seem there are a lot of secrets a lot of emotions that are hidden, especially of Gideon’s side because Zoe is open book. Zoe is young and was hidden from outside world for so long and of course she want break free. Gideon has his one reason why she treats Zoe the way he does and after all it all comes out. Of course no one is satisfied. Relationship between Gideon and Zoe is complicated from the start it starts from the wrong reason. Their passion is explosive hot and insatiable. The end is unexpected and is great that story is not predictable. I volunteered to review an ARC of this book for Netgelly
AFOX0 More than 1 year ago
Great ending to a series...4.5stars!! I’ve become attached to all the wonderful characters in the Motor City Royals series. Sin For Me is the third and final book, it is Gideon Black and Zoe James’ story. Since the age of six, Zoe has always seen Gideon as her foster big brother, protective, caring and a nurturing. Both Zoe and Gideon were fosters for a brief time, growing up with rough childhoods. Gideon took Zoe when she was 12 away from a drug addicted mother, and away from Chicago for a fresh start in Detroit. Leaving behind bad memories and a past full of violence. Now 25, Zoe wants more than being friends with Gideon. She is so ready for Gideon to make her a woman. And even though Gideon fights his attraction to Zoe, the underlying feelings each share is undeniable. But there’s a reason why Gideon is overprotective of Zoe, and he’ll soon have to reveal his secrets he’s kept from her and their small family. Because there’s real danger that followed them, and it promises to threaten Zoe’s safety. Rachel, Levi, Zee and Tamara, members of their self-made family, are equally stunned of the life Gideon left behind and the truth about Zoe’s heritage. Gideon wants to claim Zoe for himself, but he’s not a gentle man. For Zoe, it’s always been Gideon. It doesn’t matter he has a sordid past, she wants Gideon to see her as a woman and not the little foster sister. And Gideon is about to show her what loving a rough man like him is all about. Wow, the sexy scenes are way hot! Sin For Me is a great story. All the characters have all been well defined, and very real. I just love Gideon, though a tough guy, he’s always been there for Zoe, a friend, family and loving partner. I’ll miss this series but so glad how things turned out. I received a copy from Kensington Books via NetGalley. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.
Bette313 More than 1 year ago
I loved this story! I've read all three books in this trilogy and they've all been amazing. Glad to finally have Gideon and Zoe's story. Jackie Ashenden never fails to amaze me with the complex and raw characters she develops. If your looking for a nice gentle alpha hero this isn't the book or series for you. There are times in this book that Gideon is downright cruel. There is no OW drama or physical abuse triggers to worry about but he is gruff, rough, and cold at times. Getting past that and down to the reasons why he is that way is what makes this story so good. The fact that Zoe can love him through all of it is amazing. In the end, the heart you know he has deep inside comes out and he's just fantastic. Definitely a book I recommend.
MBurton More than 1 year ago
3.5 Stars You know when a book has all the right things going for it except maybe a couple of things a reader personally dislikes? That's pretty much what happened here. I love Jackie Ashenden. I love her books. I love this series. I do not love when the heroine has to chase and beg the hero to love her. Now, I know Gideon loves Zoe. It was obvious with how much he did for her to keep her safe but he wasn't willing to look at her as more than a foster sister. Zoe has loved Gideon her whole life. She's dreamed of more with him, but was constantly placed firmly as the little sister. Zoe is now 25 and realizing that Gideon will never see here the way she wants. She tries to move on but Gideon is so firm on protecting her, even if it's from herself, she isn't able to move on. I didn't like the unequal balance in power between these two. Zoe is basically protected and sheltered so much that she is a 25 year virgin who has to completely rely on Gideon. She's in love with him but has to watch him treat her like she is a kid all the while he has his own piece on the side. Eventually, the shift in their relation changes, but it still felt very one sided for me. I'm glad I read the book since I've been curious about them from the start. Personally I just didn't enjoy how much Zoe had to push, beg and give of herself to get Gideon to love her like he should. ARC provided by Netgalley.